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Basic indications:

Date written:July 8, 2006
Date received:July 8, 2006
Date published:July 31, 2006
Date of sighting:July 6 and 7, 2006
Place of sighting:France, the Lubéron
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Email address
Investigation, additional information:Other, independant, witness found explanation.
Explanation:(Not looked for. Possible planes or helicopters.) Explained: Patrouille de France.

The explanation:

Subject: Hello,
From: [Nom]
Date: July 31, 2006

I very regularly consult your incredibly documented website and congratulates you for your work. Recently I stumbled on the news reporting an observation on July the 6th and 7th N°FR0136 in Luberon.

I live in Eguilles (13) very close in straight line of the buttresses of the Luberon and I also observed the phenomenon 2 evenings in a row. As described exactly in the email of your correspondent, but being located at several kilometers of the observation I also could note that the "formation" of lights followed a long trajectory in the shape of an eight. The "formation" doing one complete "8" in a little less than 7 mn and repeating the same trajectory unceasingly. I observed the manoeuvers during a good hour at a very approximate distance of possibly 8 km.

It so happens that my father, former pilot, was invited on July 7 at the 2005 Promotion Opening of the Flying School of Salon de Provence in the presence of some personalities among which the Minister for the Interior:

I told my observation to my father. He quite simply explained to me that on July 6 the Patrol of France was in night flight practice in formation in the area of Salon-de-Provence and the Luberon and that on July 7 the Patrol was in a night airshow at the time of the Promotion 2005 Opening of the Flying School. In night flight, the jets of the Patrol need to be seen, between them and by the witnesses, they fly with very powerful projectors.

It was too beautiful to be true and that could have been the longest sighting of the history of ufology.

Thanks for your work.


[Note: Patrouille de France is the French National aerobatics team of the French Air Forces.]

The report:

Subject: Unidentified flying objects..
Date: July 8, 2006
From: [Pseudonym]


2 days in a row we were wintesses, I and friends, of the overflight of an apparatus above us in the sky of Luberon (84) around 11 p.m., the evenings of Thursday and Friday 6 & 7 of July.

this apparatus presented lights to the lower part forming a polygon as follows (approximately):

* *
* ° ° *
* *
* ° ° *
* *

(The ° symbolise the weaker green and red lights)
At its second, pass, only the 6 of the middle remained :

* *
* *
* *

To finally have only 4 lights at the last passage.

I evaluate the altitude as of 2, 300 meters from the ground, and with a sound of an airliner at a high altitude..

Nothing was announced in the local press, and I did not get information at the gendarmerie for the moment. I do not see with which type of civilian or military plane that could be related to.

We are several people to have seen the lights of this apparatus.

Some photographs attached (digital zooming as good as I possibly could)

Thank you for your possible explanations.


PS : rumours on the Internet would grant that to the proximity of the old strategic area of the Plate of Albion... To be continued :)

The attached images:

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