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The Cash-Landrum case, 1980:

This is the beginning of my documentation effort on the famous Cash-Landrum case.

In December 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby Landrum, were driving along a road in Huffman, Texas when they saw a bright light in the sky. After driving a little more along the road, they came across a large diamond shaped UFO hovering over the road belching fire out of the bottom. Since the flames were blocking the road, they had to stop the car about 65 yards away from the craft and Betty Cash got out. Vickie and Colby stayed in the car, whereas Betty went on to get a closer look. She spent a long time gazing at it and her skin began to heat up because of the heat from the flames. She returned to the car when the object began to rise and a large number of unmarked black helicopters chased after the UFO. When they got home, they started suffering from sunburn, diarrhea and vomiting. It has been claimed that the craft was a US attempt at making a UFO since it was spewing out flames at the bottom and was joined by many helicopters later on.

Table of contents:

This page. USAF's Col. Sarran Memo, 1/4 (This page).
Click! The interview of the witnesses by USAF personal, Part I.
Click! The interview of the witnesses by USAF personal, Part II.
Cliquez! Attorney Peter Gersten of Citizen Against UFO Secrecy tells the case.
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The memo by Colonel Sarran, USAF, page 1/4:

(Scanned document at the end of this page.)



The allegation that Army, National Guard, or Army Reserver helicopters might have been involved in a UFO incident that occurred 29 December 1980 [blackened out]


This case was given to Army Congressional Liaison by AF Congressional Liaison [?] the AF could not determine any involvment. The three victims (two women and a young boy) clearly recall viewing some 23 helicopters orbiting around the object. Through the process of identifying silhouettes, some of the helicopters were determined to be twin rotors, oc CH47s (Chinooks). Since the Army has the preponderance of troops and heavy equipment helicopters, the case was transmitted to the DAIG for inquiry.

The DAIG inquiry focused exclusively on the question wether the Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve helicopters were involved in this incident. There was no effort to subtantiate the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), the event that happened that evening, or the medical problems that allegedly have occurred to the three victims.

Prior to visiting the site area, numerous phone calls were made to the different Army commands to request that records be checked to determine if any helicopters were flying at the approximate time and location of the reported incident. It is noted that the site of the incident is some 35 miles northeast of Houton, Texas, near Dayton, Texas. The reported time and date were between 2100 hrs and 2130 hrs, 29 December 1980 (Monday). There were no scheduled manoeuvers in the area, and most Army units traditionally observe very limited operations on holiday schedules.

Requests for assistance for any pertinent information were made to FORSCOM, Operation and Reserve Training Division, and program director for new systems; [?], Operations and Training; Aviation Command, project manager for aviation systems, DARCOM-IG; TECOM; OTEA, DCSRTA; Fort Hood-IG; TCMIA (at Fort Hood), and the Corpus Christi repair facility. Coordination was made with John Schussler, project director for manned flight operations with NASA, Major Dennis Haire local commander for eight Chinook Texas National Guard helicopters stationned at Ellington AFB, south of Houston; and CW4 Gustafson, senior AST for seven Army Reserve Huey helicopters stationned at Tomball civilian airfield, northeast of Houston. Other coordination was made with Dr. Rank, M.D., Radiologist; and Dr. Nieatzow, M.D; both of whom had interest and knowledge in the case. After a period of time to thoroughly check flight records, all helicopters reports concerning any known flying in that general area were negative.

A trip was then made to the Texas site area to interview people with pertinent knowledge. John Schussler was interviewed. He had followed the case since February 1981 and was thoroughly conversant with all aspects of the case. Vicki Landrum (older of the two women victims) was interviewed. She testified as

The scanned document:

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