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Jacobs, Dr. David

David Jacobs is an Associate Professor of History at Temple University. He has worked with over 300 UFO abduction witnesses. He works closely with a number of other abduction researchers including Budd Hopkins. Dr. Jacobs moderates an abduction conference on ParaNet, and is accessible via their dial-up BBS node (303-431-8797) or on Internet through a list server.

Jiaju, Lu

In July 1977, Mr. Lu Jiaju, an employee of the Puxing tank farm in China was the astonished witness to a circular object composed of concentric rings, oscillating slowly over the facility.

Jianming, Wang

On December 1979 in the early hours of the morning, Lanxi highway, Zeijiang Province, China, Wang Jianming and his colleague were each driving a truck when they encountered a beam of light on the highway in front of them. The light contained two entities. At first the entities appeared when the trucks stopped but they reappeared again shortly afterwards, and this time Wang Jianming got out of the vehicle with a crowbar in his hand and both the light beam and the figures prudently vanished.

Jobit, Gilles

Gilles Jobit was the chief of the security squad of a station of the French national railways when on August 12, 1974, wile driving at 04:10 a.m. to his workplace at the exit of Salles, he saw something he initially thought were a car's headlight. That light then becomes much stronger, so he thinks there must be a fire. When he comes nearer, he is dazzled by a powerful light, he pulls up and gets out of the car protecting his eyes from the light. He then sees a footbal shaped craft with tipped edges taking of a cornfield while emitting two powerful rays of light at each ends. The craft raises up quite fast to 25 meters above the ground, then raises more slowly to 50 meters above the ground and at this time the two rays become horizontal and much shorter, while changing color from orange to a paler color. After 4 or 5 seconds, the object speed away towards Aunac and the fron ray becomes even shorter. Mr. Jobit's eyes hurt three days long after the sighting.

Johannis, Luigi Rapuzzi

Luigi Rapuzzi "Johannis," often referred to as "professor Johannis," born 1905 in Italy and deceased from cancer 1968 in Italy, was a student, futurist painter, clandestine member of the communist party and co-founder of the "Cielo e Oltre il cielo" (and Beyond the sky) in the 1920's. He joined the Garibaldist resistance during the Nazi occupation. He also wrote a number of science-fiction stories under various nicknames.

In 1947 he illegally emigrated to New York, where he met with various semi dubious or very dubious characters such as Ray Palmer or George Adamski, and he became familiar with flying saucer and extraterrestrial encounters stories which he then wrote about in his SF stories.

Unsurprisingly enough, that is when he started to claim that when he was hiking alone in the mountains of Italy, he had been attacked by claw-fingered, large purple eyed, 3 feet tall, big headed, green faced and long nosed extraterrestrial beings who landed with their red flying saucer.

The US police threw him out of the US when they found out that he was an illegal immigrant of communist ideas. His encounter is still described in both skeptics and non skeptics with comments such as "Johannis was unaware of the UFO phenomena, (since) most people were unaware of the UFO phenomena in 1947."

Johnson, Dave

A pilot, friend of the famous Kenneth Arnold, Dave Johnson was the aviation editor of the Idaho Statesman, and sighted a large round UFO in July 1947. The UFO performed a series of manoeuvres before disappearing out of sight. Like Arnold before him, he made all possible attempts to verify the sighting, such as pulling back his plexiglass canopy to observe the object through clear air.

Johnson, Donald A., Ph.D.

Dr. Donald Johnson is an industrial/organizational psychologist and test developer. Dr. Johnson has had a long-term interest in the UFO phenomenon dating back to Michigan "swamp gas" UFO wave of 1966, and maintains a computer database of over 170,000 UFO reports for the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, called UFOCAT (www.ufocat.com). He is the author of "The UFO Phenomenon: A Guide for the Perplexed." He is also an avid student of cultural and biological anthropology, behavioral genetics, and the evolutionary history of human beings.

Johnson, Val

Sheriff Deputy of the Marshall County in Minnesota, USA, Val Johnson was involved in a close encounter of the second kind in his patrol vehicle in 1979. Noticeably among many physical, physiological evidence, both his mechanical wristwatch and the electrical watch of his car were 14 minutes late after the encounter, whereas they were synchronized precisely with the police station clock before the event.

Journal of UFO Studies

CUFOS annual journal that contains scholarly papers on ufology.

Jupille (sighting)

A man in Jupille-sur-Meuse in Belgium who was sleeping in his bedroom in the night of December 12, 1989, woke up at at 02:15 a.m. hearing a "throbbing" sound which he initially thought could have been caused by a dysfunction of the heating system of the house. Curious, he grabbed a flashlight and went outside and quickly located the source of the sound: it was a large, oval-shaped craft, grey, very matt and not shining at all, hovering between trees along a nearby road. Several small lights in a sort of carved strip along the object were flashing on and off and changing from blue to red color and back again. At one end of the object, there was a sort of hole at which a rudder or paddle-shaped device was attached, while the other end was more rounded. At that end of the object, there was a window of dark color looking like made of Plexiglas. On the bottom surface, there were three bumps in which were projectors that were off at this time but turned on as the UFO or blimp slowly flew away. The witness later described the object as like something "out of one of the novels of Jules Verne."

Just Cause

A journal that is published quarterly by CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) and has been published since 1984.

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