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News and observation reports, September 2009:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in September 2009 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

09.31.2009Over Leeds, U-K.
09.29.2009UFO does crop circles in India.
09.29.2009She filmed strange white lights in the Ayr skies, Ireland.
09.28.2009Talks of a UFO landing in Mulungu, Brazil.
09.27.2009A UFO said to have been spotted in Atoxa Island, Spain.
09.27.2009So-called UFOs in Alvear, Argentina.
09.27.2009Lights near Heathrow, London, U-K.
09.27.2009Newspaper wonders about mysterious UFO sightings on Cannock Chase, U-K.
09.27.2009Website talks of UFO fleet photographed over Hydra Island, Greece.
09.26.2009It's orange, it's in the sky, it's a UFO, Ireland.
09.26.2009Chinese lanterns in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.
09.26.2009Bright orange and like on fire in Bournemouth, Dorset, U-K.
09.25.2009UFOs or not in Britanny, France.
09.25.2009Newspaper claims UFOs spotted in Redditch, U-K.
09.25.2009Scientists see more water ice than expected in fresh craters On Mars.
09.25.2009Newspaper says a UFO was spotted in Matlock, U-K.
09.21.2009Amateur astronomer photographs reddish thing with his telescope, Newton St Cyres, Devon, U-K.
09.21.2009So-called "UFOs" in the Lebanon sky.
09.20.2009Above Yarmouth, U-K.
09.19.2009Reports of lights and glows in the sky caused by rocket cloud, East coast USA.
09.19.2009Man saw light over Hovey Lake, Michigan, USA.
09.18.2009Red light hovers above Boise, Idaho, USA.
09.17.2009Large dark triangular object over San Mateo airport, California, USA.
09.17.2009Mysterious lights, Epsom, U-K.
09.16.2009Lava planet at 500 light years from us.
09.13.2009Orange balls in Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
09.12.2009Sightings near Lake Huron, Michigan, USA
09.12.2009Observation and images in La Réunion Island.
09.06.2009Over Mildenhall, Suffolk, U-K.
09.06.2009Chinese lanterns near Nancy, France.
09.05.2009Mysterious lights, Epsom, U-K.

Over Leeds, U-K..

On October 1, 2009, The Yorkshire Evening Post wonders about a "UFO spotted over the skies of Leeds?" Several residents saw a "weird orange light" or "round, flame-like ball" over Swarcliffe, East Leeds at around 7 p.m. on September 31, 2009.

One onlooker said: "It definitely didn't look like a plane as there were no lights on the wing or the tail. And there was no noise at all. It was moving pretty fast as well, I don't know what it was."

One witness took a video with his mobile phone and the video shown by the newspaper's website, just like the witnesses descriptions, indicate that it was just like another Chinese lantern.


She filmed strange white lights in the Ayr skies, Ireland.

On September 29, 2009, Roisin McGroarty of the "Ayr Advertiser" newspaper website asks: "What Are These Strange Lights on Ayr Seafront?" and tells that "strangee white lights moving over Ayr beach have been caught on camera", the video released on YouTube showing some "15 separate white lights floating above Ayr front just after sunset."

The 21-year-old filmer, who is known on the website as Sedor134, spoke during the clip about what she was witnessing, saying "They are all these lights coming out of nowhere. We don't know what they are or where they are going but they are moving, they are not stars, they are definitely moving. And we've not been abducted yet, so this is good news."

The "strange" lights are likely one more bunch of Chinese lanterns, if not a flottilla of small helium balloons.


Alleged UFO landing in Mulungu, Brazil.

Farmers in Mulungu, Ceara, Brazil, allegedly saw an unidentified flying object posed in a banana plantation.

The plants are said to have been burned and cut equally, on a ray of about thirty meters.

Ufologists - not named - are said to have visited the site and ensured that the area was visited by a flying saucer and that this occurs "in the area every ten years."

See: for September 28 2009, which does not give other information, not even the date.

A UFO said to have been spotted in Atoxa Island, Spain.

An Hispanic current events web portal on September 28, 2009, residents of the island of Atoxa say they saw a UFO the day before at abour 04:15 p.m..

One of those who allegedly spotted the flying machine, Pablo Gonzalez, of Madrid, says he was astonished by the vertiginous manoeuvre by the craft, which he initially thought being a helicopter or a plane but which disappeared from the sight at "an extreme speed": "I believe that it passed from 0 to 1.000 per hour in a split second. It was visible and invisible."

The local police force sources apparently said that it was an advertising balloon for kitchens and that they do not have any news about an alien craft.


So-called UFOS with Alvear, Argentina:

On Sunday, September 27, 2009, a meteor entered the sky in the area of Aleva, Mendoza, Argentina, and somebody managed to film the trail that remained visible in the setting sun.

On the video, some birds and insects pass by, and as a website wonders if it is "planes, UFOs, or birds?", some speculate or believe that these are "three UFOs".


Lights near Heathrow, London, U-K.:

The website provides a report about a sighting in Ruislip, London, on September 27, 2009, at 20:40 and 20:45:

"At 2040 myself and 3 others witnessed a ball of light, similar to a fireball heading N-S towards Heathrow. As the light passed, it slowly diminished then dissapeared. There was lots of Heathrow air traffic around so we were waiting for reports of a plane crash/explasion until 5 minutes later when we all saw the same thing for a second time. This allowed us to rule out anything we have seen before. When the light faded we saw a sillouette of a grey metal type object in the shape of a jellyfish shaped dome which eventually disappeared. 2 of the witnesses are serving members of the Royal Air Force and they had no explanation."

Newspaper wonders about mysterious UFO sightings on Cannock Chase, U-K.:

On October 3, 2009, the Sunday Mercury website says that sightings of strange lights and shapes in the sky are continuing in the Chase area, with residents "claiming they have had close encounters."

Resident Darren Capewell spied the lights just before lunchtime on September 27, 2009, on the Pye Green Road, and said: "It was the strangest thing I have ever seen." "I noticed something out the side of my eye and thought nothing of it at first." "But when I looked harder, I could see it was three large discs in the sky. They did not have a colour and were see-through, but I could just make them out. I immediately rushed back into the house to get my camera and capture it on film." "There is no way these things were Chinese lanterns or whatever people are saying they are. These things were moving in a formation. There was one each side and one in the middle, making a kind of triangle shape. I never believed in things like UFOs before, but I know what I saw was not normal."

Resident Caroline Thomas also saw the strange lights and said: "At first I thought they were reflections of some sort. But after staring at them, I realised they were moving in patterns across the sky. It was really weird."


Website talks of UFO fleet photographed over Hydra Island, Greece:

Locals and tourists are said to have seen and photograph a "UFO fleet" over the Island of Hydra in Greece on September 27, 2009. No other detail is fiven. The website shows some downsized images, it seems to me than rather than a UFO fleet, the small dots could be drifting balloons in the setting sun or Chinese lanterns.


It's orange, it's in the sky, it's a UFO, Ireland.

The Derry Journal website headlines "It's a UFO" and says on 29 September 2009 that Owen Evans and his girlfriend "spotted something strange in the dark September sky" "Saturday night". Owen says that around 09:30 p.m. he noticed a very bright orange ball of light which "was travelling at a quick speed and it was bobbing around."

There was no sound. He alerted the rest of the family, and they saw a second one on the same flight path as the other and filmed it.

Both the description and the footage show what looks just like a Chinese lantern but apparently nobody knows about those, as Owen said "At first we thought it might be a meteorite but there was no noise or flashing or anything".

(Of course it cannot be a meteorite or a meteor; which do not need to flash or make noise; and have no resemblance whatsoever with what appears in the footage).


Chinese lanterns in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA.

The "NBC Connecticut" blog, USA, reports on September 29, 2009 that according to the newspaper The Time, on Saturday night - September 26, 2009 - in Greenwich, some folks saw 30 to 40 glowing orbs in the sky and came to the conclusion that they might have spotted UFOs and called the cops, they "apparently feared that aliens were about to attack".

Town resident Walter Urda told the Time the lights were "intense" and orange, traveling in pairs, and sometimes threesomes. He thought the lights may have been the exhaust of fighter jets moving at a slow pace, or perhaps a strange sort of natural phenomenon, the paper reports.

Others apparently fueled the mystery by posting discussions on town blogs, the paper reports, and bystanders sent in anonymous pictures.

After getting the calls, two marine officers "investigated the possibility of extraterrestrial life descending on their swanky town with instruments you use to look into such things – binoculars."

The lights were actually from Chinese lanterns being used at a birthday party. The police told that the lanterns were legal, but as they did cause a lot of distress, the officers asked the homeowner to keep the lanterns to a minimum.


Bright orange and like on fire in Bournemouth, Dorset, U-K. provides this witness statement about a sighting in Bournemouth, Dorset, U-K., on September 26, 2009, 21:00 - 22:00:

"i was round a friends house and me him and his girlfriend went out into the garden for a cigarette it was a clear night and we looked up and noticed a very bright orange ball of light moving across the sky very high up, it appeared to be on fire or have flames coming out of it, it def wasn`t an aeroplane i suggested maybe it was a chinese lantern, but as my friend said they dont fly at that hight or speed, we debated it maybe being a rocket launch or something but that didnt seem logical either, this moved accross the horizon in about 20-30 secs then quickly dimmed and disappeared, no sooner had that gone we saw another one following behind same flight path but it appeared much closer it started really dim then suddenly lit up really bright orange, again seemed to be on fire then quickly dimmed again as if it moved off at high speed and disappeared, i`ve always been into ufo`s, my friend and his girlfriend were always sceptical but there not now, it was very errie!"

The website specifies that they receive great numbers of reports of what seem to be chinese lanterns.

UFOs or not in Britanny, France.

On September 28, 2009, the newspaper Le Telegramme told on their website that Patricia Cozanet and "several people observed strange and especially unexplained luminous phenomena in the sky of Perros, towards 1 o'clock, in the night from Friday to Saturday", (thus September 25 or 26, 2009), wondering whether these are UFOs or luminous shapes generated by the stroboscope of a discotheque, as the watchers of the Ploumanac'h semaphore saw nothing other than the lights of the discotheque of Saint-Quay-Perros.

The "UFOs" are described as "yellow and orange rounds in the sky, in direction of the semaphore". Particia cozanet specifies "I know the lights of the discotheque but it was not that."

The newspaper thus wonders with reason if these UFOs could have been Chinese lanterns, and in fact the Ouest-France newspaper thereafter informed that they were, launched at a wedding.

Some ufologists who by no means investigated and regularly publish such sightings saying they are "UFOs" without any other checking, investigation or information, without even thinking of the chinese lanterns although they are everywhere in the skies this year, then proclaimed that it "one spreads gossip", that it is "disinformation", and they request a "true investigation" (by others).


Newspaper claims UFOs spotted in Redditch, U-K.

On September 29, 2009, the Redditch Advertiser newspaper website clains "UFOs" were spotted in Redditch by a man, who wanted to remain anonymous, did not drink, and spotted four strange orange or yellow lights hovering above his house in Mappleborough Green last Friday, September 25 at about 8pm. They hung in the sky for a few minutes as the man struggled to get hold of a phone or camera to tape the incident.

Of course when one does not know about chinese lanterns...


Newspaper says a UFO was spotted in Matlock, U-K.

On October 2, 2009 the website of the Mattlock Mercury newspaper claims that a UFO or "mysterious unidentified flying object has once again been spotted in the Dales."

We are told that Stephen Green, of the Cavendish area of Matlock, contacted the Mercury after spotting a light in the sky on Friday September 25 at around 9 p.m.; which "appeared to be a helicopter on fire." He said: "Whatever it was it was orange coloured with 'flickering' around the edges." It was at "a normal helicopter height and travelled from the general direction of Chatsworth and went towards south Chesterfield before disappearing."

There was no noise and it had no fixed or flashing navigation nights. He could not see a shape, it was orange and the edges maintained their flickering feature throughout the sighting which probably lasted for two to three minutes in total.

His two daughters and their friend also saw the "thing in the sky" and the youngest daughter thinks it was a lantern. The others disagree however they cannot come up with an answer.

Although the newspaper talks of a mysterious UFO, the description is obviously just like that of a Chinese lantern.


Amateur astronomer photographs reddish thing with his telescope, Newton St Cyres, Devon, U-K.

The web portal "This is Exeter" wonders on September 24, 2009: "Was the cigar-shaped object seen in sky by photographer a UFO?"

The story is that amateur astronomer Lee Betts, 29, in the bedroom of his home in Newton St Cyres, saw "the red cigar-shaped object" hovering "around 1,000ft off the ground four miles away" towards Thorverton, late on the night of September 21, 2009, around 08:45 p.m. and took "the photographs" with the help of his telescope set to 20x.

He said "The shape was about 100 ft long and there were four lights coming from it initially", and that the thing was still there an hour later.

"I saw it at the back of my house, which faces Thorverton, so I got my telescope set up and magnified the image 20 times and then took this picture. All this happened at around 8.45pm and it was still there an hour later." "The shape moved slowly across the skyline and as I looked through my telescope it seemed to pivot on its central axis. It was very strange. It then sort of rolled around and a bright light appeared at one end of the shape. Then, without warning, a sudden flash of light like a shooting star went across the sky."

He said the shape was about four miles away in the direction of Thorverton Hills.

He said the sky was different than normal on Monday, clouds were illuminated for some reason [noctilucent clouds] and when he told his brother what he had seen the latter said the sky was also strange over Bristol where he lives, and a work colleague had confirmed the sky in Taunton was also unusual on the same night.

He supplied photograph(s) to the newspaper The Echo, who runs the "This is Exeter" portal. They published this tiny image with no technical information, which might have been cropped or/and enlarged.

A police spokesman said they had not received any reports of any sightings of a UFO in Devon.

Except in particular conditions, there is no possibility to claim altitudes, distances, and sizes for an unknown object or phenomena, and important information is missing. It would have been essential to know whether the "cigar-shape" was seen with the naked eye or only on the pictures, or whether the "sudden flash of light" shot up or down the sky, for example, and the original images files should have been provided so that EXIF data can be checked out.

The description of the end of the sighting could be that of a Chinese lantern burning out at the end of its lfe.


So-called "UFOs" in the Lebanon sky.

The "Libanews" portal wonders on September 22, 2009: "UFOs in the Lebanon sky"?

During the television programme Il Maestro hosted by journalist Nichan Derharoutiounian and shown on the LBCI channel, people said to have seen unidentified flying objects in the Lebanese sky from the motorway connecting Jounieh to Antelias.

"Sunday and Monday evening" - and/or 20 - 21 September, 2009 - cars are said to have stopped on the motorway, people contemplating about fifty "UFOs", "two meters in diameter" which went down towards the ground, "to disappear before touching the ground, then reappearing taking again their flight towards the heights." One of the witnesses, Nadine Abou Fadel works for the TV show, said that they "directed of the orange projectors towards the motorway". The website wonders whether they were "Flying saucers, aberration or collective hallucination?"

A photographer on the spot, Gerard Aaraj, took some photographs, "thus showing the size and the way of planing objects" - the photographs show in fact only orange luminous points similar to lanterns thaïlandaises, whereas the website sees "no confirmation or scientific explanation" "available for the moment."


Over Yarmouth, U-K..

On 30 September 2009 the Yarmouth Mercury claims that there was "Another UFO sighting over Yarmouth".

They say that on September 20, 2009, a former Merchant Navy navigating officer, Craig Chalmers, who lives outside Liverpool, but who was visiting Yarmouth at the time, wrote to The Mercury this week about his sighting, stressing: "I am not prone to fantasy".

What he said he saw was that at approximately 22:00 he saw "two large bright orange spheres of light in the night sky whilst he stood in Camperdown outside the Embassy Hotel. The balls of light travelled from north to south at a steady speed and appeared to maintain a constant distance between themselves", thus something much like other Chinese lanterns descriptions.

At one time a jet passed between both and because he believed the "UFOs" were much higher he believed they were much to big to be helicopters, although distanes of unknown objects cannot be measured by the eye against the sky's background. He then found a photograph of the previous sighting in the area; which shows what looks like Chinese lanterns but are called "UFO" by the newspaper and said it was exactly the same that he saw.


Reports of lights and glows in the sky caused by rocket cloud, East coast USA.

NASA launched a Black Brant XII Suborbital Sounding Rocket to study the Earth's highest clouds from Wallops Island, Virginia a few minutes before 08:00 p.m. on September 19, 2009. The exhaust particles of the rocket's fourth stage about 173 miles high, lighted by the sun, was seen in the USA throughout the East Coast and caused about 20 "UFO" reports describing the glow of this artificial noctilucent cloud.

Man saw light over Hovey Lake, Michigan, USA.

Ishpeming man Mark Perala says he saw a bright looking object over Hovey Lake in Alger County, Michigan, USA on September 19, 2009, just after 8:00.

He took several photos and showed them to NMU Physics Professor David Lucas, who believes it's a satellite, but Perala says he's not sure as it would not "move back and forth in the sky."


Red light hovers above Boise, Idaho, USA:

A witness reported to MUFON that on September 18, 2009 in walking home slowly through the Hyde Park area Boise, Idaho, USA, they saw an intense, large, slow moving or hovering red light, much larger than stars or planets, that pulsed irregularly and made no sound.

The group came upon three people other who said earlier it seemed closer and that they could see "things 'falling off' the big circle... like red streamers of light that didn't reach the ground."

The reporting witness took a picture with his cellphone. The cropped and enlarged photo appeared on the web. Both the description and the picture show what might very well be a Chinese lantern.


Large dark triangular object over San Mateo airport, California, USA.

William Puckett of UFO Northwest ( indicates that a witness said: "I saw a large, black triangular craft (it looked like a stealth aircraft) with no running lights of any kind September 17, 2009, near San Francisco Airport at about 9:30 PM. It was headed south in a straight line moving from high altitude to Earth at lightening quick speed. I was exiting Highway 92 turning onto the ramp for Highway 101 N. When I saw the object out of my peripheral vision, slowing way down on the ramp I caught sight as the craft was heading towards the Earth. I thought it was an aircraft from San Francisco Airport and I could see many commercial aircraft above the object. This object looked like it was going to crash into the water (San Francisco Bay). I waited for a loud crashing noise, but there never was one and I had to speed up as I was then entering merging traffic on to Highway 101. I am just surprised no reports have been on the news about this craft appearing on radar or others not seeing it in the night sky in such a heavily populated area."

Mysterious lights in Epsom skies, U-K.

Hannah Barclay reports on 28th September 2009 on the Epsom Guardian website about "More mysterious lights spotted in the Epsom skies".

We learn that Dermod and Lynne Sweeney, from Epsom, said they saw lights moving across the sky on the evening of Sunday, September 17, 2009; they stopped on the road alongside the station and watched for several minutes "quite large and were brightly lit" objects. The man said "They could have been helicopters and Lynne was sure that she saw the profile of a helicopter in one of them".

Helicopters, planes, chinese lanterns... how would you tell from the meager newspaper report?


Sightings near Lake Huron, Michigan, USA.

Someone reported to MUFON: "We were camping on September 12, 2009, at Lake Huron Campground, at 9:25 PM, and noticed four very bright red/pink lights. The four lights were in a perfect geometric form similar to a cross, and did not blink or lose their form from the time we saw them until they moved from north to south. They flew toward us in perfect formation then suddenly the two center lights dimmed and disappeared. The top and bottom lights went out at the same time. We thought that the lights may have been flares, but a plane's altitude would have been very low to drop them and we heard nothing. Also, the lights did not flicker or vary from their exact formation. If they were flares the lake breeze would have caused some shift in formation and flickering."

"After the red lights went out, we noticed a dark shadowy object moving east faster than any jet from where the red lights had been. As it moved east, it got lower and flew over Lake Huron. It was three tree tops in size as it descended towards the water and we saw flickers of white light directly underneath the object similar to a reflection of light that was shimmering off moving water. It kind of sparkled under the object. The object was darker than the starlit night sky and appeared as if covered by black camouflage fabric. It made absolutely no noise and appeared to vanish either onto or into Lake Huron. My husband and I both have Master's Degrees; we're intelligent, reputable individuals."

Observations and images in La Réunion.

On September 14, 2009 the website "Linfo.Re", at, reports what they call a "close encounter of the 3rd kind" - it isn't, close encounters of the 3rd kind being defined in the classification of astronomer Joseph Allen Hynek as UFO sightings with occupants and no occupant is seen here, not to mention that it was by no means a "close" encounter.

What the report states is that during the night from the 11 to 12 September, 2009, at approximately 2 a.m., Nicolas Renaux among a group of three women and two men, saw a formation of lights near Les Avirons in La Réunion Island, from 250 meters of altitude, at a nonlighted place with a beautiful sight on the bay of St Pierre, the phenomenon being above the sea off shore St. Pierre, at a distance which is estimated to be 3 kilometers from the south-south-east coast of St Pierre and an altitude which is estimated to be of 500 meters in the text report and 400 meters in the video report. The other witnesses do not seem to have been interviewed.

Nicolas Renaux is said to have described the thing as having the shape of an inverted T, with lights flickering of all colors. He indicates that if that had been above a city's light it would have been much more difficult to distinguish. He evokes "a flat shape with a high central frond, under the base one ccould see many lights identical to those that of a long girophare of the american police type which flickered in all the directions in continuous repetition this lasting all the duration of the observation that is 1hour approximately." The thing is said to have been static all this time.

Left: What seems to be a cropped out part of a photograph, enlarged by software, with smoothing. The tripling of each source of light explains by the unavoidable move of the hand-held camera, with thenecessarily sufficiently long exposure under the night conditions.

It is said to us that 15 years earlier, he and his brother were UFO buffs; he would have been very excited, immediately went home and returned one hour later with his camera and apparently also a video camera in order to multiply the shots and videos. He specifies that he had to use full zooming, that it was very difficult to zoom without a tripod so long on something so small, that the thing was more distinct to the naked eye.

Left: What seems to be an extract of the video, with zooming.

Left: What seems to be an extract of the video or photograph, without zoom or less zooming.

The camera battery empty, suffering from the cold as he was in a T-shirt, and thinking that he was awaited home, he went and analyzed his images with attention, perdorming software enhancements, and did not find "any rational explanation", indicating that it does not have the shape of a helicopter, nor of a plane. In the video report he notes that it floated in the air, that it was not a boat, neither a plane, nor a helicopter. In the report, the host says that a chinese lantern is excluded because it is not the correct size.

Ufologist Laurent Duval noted that he contacted the Cross in La Réunion and that there were actually two ships at sea off Saint Pierre at 20 nautical miles, a Liberian tanker registered A8SA9, and a Maltese cargo, and that the weather conditions seem excellent at the time of the observation.

Filmed by "Info.Re", the witness locates the phenomenon at a height which is between the clouds and sea level. If this angular height is reliable, the light would not a ship's, however it is not possible for me to exclude an estimate error since by night the horizon was perhaps indistinguishable - it is not visible on the images. An effect of temperature inversion layer on the surface of the sea could also to a certain extent produce a - slight - elevation effect.

Left: In the filmed report Nicolas Renaux locates the thing between the sea level and the line of clouds.

In addition, if one can actually agree that the size excludes one chinese lantern, as said in the report, as excluded anyway by the inverted "T" configuration, nothing allows to exclude that it was a group of chinese lanterns, usually showing this kind of aspect and color - and chinese lanterns had alread been used in the island. The winds or their absence in this place would make it possible to pursue or discard this. Anyway, no particular strangeness, such as "impossible maneuvers" and the like, comes to make this sighting particularly intriguing.

Over Mildenhall, Suffolk, U-K.

The Newmarket Journal website tells on 25 September 2009 that UFOs were spotted over Mildenhall, Suffolk, U-K.

Jane and Nigel Brickett, aged 65 and 51, of Raven Close, were at home when they noticed a series of 14 bright, orb-shaped orange lights over Mildenhall's Jubilee Fields on the night of September 6, 2009. They said they were no airplanes, helicopters, satellites, and said that "Someone said they might be Chinese lanterns but they would have to have been very big." However their description and the photographs by the husband shows what looks like Chinese lanterns. A Suffolk Police spokesman said there had been "no other confirmed reports" of any strange sightings in the sky.


Chinese lanterns near Nancy, France.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, 5 to 6 September 2009, several people among those the mayor of Essey-lès-Nancy, were puzzled by tens of orange lights moving silently in a disordered way in the sky. Someone filmed them with a mobile phone.

They were chinese lanterns released from the village hall of Dommartemont where the wedding of Mrs. Isabelle Jacques municipal adviser with Saint-Max was celebrated, the launch having been authorized by the town hall of Dommartemont.

See the newspaper "L'Est Républicain" for September 8, 2009.

Mysterious lights in Epsom skies, U-K.

Hannah Barclay reports on 28th September 2009 on the Epsom Guardian website about "More mysterious lights spotted in the Epsom skies". Phil Salvage and his wife were walking home after eating out in Stoneleigh Broadway on Saturday, September 5, and at 09:20 p.m., he said, "I saw what I thought was a number of planes stacking to go into the airport. We stood for a few seconds and then realised that there was far too many, we counted about 18, and they were far too close together."

He said the lights were all the same colour and brightness and "we stood for what seemed four or five minutes watching them go over". there was no engine noise, and he wondered what they were. Nobody took care to tell or ask him about Chinese lanterns; instead, one Neville Grabaskey, education officer of Ewell Astronomical Society said: "There have been some reports but I have to say that reports of UFO are actually satellites moving constantly in space."


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