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FOIA declassified documents:

This is a US document, declassified because of the US Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) of 1977.

Investigation of flying object report, 1947:


Two UFOs reportedly seen by two pilots who were convinced that it was not an aircraft whatsoever. FBI agent notes the considerable experience of the witness he interviewed. The case was investigated by Project Blue Book and it was concluded it was an "unknown." Just the day before, another spectacular sighting made some newspaper headlines.


Title:Army Air Force AF-1208-I incident of 9 September 1947
To:Not specified
Author:Leslie S. Hubbard, Special Agent, FBI
Date:September 9, 1947
Length:2 pages


9 September 1947


[blackened out] Berkeley, California, was interviewed 6 September 1947 at his place of employment, the [blackened out] [blackened out] University of California, concerning flying objects he reported to have seen on 29 July while with [blackened out] of the 415th AAF HU (RT). [blackened out] stated in substance that he was a 1st Lt in the Reserve and that on the 29th of July 1947 shortly after 12 noon he and [blackened out] had just landed from a routine training flight when [blackened out] called [blackened out] attention to an unidentified flying object that was following a P-80 aircraft at a terrific rate of speed. [blackened out] estimated the P-80 to be flying at approximately 250 miles per hour on a preliminary approach to landing at Hamilton Field. In [blackened out] estimation the object he saw following the P-80 maintained a speed of three to four times that of the aircraft. A moment later a second object appeared and flew a degree described as something similar to a fighter aircraft's maneuvers when accompanying heavier ships, or a left to right movement, over the object first sighted. [blackened out] stated that this maneuvering continued until the objects were out of sight. He estimated the time to be approximately 15 seconds, the course approximately 120 degrees. [blackened out] could not estimate the size of the objects nor actual altitude, though he did not believe them to be beyond six thousand feet. [blackened out] described the objects as being milky white in color, and unlike any conventional type aircraft he had ever seen. When questioned whether he was familiar with the Navy "Flapjack", [blackened out] stated that he was, and that he was certain the objects he reported seeing were not of this nature.

AGENT'S NOTES [blackened out] is a former officer of the U.S. AAF and a B-29 pilot of considerable experience. [blackened out] does not convey the impression of being the kind of person who would "imagine" that he was seeing objects, nor has he any apparent desire for publicity. [blackened out] is in charge of [blackened out], Berkeley, California.


The document:

FOIA document

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