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News and observation reports, May 2009:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in May 2009 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

05.26.2009Female alien from planet Mattel on Pakistani TV.
05.24.2009Report from Feluy, Belgium.
05.23.2009US artists creates a "flying saucer" dragged by helicopter.
05.23.2009Triangle in Texas, USA.
05.23.2009Thai lanterns in Sierentz, France.
05.22.2009So-called UFO in Udmurtia Republic, Russia.
05.21.2009Two UFOs claimed to have been filmed at Edinburgh's Airport, Scotland.
05.21.2009Weird object in Maryland, USA.
05.17.2009Orange sphere with two blue lights attached in Florida, USA.
05.16.2009Object moves and stops repeatedly in Colorado, USA.
05.12.2009Chinese lantern UFO video again publicized, Carlisle, U-K.
05.10.2009Rhombus object with lights in the night near Beersel, Belgium.
05.10.2009White ball, traveling fast, seen over Washington state for six to seven seconds, USA.
05.08.2009Triangular craft with lights in the night near Rennes, France: was small private plane.
02.05.2009Two balloons and an airliner called two UFOs and a mothership in Lublin, Poland.
02.02.2009UFOs or thai lanterns in Turin, Italy.


The Belga news agency reports on May 28 that a couple in Feluy in Belgium stated to have witnessed "last weekend", the passage above their area of seven silent luminous points, that they observed during four minutes "at a relatively close distance." The couple wonders if anyone else saw it.

No other detail is provided and it can't be excluded that these were again thaï lanterns.


A US artist, Peter Coffin, manufactured a 7 meters "flying saucer" containing "15 000 lamps". The object cannot fly, it must be suspended to an helicopter.

The artist reportedly made a saucer show on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on May 23, 2009, and last year in Gdansk in Poland, explaining that it is "part of an artist's work of an artist to concretize what is invisible, to concretize the things one desires to or that one wants to believe in".

A witness of the show in Brazil reportedly said: "We did not receive much information on the intentions of the artist, but the effect on people was visible. Everyone was excited. Who knows if it were not a drill for a future contact!"

Source in French:


The witness reported to MUFON about his sighting on May 23, 2009, in Texas:

"I was in my front yard searching for my cats to bring them in for the night when I located my female cat who was looking up at the sky. So I looked up and to my amazement, a huge multi-leveled triangular object was hovering in the sky. I have never seen an aircraft that even looks remotely similar to this object."

"The object was in a vertical position in the shape of a triangle with white orbs illuminating its 3 points. The object was silent as it hovered. I stared at it for a few minutes before I went inside to get my binoculars. Viewing the object through the binoculars, I noticed an alternating red and green pulsating light in each white orb. After I had been looking at the object for about 10 minutes, a small white orb quickly shot out of the left side (my left) of the object. At this point, I was wondering if I should call 911. I then walked to the property next door to get a different view of the object. This view revealed a silver cylinder rotating clockwise in the middle of the object."

"The object remained motionless and silent for 15 minutes before it just disappeared before my eyes. The event caught me by surprise, but it was exciting until the white orb shot out of the object. At that point, I became concerned for my safety."


Someone saw thai lanterns in the sky of Sierentz, Haut-Rhin, France, on May 23, 2009.


A surveillance camera video footage recorded on May 22, 2009 at around 3am in the town of Sarapul in the Udmurtia Republic in Russia reportedly showed "a UFO" witnessed by a crowd.

A rocket was being launched from the Pletsk Cosmodrome.


A witness reported to MUFON about his May 21, 2009 sighting in Maryland:

"My wife and I were driving to go to Montgomery Mall, and just made a right turn coming from Tower Oaks Blvd to Montrose Ave. and to take the 270 S. exit."

"I then pointed out to my wife an odd looking object (driver side) hovering just above the trees. I initially thought it was just a plane. But, looking at it closer, it was definitely clear that it was something different."

"The unidentified flying object had 3 white lights from each point of what appears to be triangle shape object; it also has a flashing red or amber light in the middle."

"The object was just hovering and not moving at all, and without making any noise. It also looked like it was a bit tilted to the right side. I then made a U-Turn from Montrose Ave. that we can see the object even more, but right after we made the turn, the object disappeared."


The witness reported to MUFON on his May 17, 2009 sighting in Florida:

"I was outside and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to the sky, and saw a glowing object traveling west to east. It was round; or rather it was a larger sphere with two smaller spheres on the bottom. It was totally silent. The larger sphere glowed orange, and the smaller spheres were blue. It was not a plane, and it did not look like any meteor I ever saw. It moved too quietly and too fast for a plane, and too slowly to be a meteor. The orange glow was very distinct. The two smaller spheres on its bottom were too large for aircraft lights and were not flashing or bright enough."

"As I said, the object traveled west to east, low in the sky. It wasn’t tiny, nor was it large. It was much larger than a meteor. It was not a fireball. The glow seemed to come from inside the sphere. It didn’t leave any trail; there was no sound, and no electrical malfunctions at my house. When the object passed over me, and was east of me, it completely disappeared. It wasn’t far enough away to have been out of viewing range. It was there and gone. Just like that. I stood outside a while to see if there was any more activity, but I saw nothing else except for flashes of light from a thunderstorm far to the east-southeast."

"This is the second time I have seen a UFO in the past 4 months. The other one disappeared, then reappeared, then disappeared again. I hoped this one would reappear, but it did not. It was just before 1 am central time."


The witness reported to MUFON on his October 16, 2009 sighting in Colorado:

"While laying on the grass Saturday night taking photos of the night sky using my Nikon S630 set to Night Landscape I saw an object on my left move and stop, move and stop, move and stop with about 1/2 second interval in between each move."

"I quickly shifted the camera to the location of the object and got off one photograph. Since the shutter stays open longer filming at night I had to wait for the camera. I kept seeing this object continually moving and stopping. I got off one more shot before I did not see it again."

"This object was about 100' from the ground, probably less than that. It would not stay still long enough for me to make an accurate guess. The object is not very large, less than 50' in diameter."

"I was very excited seeing this object. My original intentions were to go out and wait for it as I was expecting it and my hunch paid off."

07.04.2009Chinese lantern video makes sensation again, Carlisle, U-K.

The News And Star newspaper's website wonders on July 4, 2009, about a "UFO over Carlisle?" which was spotted by a group of people and filmed in Carlisle "on Easter Sunday night", that is on April 12, 2009. Some "UFO websites" shared the same excitment.

The video looks just like a one more video of one more chinese lantern.



The witness reported to MUFON:

"On Sunday about mid day, May 10, 2009, on a clear sunny day, I was walking around in my yard looking at my plants leafing out when I noticed a plane flying overhead. It was flying from east to west and then I noticed the contrails from the plane because they were shorter than those I normally see in the sky from my yard. From my view the two contrails appeared to be only about 5" long. While I was looking at the plane and the contrails, suddenly there just appeared in mid air coming from the north a white ball traveling pretty fast. The white ball crossed behind the plane's path about an inch (in my view) from the end of the 2 contrails from the plane. The ball was traveling in a straight line from north to south and was visible for only about 6 to 7 seconds before suddenly just vanishing. It probably traveled about 10" to 12" (in my view of the sky) before disappearing. There were a few fluffy white clouds in a different part of the sky, but none were anywhere near where I saw the ball or the plane. The ball appeared larger than the plane. It was cloud-colored white and was slightly smaller than an aspirin held at arm's length. It was moving fast--much faster than the plane. Because of the height of the plane, it barely appeared to be moving at all as the ball crossed its path."

"I don't know what I saw, but it was round and was the color of a white cloud. It just appeared in the sky, was traveling fast, and then just disappeared. The event lasted only seconds and it startled me to see something out of the ordinary."


A Youtube video published on May 2, 2009 is commented on as showing a "UFO formation over Lublin" in Poland.

The "exceptionally clear video" taken by "a local resident" is claimed to show "a number of craft hovering over skyscrapers and large apartment buildings. What appear to be two smaller UFOs are joined by what might be a mother ship."

What the daylight video actually shows does not look like two UFOs joined by a mothership but two balloons hovering in the sky and an airliner passing by.


On May 2, 2009, around 11:15pm lights in the sky were seen by a dozen people in Turin, Italy, and filmed by at least one. The story made headlines in the Italian press.

There is talk of "a multi-coloured UFO", or "five glowing lights, some orange and others resembling multi-coloured orbs" and that the lights "constantly changed formation and direction. Occasionally "the UFO" appeared "to be stationary and then moved position rapidly. At times the lights vanished only to re-appear."

A witness said "At first I thought it was airplane until it got close". All witnesses gave a virtually identical description. The incident lasted about half an hour.

However, what the video shows looks very much like a group of thai lanterns.

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