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Crop circles:

Crop circles, so-called messages and prophecies of all sorts:

July 5, 2009: crop circles lunatics risk another "prediction" from the "message" of a crop circle.

It started with whimsical interpretations of a crop circle by crop circles "experts", "researchers":

Without surprise, this was broadcast by the infamous "Dr. Michael Salla", who calls himself an "exopolitics" writer, and had already echoed the fake prophecy of the so-called "contactee" who goes under the false name "Eric Julien", who claimed to have read in a crop circle that malevolent aliens were going to throw an asteroid in the Atlantic, causing a huge disaster:


Unsurprisingly again, Anne Moro on her French website "culture crop" also speculates with sunspots and crop circles, and launches a "Reeed Aaaleeert":


The crop circle prophecy:

So, this prophecy read in a crop circle claims that tomorrow the 6th or the day after tomorrow the 7th, of July 2009, five "coronary ejections masses" ejected by the sun will hit the Earth.

My prophecy without crop circle:

Nothing like that will happen.

Nothing like that happened:

July 11, 2009: On July 6, 2009, and on July 7, 2009, not "five", but NO coronal mass ejection hit the Earth!

Undeterred by the obvious failure of their prediction, the "crop circles prophets" then tried to fool their reader by claiming that on these dates sunspot NOAA1024 had appeared.

Lie! This sunspot, or rather, this group of sunspots, were there since at least June 2009!

Below: sunspots group NOAA1024 detected on June 22, 2009:


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