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News and observation reports, February 2006:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in February 2006 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


Chicago. -- The witness says: "On February 28, 2006, around 8 PM, I was heading south on Western Avenue at around 27th Street, and noticed a bright light heading to Midway Airport to land. As I kept going on south I got closer, but it looked weird. It looked like a plane with no wings and it had lights flashing. The lights looked like they were dancing. So I accelerated and made a right hand turn at 36th Street and parked. As it passed westward I realized this was no plane. A red light flashed in my face. It disorientated me for a few seconds. It seemed like a sign telling me they saw me. It then turned southbound and picked up speed and I didn't see it anymore. It took me five minutes to get home and asked if anything was on my face because I felt a burning sensation. My Dad said, "I heard a hovering/murmur noise pass by and tried to spot it, but did not see anything."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,


Chico. -- On February 14, 2006, the witness came out of the Kings Table Buffet at 5:20 PM, and noticed some women were commenting on a dark threatening cloud to the northeast. "I scanned the sky and saw the isolated clouds and right above them was this golden/yellow object much, much brighter than the tint of clouds. I asked the ladies what is that as I pointed it out to them. I heard a 23 year old exclaim "where did it go, where did it go"? And as I looked back up it was gone. She said, "It was there and then it wasn't." The sighting lasted about 15 seconds. It was about 8-10 miles away and about the size of a #2 pencil eraser held at arm's length, so its actual size was BIG. We are starting to have activity here in the North Valley of California."

Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC.


Austin. -- The witness writes: "On February 13, 2006, I was in my backyard and happened to look up and saw a very large semi-transparent "veil" moving across the sky at 9:35 PM. The "veil" was very smooth, flowing, and somewhat ripple-like but did make any sound. It flew over the roof of the middle school that is twenty yards from my backyard. As the "veil" moved over the school, my dog and neighbors dogs started barking and ran toward the school with ears and tail up. I phoned my sister and then noticed a police car drive slowly down the street to be met by a second and they were shining spotlights at the school. After another ten minutes, an airplane flew over the school fairly low and slow."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


Springtown/Azle. -- The witness writes: "I deliver the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and I was out doing my paper route on February 13, 2006, around 4 AM, when I noticed a big bright slowly moving white light in the sky with a smaller white light right by it. The big bright light seemed to be following me so, I stopped and flashed my headlights and it started descending and moving directly toward me at a high speed. I put my pedal to the metal, and took off. I looked a little closer, and I saw ten smaller and dimmer lights flying right next to it. I was freaking out by this point and called my friend Tommy."

"At that point, I was really freaked out and started hearing leaves rustle around my car. In the field I saw a few flashing red orbs, I tried to roll my window up, but the power windows wouldn't make a sound like the power was off. Then my car started making a strange squealing belt sound as it was very warm right around the car, even though it was about 20 degrees F.that night. At 7 AM, I finished my route and stopped at a store, but could still see the light. A craft came from the light that was a gray triangle shaped aircraft with red, white, and blue lights flashing extremely fast. just like a strobe light. I have never seen an airplane have lights that flashed that fast. It made a really strange sound as my store clerk pulled up for work and saw it too. He told me he had also seen the big bright light the previous night."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


OSHAWA. -– Paul Shishis, "I have a report of another "unknown" seen with my own eyes." On February 12, 2006, I took images of objects high in the sky around noon. I noticed a white oval object high above the house. I witnessed this for about 2-3 seconds because of it's speed."

Thanks to Paul Shishis and George Filer, Filesfiles.


Panama City. -- a WITNESS WRITES: "On February 8, 2006, a crystal clear night, I stepped outside to have a cigarette at 7:22 PM, and looked up when I heard jets from Tyndall Air Force Base. At first, I saw three fighters and a strange craft that was lit up all over with yellowish lights. One of the fighters was within five hundred feet of it and the other two were about two miles behind in hot pursuit. The large yellow craft peeled off and was out of sight in a matter of seconds, however the fighters did not follow but they did kick on their afterburners until I couldn't see them anymore, even with binoculars. I called my girlfriend outside to see, and she saw something move very quickly across the sky in a second that definitely freaked her out. As I continued to watch the jets and afterburners, I caught something by pure chance moving at a high rate of speed. I thought it was a dim star, but it was moving extremely fast coming from the direction the jets were heading. At this point, the base came alive and more jets were launched."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


The website of the French newspaper Libération says at that the British daily newspaper "The Guardian" reports the discovery of a strange extraterrestrial creature in a flask by Barney Broom, a 54 year old playwriter who was renovating the attic of a cottage that he bought 8 months ago in Gunthorpe, Northfolk, Great Britain. The opaque bottle was wrapped in an old "Daily Mirror" newspaper of October 1947, the creature has large black eyes, 30 cm in height and 4 toes at the feet. On one foot numbers were painted which were said to be US serial numbers. The cottage is with 45 miles of two American bases.

According to "Libération", a spokesman of the American Air Force indicated that the creature does not belong to its government, that the number could be from a museum and that all that can be a hoax.

A newsbrief by the Guardian is at,,1703094,00.html with an indistinct photograph and the suggestion that the alien could be a model made out of clay.

Many "alien-in-a-jar" hoaxes were already perpetrated. In fact, one can even buy in shop or on the web a small plastic alien figure with recommendations for painting it and putting it in a bottle.

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