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David Gamon's book:

After the earliest mentions of the Dropa story in the sixties, a book appeared in 1978, titled "Sungods in Exile" with an author's name "Karyl Robin-Evans."

The book was published as fiction, and one David A. Gammon told that one Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans, a 1914 born ethnologist, who died in 1974, had written a report so unbelievable yet true that he would not publish it. David Agamon - the supposed secretary of Robin-Evans - decided that the story can now be told.

Basically, the book told of a 1947 trip by Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans to the "mysterious land of the Dzopa", traveling through Lhassa (Tibet) where he was granted an audience with the 14th Dalai Lama. On the way to the very inaccessible region to the northeast of the Himalayas, the English scientist was abandoned by his Tibetan carriers as they were terribly afraid of Baian-Kara-Ula, and only with tremendous effort did he manage to reach his destination. After having won the faith of the people, Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans was assigned a language-teacher in order to introduce him to the basics of the Dropa language and so he learned their history from Lurgan-La, their religious guardian. Lurgan-La taught him that they originally came from a planet in the Sirius system. They lead about 12000 years ago an exploration mission to earth. Their ship crashed and those survivors among them were then unable to leave earth again.

It was easy to me to find that the book indeed exists. But what proved unsuccessful was any attempt at establishing whether a Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans existed. A search in 2004 in the Oxford University electronic catalogs (Robin-Evans allegedly was a professor there) yielded absolutely no trace of him, the only result being that their library had a copy of the "Sungod in Exile" book.

The book was referenced in the OLIS Live system (http://library.ox.ac.uk) of the Oxford Library as:

Title: Sungods in exile: secrets of the Dzopa of Tibet
Author: Robin-Evans, Karyl, 1914-1974.
Publisher: Sudbury, Suffolk : N. Spearman, 1978
Description: 150 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. ; 23 cm
ISBN: 0854353143
Subjects: Tibet (China) - Fiction
Other Names: Agamon, David.
Library: Holdings
Location: Call Number Status
Bodleian: BOD Nuneham 25617 e.12820 Available

The book was stored as a fiction, containing illustrations. The book could be found (2004) by querying both author names, David Agamon - whose real name seemed to be David Gamon - or Karyl Robin-Evans. David Agamon initially stated that he published the manuscript from Robin-Evans after his death, adding that Robin-Evans did not care to publish it because "nobody would ever believe the account". Later, researcher told me or told that David Gamon confessed that it was "his best hoax" while others suggested the book doesn't even exist, and others further suggested David Gamon does not exist.

And even later (June 2006), David Gamon told me so privately (which suggests that David Gamon does exist). He said I was right to be skeptical about the book, which was written partly a tribute to, but mainly a satire upon the many books aimed at the credulous. He jokingly regretted that it was not as successful as "The Da Vinci Code"!

However, because there has been recent interest in the book, it has been translated into Polish and is about to be translated into Spanish, he said.

David Gamon had previously explained that the book was a satire in:

The book:

"Sungods in Exile: Secret of the Dzopa of Tibet", book by "Karyl Robin-Evans", Neville Spearman Ltd, Sudbury, ASIN: 0854353143, 1978.

"Sungods in Exile - Secrets of the Dzopa of Tibet", book by "Karyl Robin-Evans", Sphere books, ASIN: 0722174179, 1980.

"Los Dioses Del Sol en el Exilio - Secretos de los Dzopa del Tibet - Restos da una comunidad alienigenia entre nosostros", book by "Karyl Robin-Evans", Ediciones Martínez Roca, S.A. 1983, 1988.

"Los Dioses Del Sol en el Exilio", book by "Karyl Robin-Evans", Lectorum Pubns Inc, ASIN: 8427008279, 1983.

Note: Lesser known is another, earlier book, intended as a fiction from the start, inspired by the Dropas articles in "Sputnik" magazine:

"Les disques de Biem-Kara", (The discs of Biem-Kara), novel by Daniel Piret, Fleuve Noir, Paris, 1973.

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