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Basic indications:

Date written:May 11, 2009
Date received:May 11, 2009
Date published:May 21, 2009
Date of sighting:May 8, 2009
Place of sighting:France, La Mézière near Rennes
Original language of report:French
Reported using:e-mail
Unreleased information:Name, firstname, email address
Investigation, additional information:None
Explanation:Small private plane. Found by local investigator.

The report:

Subject: FW: ufo in La Mézière near Rennes
Date: May 11, 2009
From: [Male firstname][name] [name number]

Hello Mr Gross

Friday evening, a little before midnight, my partner and I returned from Rennes towards la Mézière (highway by-pass of St Malo). Arrived at 2 km of the la Mézière exit (access cinema-cap malo), I observed an orange/red dot in the sky above this zone of activity. Having taken the habit of focussing on this kind of detail, it very quickly appeared odd to me not to observe any flickering (as any civilian/military craft obliges). My partner and I continue our descent towards the exit of the by-pass, while staring at this luminous dot advancing very slowly and seemming much larger than expected.

The more we approached the more we distinguished two colors: orange red more and more one blue. the craft was above the bridge which spans the by-pass (roundway Mézière/Gévezé) and advanced slowly (almost motionless). Completely attracted by this light which seemed to have a form, I slowed down as much as I could and started my exit of the by-pass only at the last minute, at the point to find myself under the UFO.

I have an old car which has, above the windshield, a kind of blue antiglare sticker. So while looking at it over the wheel, at the vertical of the machine, any light superfluity was filtered: we immediately understood that it was a flying apparatus:

It was triangular, equilateral, the point turned towards us. The back left corner had a red headlight, the right was blue (my wife saw it green, but with the blue sticker on the windshield, I was maybe wrong). There was no light on the last corner (front corner). In the center I remember a red pointer, with a very weak flickering.

Though a fast observation (I could not stop in the middle expressway), we both managed to see details on the craft: kinds of side bars which crossed the inside of the triangle vertically and horizontally. We distinguished this it perfectly because the 2 blue and red headlights were turned towards the inside of the ship.

I remember its perfectly triangular form because this evening the sky was covered and the moon gave a fog gray background. The form stood well off the darkness. The craft hovered rather low 100-130meters maximum, and we did not give it a big size: 10-15 meters not more.

I directed myself on the by-pass exit, and I did everything to find a place to park and see the object which was close to the bridge that I took. I tried to follow it with the eyes, but while passing on the bridge, I only remembera yellow light goint to the direction South-South West (Rennes-chapeööe des Fougeretz-Montgermont).

Once parked after the bridge, there was nothing visible any more. The machine must have continued its travel with greater pace this time.

Im sorry I didn't have a camera with mebecause the observation during the last meters before the bridge and the exit being so clear and precise, a perfect photograph would have come out of such an observation.

Moreover, the stupid thing in this story, a few second later, 3 vans of the gendarmerie came in from the other direction of the by-pass to park themselves near me, but... to fo to the next roundway for suprize blood tests of the longer weekend...

I do not know what this craft was supposed to do above the motorway (N137), the car traffic was average, and the zone is attended at this time(restaurants, movies...). I remember to have crossed an ambulance, blue light on (thus source of light in the full nuit)... who knows?

We did not speak much about it up to now, for this kind of things makes often more laugh that anything else...

We both planned to do a sketch of what we saw.

[Male firstname]

ps: thanks for not showing my email address please...

NOTES - JUNE 2, 2009:

The local investigator informed me on June 2, 2009:

He first met the witnesses and did the travel again with them for determining the trajectory of the object correctly.

He then made a search of commercial flights in approach or departure from Rennes, and the night-flight capable helicopter of the Civil Safety, and secured the help of the General Management of Civil Aviation.

He managed to find that the object corresponded to the flight of a DR-400 [small private plane manufactured by Robin] registered F-HBZH in night flight at the start of Dinard going towards Rennes, with two passengers on board. The investigator plans to contact the pilot to perform the flight again and to shoot a video taken from the road in a car, hoping to find a similar weather context to get a result similar to that of the sighting.

To: Other sighting reports.

About the local investigator:

The investigation was done by Laurent Duval, based in Rennes, France. email: Website:
Laurent Duval is also the host of "Les Repas Ufologiques" of Rennes".

Laurent Duval informs that the website shows a part of the commercial flights in France with a five minutes delay and a one minute refresh rate.

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