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The Lolladoff plate:

In the David Gamon's book which tells the story invented by him of an expedition of Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans in Tibet in the land of the Dropas, a plate of Professor Lolladoff is mentioned.

According to the invented story, little time after the end of World War II, Polish professor Lolladoff showed one of the Dropa discs to an English scientist, Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans. Lolladoff claimed to have bought the disc in Mussorie in Northern India, and that the disc came from strange people called Dzopas which use such discs at the time of religious ceremonies. It is this plate that motivates Robin-Evans' Tibet expedition.

Here is the image of the infamous plate:

I was told by David Gamon the details on this matter. On my question, he informed me that he probably made a rough sketch of the plate for one of his friends who had a forgery talent and who made a black and white painting of the plate and photographed it just enoought out of focus so that it appears real. David is not very sure anymore to have made the rough sketch, it was almost 30 years ago, but he remembers well the friend who made the painting of the plate.

As for the name "Lolladoff", David Gamon sought an anagram for "loads of ball" for the name of this invented character, but that did not function. "Lolladoff" is the name which then came to him at the head.

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