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There was officially no water on Mars, which 'proved' there can be no life on Mars, and the Viking experiment which did detect life in 1976 did only detect some 'chemical activity'. This changed dramatically recently. This page shows recent pictures from MGS in which NASA saw evidence water erosion on Mars.

Mars water gallery:

This series of images have been provided by the Malin Space Center on their public web site, as part of a collection of more than 50.000 pictures originating from the Mars Global Surveyor satellite's camera.

This picture shows layered outcrops of Far West Candor Chasma.

Water on Mars

Recent signs of liquid water in this layer of liquid percolating out of the ground could have created these channels, which are each more than half a mile (1 kilometer).

Water on Mars

This fan-shaped delta seems to flow out, covering up sand dunes. This indicates to scientists that the possible water-influenced features are very young, perhaps less than 1,000 years old. In my opinion it might then just as well be 0 years old.

Water on Mars

In this image, the rocks are so sharp, and the surface so free of sand or sediment, that scientists believe it may have formed as recently as within the past several years.

Water on Mars

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