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Project Blue Book:

RG 341.15 Records of Project Blue Book 1947-1969:

Brief historical information:

Established as Project Sign by a memorandum from Maj. Gen. L.C. Craigie, Director of Research and Development, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Material, HQUSAF, to Lt. Gen. Nathan F. Twining, Commanding General, Air Materiel Command (AMC), USAF, 30 December 1947. Assigned to Technical Intelligence Division, Intelligence Department, AMC, 22 January 1948; confirmed by Technical Instruction 2185, HQAMC, 11 February 1949, pursuant to a letter from Director of Research and Development, Deputy Chief of Staff, Materiel, HQUSAF, 16 December 1948. Project Grudge terminated, December 1949. Reactivated, 27 October 1951. First called "New Project Grudge" then redesignated Project Blue Book, March 1952. Air Technical Intelligence Center, transferred from AMC to Office of Director of Intelligence, Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations, 1952. Terminated by Secretary of the Air Force announcement, 17 December 1969.

Textual records:

Records of the Aerial Phenomena Branch, Technical Analysis Division, Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, relating to the Air Force study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), consisting of case files on alleged UFO sightings, 1947-1969 (61ft.); case files of the 4602d Air Intelligence Service Squadron on alleged UFO sightings, 1954-56 (Project Moondust); and records relating to the staffing and organization of the project, 1948-67. Records of the Office of the Director of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Office of the Inspector General, HQUSAF, consisting of reports of investigations of alleged UFO sightings, 1948-68. Reports are now at NARA, Washington DC. Witnesses names are generally blackened out, there is public access to the records.

Motion pictures (20 Reels):

Motion pictures received by the Air Force during the project, and forming part of the Aerial Phenomena Branch case files described above, 1950-67.

Sound recordings (23 items):

Interviews with individuals conducted or acquired by the Air Force during the project, and forming part of the Aerial Phenomena Branch case files described above, 1955-67.

Photographs (8,360 images):

Sightings of alleged UFOs, forming part of the Aerial Phenomena Branch case files described above, 1954-66 (PBB).

The Declassified Documents Reference System published by Research Publications, Woodbridge, CT issued bimonthly on microfiche with a hardcopy abstracts/subject index, is another source worth examining. OCLC 16411767.

More information on Project Blue Book:

For extensive documentation of UFO investigations, the researcher should consult the records of US Air Force Project Blue Book, located in Record Group 341, at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Textual Reference Branch, College Park, MD 20740-6001; telephone (301) 713-7250.

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