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The Belgium flap:

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A reader of this website wrote the following text on September 17, 2002, in relation to the belgium UFO flap of 1989-90.

Note: my publishing of this text does not imply that I endorse or disagree with the ideas in it.

I remember little from the flap, I was young teenager at the time of the events and in France, the TV spoke very little about it, except for mocking the Belgian and making jokes...

I became interested myself in it quite recently as before (during almost a decade) I believed that it was the F-117 which was at the origin of the Belgian flap, since those who generally spoke about it in France ("Science et Vie" Magazine) voluntarily or unconsciously deformed the observations to make them fit conventional planes and omitted all these details who prompt to think that what flew over Belgium was not conventional at all.

As for Marc Hallet and his fellows, I discovered their aggressiveness on the Internet in trying to convince without demonstration that the origin of the Belgian flap is conventional planes. On a mailing list I came across one of his disciples, and any discussion was almost impossible with him, he did not hesitate to calumniate SOBEPS and brought false evidence or voluntary disinformation about the observations data of the Belgian flap, he knows very well hpw to cast doubts. The goal is to deny and make believe in people that there never was anything in Belgium and in a few decades, it will be forgotten that there has been observations in Belgium. Fortunately, conscious of this danger, SOBEPS decided to file all its testimonies and its investigations reports.

Unfortunately I feel that the Belgian flap will at some point become more controversial than the Roswell crash itself, whereas the files are more solid than Roswell's (contrary to Roswell where one can easily deny testimonies and the events, one cannot deny the observations in Belgium except when time has watered the memories of the public and the media), not to mention collective amnesia which little by little plunges Belgium and France thanks to Marc Hallet and his disciples.

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