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FOIA declassified documents:

This is a US document, declassified because of the US Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) of 1977.

Memo on flying discs interception, 1950:


From the Colonel to the General... The witness describes a UFO, "a grayish metal disc... approximately fifteen feet in diameter and fifty feet in circumference, shaped approximately like a child's toy top..."

A very real flying object with portholes is described by a civilian to an agent. The Colonel asks the general if this kind of reports is still to be handled as defined two years ago.

Document references:

Title:Flying Saucer
To:Commanding General, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio
Author:Colonel Robert P. Bell
Date:April 25, 1950
Length:1 page

The transcription:

To Commanding General
Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Dayton Ohio

1. In compliance with letter, Department of the Army, OSUBA, CSJID 452.2, date 25 March 1948, subject "Unconventional Aircraft, control number A-1917, the following information received from the Firth Army Regional Office, Indianapolis, Indiana, is forwarded.

"On 12 April 1950, an agent interviewed by Mr [Censored] [Censored] [Censored], Kokomo, Indiana, sheet metal fabricator with the Continental Steel Corporation, 1200 West Markland, Kokomo, Indiana. Informant stated that, upon being awakened by his dog at 0200, 8 April 1950, he saw an "object" about two hundred feet in the air, almost directly overhead. This "object" was a grayish metal disc approximately fifteen feet in diameter and fifty feet in circumference, shaped approximately like a child's toy top. On the bulge of the "object," he saw a small conning tower as the whole thing tilted occasionally. The "object" rotated slowly on its perpendicular axis, and informant saw three small port holes on the outer rim. These port holes showed a blue-white light from within. After hovering for approximately two minutes, the "object" rose soundlessly and without tilting moved away to the north at a speed approximately that of a conventional type of aircraft at take-off. Informant could furnish no further information as to the size or appearance of the apparition."

2. Since the referenced letter is more than two year old this officer desires to know if continued compliance is still requested.


Robert P. Bell
Colonel, OSC
AC of 9, G-2

Le scanned document:

FOIA document

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