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John Mack Institute: Dr. John Mack removed from TV UFO documentary:

Press Release: John Mack Interview Intentionally Removed from ABC UFO Special

Written By: John E. Mack Institute
Posted: 3/3/2005


We have just received the unbelievable news that John Mack's interview for the Peter Jennings special will not be present in the finished piece. It was John's last-ever interview before his death, and the only interview he'd granted for a major program in many years.

We are absolutely stunned by this information, and cannot conceive of how a documentary purporting to explore the subject of alien encounters could have been made without the views of the man who was arguably the world's leading authority on how these encounters affect people's lives. The omission of Dr. Mack's views from the program raises some concern about what kind of quality we can expect from the finished program. It is also deeply saddening news, since it was hoped that this program would in some ways serve as a farewell to a great man.

Mack's interview for "Peter Jennings Reports: The UFO Phenomenon: Seeing is Believing" was conducted at his home in Cambridge, MA, on August 19. It was Mack's only interview recorded in high definition widescreen, which, in addition to the reasons noted above, makes the footage exceptionally valuable for production companies. We are therefore currently seeking out information on whether the footage will be able to be licensed out, or if they have by their decision essentially eliminated John Mack's final words on the subject of alien encounters.

This news may also cause concern among experiencers who took part in the program with the understanding that their comments would be presented within the context of a fair examination of the subject - a context which was implied by the presence of Dr. Mack, and a context which may now be lacking without Dr. Mack's presence in the finished piece.

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