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Observation reports and news for July 2018:

Some of the UFO sighting reports and ufology news in July 2018 are listed on this page. Please note that the sighting reports are seldom investigated, they are often second hand reports.

07.31.2018A Martian UFO.
07.30.2018A so-called yellowish UFO filmed in the northwest of Turkey.
07.29.2018Liquid water ponds under Mars ice had already been theoretically found in 1987.
27.07.2018A so-called possible UFO over Belfort, France.
07.25.2018Mars Express detects liquid water pond under Mars' South Pole ice layer.
07.23.2018New study suggest deep dig may not be necessarily to find evidence of life on Europa.
07.22.2018Alleged humanoid encounter in Queensbury, New York, USA.
07.15.2018Ross 128B, one of the closest exoplanets, may be habitable.
07.13.2018Aliens abduct ducks in Humpty Doo, Australia.
07.09.2018UFOs or balloons filmed in the area of Lyon, France.
07.06.2018UFO reported at Disneyland, France.
07.05.2018Complex organic molecules found on Saturns moon Enceladus.
07.04.2018"UFOs" in Provence, France, this year again.

A Martian UFO:

Mars is currently, as every two years, at the "nearest" from Earth, with a distance of about 57 million kilometers. It was inevitable that some take it for something else.

An example comes from the Courrier Picard Franch newspaper, which on July 30, 2018 titled about "A bright orange dot in the sky at night challenges the retiree, he reported to the police."

The newspaper reports that "For 15 days, a bright orange dot, visible at night, puzzles Gilles Hugues, retired, 75, of Feuquières-en-Vimeu (Picardy Maritime)."

The pensioners writes down each night the appearance of the phenomenon, and wants "to know the bottom of the story."

He "does not think at all of a UFO" but of "a drone used by farmers who are harvesting at the moment," but he is troubled because "there is no noise." The retiree would have "also searched on the Internet where he found a host of identical testimonies, but no rational explanation," so he alerted the gendarmes who told him that they would "transmit the information to the competent authorities."

Finally the newspaper ends up wondering: "What if the rational explanation was... the planet Mars." Phew.


Apparently, these journalists are unable to understand that it just needs a sky map (free applications on the web or mobile phone, like "Heavens Above") and dates, times, directions and elevations information, to check the case...

A so-called yellowish UFO filmed in the northwest of Turkey:

On July 30, 2018, numerous "UFO" websites told that in July 2018, a yellowish and luminous UFO was filmed in northwestern Turkey: "This supernatural [sic] apparition caused a lot of turmoil among the local population."

It would have been observed at nightfall over the town of Eregli on the Black Sea in Zonguldak province. "The luminous craft" [sic] "seemed to change shape but did not emit any noise."

Video example:

Some website asks: "What do you think of these images?"


These people filmed Mars, or Jupiter (or whatever, how to know since there isn't the minimum data such as date, time, direction, elevation), intensely using the zoom of their low-quality camera. This gives us zoomed images like this:

And zoomless images like this, in which one can realize that the "UFO" is but a luminous tiny dot:

For decades now, we are supposed to have understood that the optics of some low quality cameras models turn a small dot into a "diamond" shape like this when zooming. And the "orb" aspect is caused by diffracion. Everything here is just video artifact.

A so-called possible UFO over Belfort, France:

The regional newspaper L'Est Républicain in its Belfort issue and on its website, on July 31, 2018, publishes under the title "Unusual - A UFO in the sky of Belfort?", that on the evening of Saturday, July 28, 2018, several inhabitants of Belfort noticed the presence of "a strange device in the sky, so did an UFO fly over the Lion City?"

The newspaper assures that this "is obviously neither a hot-air balloon, nor a kite, nor a balloon, nor a helicopter and one has never seen a plane of this shape." According to one of the witnesses who saw it, the thing remained hovering over the city of Belfort on Saturday night for more than half an hour.

The newspaper says that others who saw it "describe a rectangular shape of black color, emitting a luminous halo of orange color, which changed color just before the object suddenly volatilized. Did little green men fly over the Franche-Comte lands aboard their spacecraft, this is a step that we would not risk to cross, especially at a time when thousands of drones, ever more sophisticated, invade the unless this flying object is a prototype of a solar airplane, as suggested by one of the witnesses of the flight."

The newspaper publishes this photo:


In reality:

A reader of the newspaper explains on the web: "There is, indeed, a kind of static kite, for a long time, hooked to a cable, above the sector of the services of the APRR and the gendarmerie of the highway, at the Bessoncourt turnpike."

Aliens abduct ducks in Humpty Doo, Australia:

On July 13, 2016, NT News - a local tabloid - published an article with a clearly humorous tone. A woman says that several of her ducks disappeared one by one, only two of them are still there, the oldest and senile.

The article suggests that the ducks must have been abducted by the "ALIEN FORCES"...

And some webufologists managed to take this seriously...

UFOs or balloons filmed in the area of Lyon, France:

One Sebastien Monnet published on <Youtube on July 9, 2018, a video, explaining:

"Look at this very strange video .i cannot stop thinking about it since i filmedit, i was going out of detection with my wife and by looking up at the sky and laughing ,i told my wife : oh look there are ufos ."

"And when i start to film , well , i realized its no joke . What do you think about it ???"

"Ps: after viewing we realizd there was a mirage from the army coming from that direction , on the top right of the video near the end . I'm waiting for your comments !!!"


The video looks interesting, however, there seems to be no strangeness in the move of the bright balls; so the possibility that these are some toy balloons should be considered.

UFO reported at Disneyland, France:

Someone reported in English on July 11, 2018, to the MUFON website, a UFO in Chessy, Île-de-France, France, seen on July 6, 2018:

"While walking to our hotel in disneyland paris, direction south on the western side of 'lac beuna vista', i looked at the moon regularly as skies were clear blue and it was still visible and looking quite beautiful. looking up for maybe the third time while walking there was a now dark sphere sitting in the sky next to where the moon was (at the bottom to the right of it). i wanted to ask my friend to look at it when i noticed she was also watching it and confirmed seeing the object. my first reflex was 'balloon from the theme park' but i was kind of spooked being sure i had not observed it looking at the exact same area int the clear sky moments before. it was also too big to be a kids-balloon at the height i estimated it to be and quite a distance from the actual theme-park. it did not appear to drift with the wind and sat stationary in the sky. it appeared dark and solid, but had a metallic shine/quality to it and i got the impression it reflected light (no glare from the sun though). it had what looked like a near perfect sphere form. i was now thinking weather balloon, still spooked by it's sudden appearance, and finding it hard to judge the size and distance of the object and realizing it was fairly close to charles de gaulle and orly airport for a weather balloon. after what i estimate to be 10-15 seconds i looked at one of the aircraft in the area to try and get some kind of reference as to its size and distance. glancing back at where the sphere sat (fraction of a second) it had vanished. we were not blinded by sunlight at any moment. from the quick read i got i am fairly certain it sat above air traffic-level coming into and out of nearby airports. my friend did have eyes on it as it vanished and stated there was a soft flash/glimmer/light pulse as it vanished. we did not notice any other people looking up or noticing the object, the closest people being 40-50 feet away. we were both a bit spooked and silent as our brains trying to classify what we saw. i feel i am trying to dismiss it every time i think on it. the object popping in and out of perception is the hardest thing to process. it was too big and not fading out or shrinking in the distance. not there --> there --> not there. "

"UFOs" in Provence, France, this year again:

For more than a decade, every year, people see lights maneuver in the sky of the area of Salon de Provence, Venelles, and the surroundings, in the south of France, at the beginning of July. This year was on July 4th.

While it is known for a long time that these are the headlights of the Patrouille de France's jet planes which carry out nocturnal drills every year at this time - I already wrote about it a lot example here- some ufologists still ignore it, or choose to ignore it, and keep on to deceive people about what they saw by claiming that they are UFOs, or even a "yearly UFO invasion."

A well-known French ufologist had even claimed a few years ago that these are real UFOs who disguise themselves as Patrouille de France jet planes...

Do not be fooled.

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