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September 2009 - "UFOs are creating crop circles in India also":

Several blogs and sensationnalist forums shout at the end of September 2009 that there are "crop circles in India too".

Why not after all? Anyone can learn how to make crop circles, and why wouldn't someone do crop circles in India too, like some people do in France, in Canada, and toher countries?

Oh, but we are that these crop circles in India were made by a UFO, and that since the witness is a Minister of this country, it must be taken seriously!

Back to reality.

We have a public figure, a minister of one state of India, 67 years old, who is sure that he photographed a UFO, and tells he will show the photographs when he gets back home.

He allegedly saw and photographed this UFO before September 3, 2009, the date of publication of the article on the Hindustan Times website, but as of September 29, 2009, the famous photographs seem nowhere to see.

What does he say about this UFO? Three times nothing, which is still nothing, since only information is that it was circular and "made sharp sparks".

No date. No hour. No the description of the UFO, nothing about its trajectory. No direction, no duration, no color, nothing. Far, near? Slow, fast? Luminous or not? Silent or noisy? It is almost impossible to less describe one's sighting!

What if he just saw a meteor?

I bet we'll never know.

But almost a month later, because a sensationnalist blogger found the article of the Hindustan Times website, it is now all over the Internet, tens of others blogs and sensationalist websites claim that UFOs made crop circles in India.

Can we see this or these "crop circles"?

Oh no!

As crop circles, all we have is that our witness had said to have seen papayas falling when the UFO passed by!

And we should believe that papayas that fell on the ground are a crop circle!

All we have here is nothing more than one more example of the innumerable stupidities spread in connection with "crop-circles-making UFOs".

Left: a papaya tree. We are in 2009, and if papayas fall, they now tell you that's "a crop circle"!



The initial article on the Hindustan Times website , published on September 3, 2009, the primary and single source for all the fuss:

( )

Note the publishing date, September 3, 2009, almost a month before the "UFO makes crop circles in India" clamours.

Note that there is absolutely no metion of "crop circles", this is about "damaged crop", in substance, papayas that fell on the ground!

One can also laugh at the quotation at the end of the article of "the explanation" by the retired science professor: "Often there is optical illusion or gravitational whirlpool in which solar winds gets trapped that gives an impression of UFO".

The "UFO Blogger" article, often quoted as being the "source" since it does not give a reference to the Hindustan Times article:

( )

Note how the stupidities on the "solar winds trapped in gravitational whirlwind" are omitted; it is a matter of not letting the reader see the childish level of the original article.

The version by "abductee" writer Whitley Strieber on his website on September 29, 2009:

( )

Note how Strieber tries to give weight to these "UFO crop circles in India" by claiming that "serious scientific reporters likeLinda Moulton Howe" witnessed "small orbs creating crop circles". Here is what you should know about such "serious scientific reports". Whitley Strieber does not tell this!

He rather takes advantage of the story to propose merchandises, praising the new "crop circles calendar", and offering a 25$ voucher for a California UFO conference!

An example of sensationnalist delirium on the matter, on Didier de Plaige's French website "OVNI-USA" as of September 29, 2009:

Note the fraud: whereas it is only a matter of fallen papayas, on this website, it becomes a UFO "damaging crop AND making papayas fall", as if there were two different things. Lie! the "crop damage" IS the fallen papayas, nothing more, nothing else, but it is a matter of distorting the things to make the reader believe that there are crop circles made by UFOs in India!

But "OVNI-USA" does not stop there, copying Whitley Strieber's talk to give a smell of "secrecy" and "conspiracy" to the thing, as if there had been the least "secrecy" or "government cover-up", in what was only a newspaper report, not at all a secret!

Of course, things are smoothed, no more crop circles calendar to sell and Linda Moulton Howe is just a famous journalist here, not a famous science reporter anymore.

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