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Observation reports July 2002:

Some of the UFO observations in July 2002 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

07.31.2002Blue flash in sky quite certainly a meteor, Ohio, USA.
07.30.2002Pilot UFO report mentionned on the radio, Washington DC, USA.
07.30.2002Observation in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
07.30.2002Unusual light streak in Ohio, USA.
07.29.2002Observation in Georgia, USA.
07.29.2002Moving lights reported in Maine, USA.
07.28.2002Five cows mutilated, Argentina.
07.28.2002Flying triangle, New York, USA.
07.28.2002Flying disc, New York, USA.
07.27.2002Strange lights seen by several residents over the lagoon again, Argentina.
07.27.2002Another bovine mutilated, this time in Parish, Argentina.
07.26.2002Washington Post about jets chasing UFO, NORAD confirms and says it's routine, USA.
07.26.2002News radio says jets seen chasing UFO in Maryland, National Air Guard confirms, USA.
07.26.2002Triangular UFOs sighted near Strasburg, Alsace, France.
07.25.2002ABC news item on strange figure circling in parking lot caught on surveillance tape, Oklahoma, USA.
07.23.2002Vague allegations about discovery of ET fossils in California, USA.
07.23.2002Commotion over UFO Sighting in Southern Cordoba, Argentina.
07.21.2002Flying "fountain pen" in youngston, Ohio, USA.
07.21.2002Policeman sees giant UFO, Argentina.
07.21.2002Luminous UFO seen in Argentina.
07.21.2002Mutiple witness sighting of large bright luminous UFO, Argentina.
07.21.2002Investigation starts after mutiple witness sighting, Argentina.
07.21.2002Residents of Formosa claim having seen light in cattle mutilations sector, Argentina.
07.19.2002Luminous UFO seen in Australia.
07.18.2002Three yellowish lights in a row, Texas, USA.
07.19.2002Seven mutilated animals in Yataí, Argentina.
07.18.2002Extraterrestrials in China as seen by Shanghaï Star journalist.
07.18.2002Nocturnal lights, Asnière, France.
07.15.2002Luminous UFO seen in Vienna area, Austria.
07.15.2002Italian Air Forces release disappointing 2001 UFO sightings log.
07.15.2002Dead sheep with mutilated head found in Salto, Uruguay.
07.15.2002Germany has more crop circle so far for 2002.
07.14.2002A small metal sphere falls from the sky in Brazil.
07.14.2002Bright lights in Wisconsin, USA.
07.13.2002UFO and crop circle in Czech Republic.
07.13.2002Strange lights seen by many at the edge of lagoon, Argentina.
07.12.2002UFO causes a sensation across Villarica, Chile.
07.12.2002Tests to be sent to laboratory, cattle mutilations, Argentina.
07.12.2002Luminous phenomenon observed at Eyne, Eastern Pyrenean mountains, France.
07.12.2002Bovines found dead near Colòn, Argentina.
07.11.2002Government commissioned a study - partially released - suspecting the presence of a toxic agent, Argentina.
07.10.2002Disk shaped object chased by jets, USA.
07.10.2002Animal mutilations and bright light in the sky, Argentina.
07.09.2002Cows found inside a water tank, Argentina.
07.09.2002Another mutilated cow in San Francisco, Argentina.
07.09.2002La Pampa regional government dismisses official cattle mutilation explanation, Argentina.
07.09.200250th anniversary of significant days in UFO history.
07.08.2002UFO seen two nights in Haute-Savoie, France.
07.07.2002Ruby red light seen in Florida, USA.
07.07.2002Chupacabra blamed in lamb death, Chile.
07.07.2002Crop circle near Gongelfang, France.
07.06.2002Weird light flashes seen in Somerset, U-K.
07.06.2002UFOs seen over Patagones, Argentina.
07.06.2002Debates about cattle mutilations, Argentina.
07.06.2002UFO spotted in Athens, Georgia, USA.
07.06.2002Weird light flashes seen in Somerset, U-K.
07.06.2002NIDS publishes report on mutilated cow in June 2001 in Montana, USA.
07.06.2002NIDS publishes report about mysterious ice circle on US ranch.
07.06.2002Pilots report surface-to-air missile explosion, Ukraine.
07.05.200215 to 20 flying metallic spheres reported over Mexico City.
07.05.2002Strange luminous phenomenon over the Vosges mountains, call for witnesses, France.
07.05.2002Triangular silent UFO seen near Mulhouse, France.
07.05.2002Two triangular UFOs seen in Carpentras, France.
07.04.2002Two alleged UFO sightings in Ohio, USA.
07.04.2002Sightings in Sri Lanka.
07.03.2002SENASA hypothesis generates many doubts, Argentina.
07.03.2002SENASA official explanation found unconvincing in Río Cuarto, Argentina.
07.02.2002Orange lights, Wisconsin, USA.
07.01.2002Metallic saucer in broad daylight, USA.
07.01.2002SENASA official press release on recent cattle mutilations in Argentina: rodents.
07.01.2002Observations in China.
07.01.2002Sighting in Grenoble, France.


Luce Blessings writes: "I heard a story from a morning show music host about his brother in law (an airline pilot of a large airline) reporting the sighting of a UFO being chased by some military planes over Washington, DC on July 30, 2002. Nothing was reported on the news."

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, USAF (ret.),


Kenny Young writes, "On July 30, 2002, around 1:30 a.m., an unusual bright light was seen over the city by many people. The event was reported by numerous news media outlets including 700 WLW A.M. Radio and the FM station 102.9 WEBN. I placed a call to the newsroom of 700 WLW and the person taking the call said that the National Weather Service advised that the object was a meteor. Joedy Cooke overheard discussion of the sighting on WEBN radio, that focused on the object hovering stationary. Also in response to a tip that the North College Hill Police Department had acquired an in-car video cam recording of the object, researcher Donnie Blessing, MUFON's State Section Director for Southern Ohio, has traveled to speak with police officials and was able to confirm the existence of this video recording. She is working now to obtain this video."

Thanks to ufologist Kenny Young and to Maj. George Filer, USAF (ret.),


On Tuesday, July 30, 2002, at 1:15 a.m., Joseph R. had an unusual sighting in Brookville, Ohio (population 5,289). He reported, "I was fishing at a small lake when the sky lit up. Had experienced thunderstorms earlier that evening, so I thought it was lightning from another storm front coming my way. I turned around to see a streak traveling very fast, with a trail of smoke or something similar like you would see from a fighter jet or an airliner sometimes. But this thing also had flames near the front, and then, as fast as it appeared from the east, it burned up, I guess. All that was left was the trail of some sort of smoke. Very similar to what a vapor trail looks like in the summer sky. It was hundreds of feet in the air. I'm not sure of the speed."

Brookville is about 10 miles (16 kilometers) west of Dayton, Ohio, which is the home of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOinfo, for this email form report.


BLACKSHEAR - On July 29, 2002, at about 9:30 PM, a couple was out for their evening walk and noticed a white glowing star 25- 30 degrees high rapidly traveled west on a wobbly, slightly erratic course. Five minutes later they noticed another star- like object moving in the same manner. They could see beams of light going toward the object, with similar beams emanating from the object that turned red and vanished.

MUFONGA investigator John Bodin will be conducting the evaluation.

Thanks to Tom Sheets, MUFONGA and WUFOD.


Sergeant Peter Carminati reports from Brooksville:

"I live just in from the coast twelve miles south of Blue Hill in a hilly area. I see this thing on clear nights as three separate white lights with a large center light about 75 degrees up in the northwest quadrant of the sky. The other two lights are smaller, but appear to be equal size and are port and starboard positioned a little to the rear. I first noticed this on July 29, 2002, and it is still there in the same position. I checked Google for the Space Station and that's not it. The following events were observed on different nights: 1. A thin beam of white light shot up 90 degrees perpendicular to its relevant position in a two-second flash. Assuming this thing is about 300 miles up, that light beam may have been about 50 to 60 miles in length. 2. A thin beam of white two-second flash shot downward about 75 degrees to starboard. 3. The tripod of lights are in a "right bank" position, some 15 degrees off the horizontal. 4. The movement is so slow, it seems to be in a geosynchronous orbit over the Quebec/Maine Border in the Thetford Mines area. It takes two hours for it to move a short 5 to 7 degrees toward the north between 10 and Midnight. On humid nights it is smaller, but goes hyper with uneven zip flashing.

Thanks to SSgt, Peter Carminati USAF (Ret), and to Maj George Filer USAF (Ret) for forwarding the account on


The witness reports from Cheektowaga that a triangular shaped object with flames and green lights floated over while friends were sitting talking around the bonfire on July 28, 2002, at 1:00 AM. The witness says "I was looking up at the sky looking at the stars when to my left a triangular shape appeared. I first thought it was a plane and then realized that I never seen a plane like that before. I was able to point out three corners of the craft which did indeed look like a flying triangle. The front had two green lights at two points and what looked like a red flame in between them. It was moving a bit slow for a few seconds and then picked up speed. We stood up and ran to the front of the house because the house next door was in the way of our view. When we made our way there it had disappeared. It wasn't a cloudy night so us not being able to see it anymore was a bit strange."

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, USAF (ret.),


The witness write: "Laying on my bed looking out the window on July 28, 2002, I saw a black object flying by at a constant velocity. I jumped up to get a closer look without taking my eyes away at 8:10 PM. The object changed shape from circular to disc-like alternating every two or three seconds. It moved in one direction, did not change course, and seemed to be moving slower than the planes I see taking off from a nearby airport. The object came near one airplane, but neither seemed to change course. I'm not inferring that this was an alien UFO, but it was certainly not like anything I've witnessed before."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director,


An all news station in Washington, DC (WTOP-AM) has been running the following story throughout the day. The information was also condensed on their web site

A local investigator has been contacted and has been asked to get involved in this case, and that should be done relatively quickly. As noted in the story, this is apparently a multiple witness event. Here is the text of this news item:

"What was that bright light in Maryland's sky???"

"WTOP has learned that residents near Andrews Air Force base were shaken from their beds early Friday morning by some strange activity in the air."

""Incredible. Absolutely incredible" is what Renny Rogers of Waldorf calls it. Just before two in the morning, Rogers says he saw a large blue ball of light streaking across the sky. But it was the military jets that really startled him."

""(The jets) were right on its tail. As the thing would move, a jet was right behind it," Rogers recalls."

"He is not the only one who saw it. Several people called WTOP Radio reporting seeing a bright blue or orange ball moving very fast, being chased by jets."

"Rogers says there was no smoke coming from the object, no flashing lights, and says it was smooth, and eerily silent."

"The Air National Guard confirms they scrambled the 113th squadron [actually 133th Wing]. Spokesman Sheldon Smith says they are investigating and in contact with NORAD."

See for information on Air National Guard 113th Wing.


In the evening of July 26, 2002, observers have reported alleged triangular shaped UFOS over the department of Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France, between the cities of Bitche and Strasburg.

Thanks to communicate your related observations or information to this site's author who will forward it to local investigators.


On July 25, ABC news reports on that a woman saw something strange while working at an Oklahoma car impound lot earlier this month. She saw a figure circling around, and it was caught on a surveillance tape. The woman told another worker to check it out, but that person found nobody there.

ABC news suggests that it may be a ghost, as three vehicles on the lot that night where involved in fatal accidents and as an unnamed paranormal investigator says it is possible the mysterious figure could have been one of those spirits, searching for its car.

The published tape in Real Video highly compressed format show what appears to be a whitish figure circling around in the parking lot and the witness commenting what she saw.

Of course it may be a prank.


The web site "the why? files" on relates a vague story that a a prospector has found unusual rocks said to be fossils of extraterrestrial origine in California in December 1999, and that the man has been threatened by some unnamed US agencies and is hiding now.

It is also claimed that some of the strange "fossil-like" objects are in the possession of and have been assessed by a department of a major but also unnamed university, where opinion is said to be apparently not in disagreement with that held by the man himself.


NUFORC reports a dramatic, sighting event in the vicinity of Highway 84 at 02:45 hours on July 31, 2002. A young man witnessed a momentary flash of light, followed by a sighting of an object that looked generally like a "fountain pen." The object streaked across the sky, stopped, and the truck ahead of the witness suddenly was no longer there!

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, and to Maj. George Filer, USAF (ret.),


Guillermo Arias, who provides services in the dependency of the town of Chaján, 60 km southeast of Rio Cuarto, was on routine patrol through rurla Chajan at 23:00 hours on Sunday, July 21, 2002, when he heard over the radio that his colleagues in arms over at Achiras were seeing lights in sectors of said community, and that they were heading toward Chaján along Nat'l Route 8, which links the cities of Rio Cuarto, in Cordoba with Villa Mercedes in the province of San Luis Arias. At the wheel of the police patrol van, he managed to see a formation of 7 lights in the distance and decided to drive 10 km along a rural dirt road. When he had covered said distance, he noticed, not without surprise, that the engine of his vehicle sputtered and died, causing the police car to strike the edge of a guard rail.

Simultaneously, the lights on the van's dashboard began turning on and off randomly, the police radio went haywire and its dial displayed the random shifting of the frequencies (channel codes) while the cabin became filled with an acrid odor, as though of burnt wiring, and the interior lights and stop indicator, which were broken, began lighting on and off. Seized by fear, Arias leaped from the van and walked away a few meters down the road, losing his cellphone in the escape.

The darkness was total, when suddenly, amid the [confusing] situation, an immense light emerged from a field adjacent to the road as a triangular object rose majestically into the air. Now, [the officer's] condition went from fear to abject terror as he saw what he described as a real "floating city" some 200 meters long with a long row of windows (perhaps as many as 100). Arias claims having seen something move behind them, describing the movement as "TV sets which make lines and shadows" (sic), which he defined as "non-human", and that many beams of light came out of the giant triangle, aimed at the ground. The event lasted 2 or 3 seconds, but Arias "it felt like an eternity to him."

The object suddenly rose and sped away, vanishing behind the hills of a local field. Arias's statement indicates that while the object moved away, the entire sector was lit "as though it were daytime", since he could clearly make out farms, fields, barbed wire fences, etc. and that the afterglow lasted another 20 minutes.

Recovering from his nervous condition, he returned to the vehicle and notified his comrades of the experience, receiving radio instruction that reinforcements were being set out. In the darkness, he heard the cellphone ring, and that is how he found it in the darkness: his wife was trying to find him and his fellows. He told her briefly about what had happened and sat down to wait for the expected assistance. Patrolman Barrios from Achiras was trying to keep him calm over the radio, while Sgt. Medina, who was the first to arrive on the scene, and Sgt. Cordoba were among the subofficers who reached the area to lend aid to their comrade in distress.

Meanwhile, other police elements radioed the incident to their superiors at Regional Unit 9 at Rio Cuarto. After learning the details, these superiors issued specific directions. In this regard we add that today, Monday noon, the senior officers of said police unit reported to Chaján to order a medical exam for Sgt. Arias and a subsequent re-creation of the events, for which they returned to the scene.

There was news coverage from Rio Cuarto Channel 13, LV-16 Radio Rio Cuarto and numerous FM stations of this city interviewd members of the C.O.R to learn further aspects of this spectacular incident.

Translation © 2002, IHU. Special thanks to Mario Luis Bracamonte, COR.


The Argentinean reports on July 21, 2002 that "two sightings in less than a week lead us to wonder about the certain possibility that we are being visited by aliens."

"The first of these cases occurred when a driver was taking three girls back to their homes on Sunday morning."

"According to the vehicle's 4 occupants, in the early morning hours of Sunday and at the Terapia exit, in the vicinity of the Garay extension, they saw a very powerful light that was not a star and appeared to be hovering low over the local houses. The light was motionless and changed colors from light blue to green."

"When I stopped the car to see if I could hear something, I couldn't start the engine again. So I got out [of the car], fooled around with the engine a bit, and finally made it start. The girls were scared and holding hands, but we went over to the side of the road to get a better look. Before [getting there], we could already see that it was closer to us. It was about the size of the rising Moon, emitting flashes, and at a given moment the entire edge of the light was covered by some sort of fog, and I didn't like the matter at all," remarked the driver, who also made the report to the authorities. "When the light still looked large in the sky, the police didn't even go out to look. When we left the Sheriff's office it was still visible from the downtown area, and I'm certain that more people saw it, because it was clearly visible, and even though it was early in the morning, there are always people on the street."

(The second sighting referred to by vivechacabuco was already in my news section.)


On Friday, July 19, 2002, at 8:03 p.m., David Hassen was at home in Howard Springs, near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, when he spotted "a bright light" approaching from the east.

"I was outside the front of my house, and I was looking at this real big star," David reported, "To the right of the star I saw a bright light that blinked twice, then moved about 100 metres (330 feet) over a one- second delay, then blinked twice again. Then it moved once more and blinked twice."

"After I could not see it any more, I started to go (west) back to my house, and then I saw a huge red-orange shape that looked like a triangle. It zoomed across the skies. About the height (altitude) of an incoming plane. Its speed was faster than a shooting star."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOinfo, for this Email Form Report.


The witness reports to me on July 19, 2002:

"Hello, my name is [retained] and I live in Burnet, TX which is just 40 miles northwest of Austin. Last night my children and I were in the back yard around 9:45pm swimming when I looked up and saw three yellowish lights in a row going behind the trees. I could still see them through the trees and my daughter turned and saw them too. Then they were gone. We live in the landing flight path of the local airport and I expected to see the lights continue overhead but there was nothing. There was no sound either. These were not far up in the sky, they were like just hundreds of feet away. The lights were perfectly round, in a row evenly spaced out and seemed to drop down a little and then suddenly gone. I called the police station to see if anyone else had reported anything. According to the sargent, there were no other reports."

"I have seen many normal and explainable things in the skies but this was something totally different. It has been one of hose experiences that make no sense and I can't get it off of my mind. I got on the internet to see if there was any place to share this experience and this was the only thing I found so far. Thanks for listening."


On Monday, July 15, 2002, the male witness, H.V., "sat on my balcony with my girlfriend at 9:30 p.m. It was still before sunset. In total daylight, there suddenly came a great, brilliant, shining object with light as bright as sunlight. I thought it might be a planet but doubted it."

"I tried a metal tube to see if it moved, and it moved very slowly to the south. This lasted for 12 minutes. Suddenly, it got still brighter and vanished, from one second to the other, even though there were no clouds in the sky."

H.V. added that his apartment is in Leopoldstadt, a district on the east side of Vienna, the capital of Austria. His home is a few kilometers distant from Hietzing, the site of recent UFO sightings in the Austrian capital.

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOinfo, for this Email Form Report.


The Italian UFO newsflash #361 by CISU informs that "As in every year, the General Security Unit of the Italian Air Force General Staff has responded to our request by releasing the usual list of reports of unidentified flying objects (oggetti volanti non identificati, OVNI) sighted during the course of 2001, as collected by the military. As is routine by now, the list is disappointing as far as the numbers are concerned at the only government body responsible for the gathering of UFO data. There were twelve sightings recorded last year, with three in June and two in August; May and October; and one in March and November), compared with a total of over 760 reports logged at the civilian Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU). Only one includes a member of the military as a witness.



Up to now there are more crop circles discovered in Germany than in the phenomenon's motherland England. With the latest discoveries, Germany counts now at least 23 formations so far. To find out more about all these formations please visit:

Thanks to Maj. George Filer, ret., for the report.


The newspaper Journal do Brasil of Rio de Janeiro for July 14, 2002, reports under the headline "Fallen from the sky," page A6:

"A metallic sphere found on a farm situated in the Pantanal" region of Brazil's southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul "is causing a furor." News agencies in Brazil described the sphere as "measuring 60 centimeters in diameter and 1.9 meters in circumference. The object weighs approximately 30 kilograms." The discovery triggered wild rumors in Campo Grande, the state capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, as people took to calling the sphere "E.T.'s egg." The Fuerza Aerea Brasileira (FAB, i.e. Brazilian Air Force) has taken custody of the sphere, and it is now in a restricted area at the FAB air base on the outskirts of Campo Grande. "'It is still to be inspected,'" a FAB spokesman said, "'The most probable hypothesis is that it is a piece of a satellite.'"

Muito obrigado a Victor Scott por eso caso.


Danny N. reports from Dundee: "I was on the public fishing pier at the Long Lake Campground on July 14, 2002, and observed a large sphere with green, blue and possibly red lights spaced evenly on it at 4:00 AM. It was high in the sky and moved slowly to the east. I could see several white blinking lights, although they were faded in color and they were some distance away from me. I had a nibble on my rod so I tended to that and when I looked up that object was gone but there was another object moving in the same direction. It was triangular in shape and had lights in rows of 1,3,5,7 in red, orange, and yellow colors. It was high in the sky and it also moved slowly to the east.

Thanks to UFOwisconsin,

UFO AND CROP CIRCLE APPEAR IN CZECH REPUBLIC: of July 13, 2002, has an article byOlga Prekopova with the headline "Opät kruhy v obilí, UFO aj nad atómkou / More Circles in Wheat, and an UFO above Atomic Plant":

The discovery of three large crop circles in Nitra-Drazovice was announced to a well-known UFO club in Trnava by glider pilots engaged in an international competition. Since 2000, these have been the first pictograms discovered in Slovakia in wheat fields. Announcements concerning similar examples were recorded by ufologists in England as well. According to Miroslav Karlik, our most recognised expert on crop circles, the Drazovce circles are not faked.

"Rings with diameters of 15.5 meters, 7.40 meters, and 6.30 meters connected via half-meter wide paths were visible only from above, from a bird's eye perspective. Because of this, no curious crowds had trampled them, and so they could be examined" said Karlik, who was in the area where the circles had appeared. According to him, if this had been an imitation made by human hands, they would have tried to make it as visible as possible. Had it not been for the pilots, nobody would have seen it. The crop pictogram did not exhibit any increased radiation, which has been typical of most crop circles in foreign countries."

"Massive outbreaks of these symbols, which fakers and pranksters used to misuse, are apparently a thing of the past. Reports of these have been occuring since 1996. In the case of Slovakian crop circles, we consider the ones discovered near Trnava to be fake," said Karlik. According to UFOlogists, the crop pictograms are a hitherto undeciphered message from extraterrestrials to the people of Earth. It is apparently one of many methods of establishing communication. More frequent are the sightings of so-called UFOs, unidentified flying objects. According to Karlik, nearly 80 percent of such sighting reports are tied to strategic objects, such as the electric power plants at Jaslovske Bohunice and Mochovce.

Miroslav Karlik, who is the head of the UFO Club of Trnava, saw an unidentified object exhibiting unusual motions in Radosovice, near Bohunice. "I saw the object in the sky only for an instant. But on the way home, beyond the village of Nizna, I saw a slow-moving triangle with red lights. It flew into the tower of the electrical plant and then very quickly returned. It repeated this operation seven times," added Karlik. This phenomenon was allegedly seen by six eyewitnesses. According to UFOlogists, more information about UFOs will be forthcoming with the declassification of KGB archives.

Many thanks to FarShores and Dalibor M. Suchy for providing the English translation.


The newspaper Semanario Colón of argentina, on its Internet site, has said on July 12, 2002 that a bovine was found in a pasture field located in a field of the Boulevard 17 extension with wounds identical to the ones repeated in hundreds of cases in Córdoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires: precise cuts on the chest, the tongue extracted with admirable precision and the absence of genitalia. The rancher summoned an expert and was further astonished by the find, because nothing similar had ever happened before. This case can be added to the mutilated animals found in the same region at Hughes, Wheelwright and Villa Constitución.


The ufology association OVNI Science ( announces an observation which took place in the night of July 12, 2002, at about 23:00, in Eyne, in the Eastern Pyrenees. There have been three alleged witnesses for a three minutes sightin duration. The OVNI Science report form gives the following indications:

Foreign witnesses: Yes
Weather: Rainy and windy.
Shape of the objet: Several ...
1st phase: drop
2nd phase: drop sparates in 2
3rd phase: 2 parts join
4th phase: 2 parts form a slightly rounded crescent shape when they join, a glowing light where a shape can be guessed abive the crescent ... giving an ovoid shape to the phenomenon. Luminosity and color: Yellow orangeish
Distance between witness(es) and phenomenon: Object bigger than the moon which was on its left on the same line, but too far to estimate object distance.
Approximate speed: the object moved, but it was too difficult to evaluate its speed (not because the object was going too fast) ...

Full witness account:

On Friday night, July 12 at about 11:00pm, my husband and myself were on the terrace of our country cottage located at Eynes in the Eastern Pyrenees, when our attention was caugnt by an uncommon phenomenon in the sky. From our country cottage we can see the city of Font Romeu on the right and Saillagouse on the left. We thus could observe, in the sky, between these cities, a strange phenomenon located at the right-hand side of the moon, on its same line, and of a bulkier aspect than the moon. This strange apparition had the shape of a water drop, a yellow incandescent light orange, went down, then separated in two quite distinct parts which then met to form a slightly round crescent which let guess a shape at the top, giving an ovoidal aspect to this phenomenon. This lasted approximately 1/4 of hour, then this phenomenon moved away to disappear completely."

The UFO Science association inquires by astronomers to check if a celestial phenomenon were was visible at the geographical situation of the witnesses. All information on this phenomenon is the welcome.

Contact the OVNI Science association by eMail: or phone: France, - 24h/24h


The witness reports from Bartlesville: "On July 10, 2002, my wife called me from where she works and asked me to please go outside and crank up the umbrellas she had positioned over her new plants to protect them from the 100 degree heat we had here today. I was outside cranking up the second umbrella around 1:30 PM and I looked in time to see a fast moving disc shaped object flying low to the northeast with two low zooming US fighter jets not too far behind it. Right after they passed by a giant sonic boom occurred that rattled everything so much even the trees quaked. When I came into the house a couple pictures and a mirror had fallen off the walls. I saw just a few minutes ago a news report saying that a blast was felt as far away as Tyro Kansas. A good 40 minute drive from here. The news says they don't yet know the cause of the blast, but I can tell you what it was. It was two jets in hot pursuit of something flying dangerously low for a populated area in my opinion."

Thanks to and to George Filer,


On Tuesday, July 9, 2002, witness S. Rao was walking down the street in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the largest cities in the USA's Midwest, when he spotted "a strange object approaching from the west." "It was an object moving at a great speed," Rao reported, "The significant thing is that it was making circular motions over and over, as if it was doing a reconnaisance of the area. It was oval, color bluish, with a tail and a vane projecting from the two tops of the larger axis. It had only one window-like structure at the front, and" there were "lights on the back of the oval object. Could be about 30 feet (9 meters) long and 15 feet (4.5 meters) wide."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for the Email Form Report.


Dr. Bruce Maccabee, PhD, photoanalyst formerly at the US Navy and respected ufologist, wrote to this site:

"You might consider mentioning this on your web site. We are approaching the 50th anniversary of a very significant day in UFO history: July 29, 1952."

"During the first week of June there were 20 sightings.
During the SECOND week of June there were 19 sightings.
During the THIRD week of June there were 35 sightings

THEN, on

June 22, 4 reports,
June 23, 11 reports,
June 24, 3 reports,
June 25, 9 reports

"For all of June, about 148 sightings."

"Let's see, now... that about brings us up to date... in the YEAR 1952, that is, ... the Year of the UFO!!!"

"Why not travel with me back in time to when ufology was young and, perhaps, find out some answers to pressing questions! (For those of you new to ufo studies this will be an valuable historical survey.) Find out the connection between Marilyn and "interplanetary visitors" (you know which Marilyn....and I don't mean Manson!). Find out what the FBI found out... what the CIA found out and what they did not find out. Learn why our world changed a little that year..."

"In 3 short months (June, July and August) the Air Force collected about 1700 sighting reports. Many of these were multiple witness reports. Later analysis (Special Report #14) suggested that these witnesses saw about 900 different objects. Furthermore, after analysis by experts, 186 of these objects were found to be unexplainable ("Unknown"). Why wasn't this sufficient to convince everyone that something strange was going on? We now know that some at the upper levels of the Air Force were seriously considering the (gulp!) Interplanetary Hypothesis! So why did General Samford, at his large press conference on July 29, slam the lid down when he could have done the opposite? Why are we stuck in the "tradition" that there is nothing to UFO sightings?"

"Read and find out (?) !"

"Oh yes, not that I want to get ahead of myself, but:

(preview of coming attractions: July 17, 15 reports,
July 21, 12
July 22, 25
July 23, 28 ..."

"July 29, General Samford's press conference... The General states the official position of Air Force Intelligence. "all natural phenomena."

"BUT WHY did Air Force Intelligence tell the FBI that some top AF officials were considering "interplanetary craft?" Did General Samford lie to the American people? (Cover up?)"

Dear Dr. Maccabee, let me thank you for your work, I know that what you wrote here is correct, I too am sorry that so few people know it. for the benefit of our respective readers, let me quote this extract of the book by Captain Edward J Ruppelt, then chief of the project Bluebook, the official Air Force investigation of UFOs, in connection with these months of 1952:

"In intelligence, if you have something to say about some vital problem you write a report that is known as an "Estimate of the Situation." A few days after the DC-3 was buzzed, the people at ATIC decided that the time had arrived to make an Estimate of the Situation. The situation was the UFO's; the estimate was that they were interplanetary!

It was a rather thick document with a black cover and it was printed on legal sized paper. Stamped across the front were the words TOP SECRET.

It contained the Air Force's analysis of many of the incidents I have told you about plus many similar ones. All of them had come from scientists, pilots, and other equally credible observers, and each one was an unknown."


At Argonnay in Haute-Savoie, a yellow UFO was seen twice, first on Monday, July 8, 2002, at 11:45 p.m., and again, two nights later, on Wednesday, July 10, 2002, at 11:25 p.m. The object, a yellow luminous sphere, was at a distance of 300 meters (1,000 feet) from the eyewitnesses. Its flight was rectilinear and stable. Also, the light increased in intensity just before it disappeared.


Don Ware reports from Gulfe Breeze: "I got a phone report on July 7, 2002, of a UFO sighting over the sound in Gulf Breeze. At 08:15 a ruby red light 1/4 the size of the witnesses thumbnail came down from a stormy sky to the sound and was not seen after it went behind a boathouse. This was right after a strange storm cloud seemed to reverse direction.

Thanks to Lt. Col. Don Ware USAF ret., and to George Filer, also USAF ret.,


Four people have seen a UFO on June 6, 2002, from 01:31am to 01:45am according to a report that was received by Stefan Duncan, Charlotte, N.C., ( and 704-651-2032 cell phone 704-549-4889 office).

One witness wrote: "there was a big light around the ufo and strange lights appeard often after the ufo crashed and after 20 or 30 sec it started do gain height and it dissapeard in the night."

The mail form report gives additional information:

Direction of craft(s): "it started going north from my house while suddenly fell in a military camp which is not used by anyone."

Motion: "the ufo was going streight ahead with normal speed while suddenly stopped above the camp and suudenly fell."

Estimated distance from vantage point to the object(s): "400-500m"

Duration: "31 secs to a minute"

Sounds: "while the ufo stopped above the camp there was a buzzing sound but when it fell there was no sound at all!!!"

Description: "there was a big light around the ufo and strange lights appeard often after the ufo crashed and after 20 or 30 sec it started do gain height and it dissapeard in the night."

Comments: "I was sitting in my balcony with 3 more friends of me it was night with clear and hot weather i waqs first surpised but then i was feard about what could happen."

Background: "im 18 years old student male."


On Saturday, July 6, 2002, at 10:45 p.m., N.W. and a friend were driving "between Shepton Mallet and Bath, Avon, Somerset, UK" when "eastward, to the right of us, the sky pulsated in a large area, with bright lights going from extreme brightness to fade, on a regular pattern. Lasting over a minute. Then, when it stopped, the sky itself remained scorched-like." "We rushed to our hotel and told our colleagues about the incident." "There was no abnormal weather. It was a balmy summer evening, and we had previously been to Wells for a meal and walked casually through the streets." "It was too large an area to be an aircraft, and too large even to be man-made, likewise even to be weather or a natural creation. No actual machine (UFO) was seen, but our experience will never be forgotten. It was as if the area was being touched by a great visitation. Both my partner and I are professional people, and we hesitated in reporting the incident. Were we the only ones to see it?"

Many thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for the Email Form Report.


The NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science, a US privately funded research organisation) was contacted at 8.00 AM on the morning of February 21, 2002 regarding an ice circle that had mysteriously appeared on a ranch overnight. According to the report, at approx 7.00 AM on the morning of February 21, 2002 the circle, measuring 5 feet 9 inches in diameter, was discovered in an irrigation canal on a ranch in NE Utah. The local NIDS investigator, who is a retired deputy sheriff and an experienced tracker, was on the spot within less than an hour. The investigator immediately proceeded to take photographs (see photos 1-3 in report on the What's New Section of the NIDS web site: ).

The ice was approximately 3/4 inch thick under the circle. The circle occurred near a spot where ranch cattle frequently drink water. [See photo in report]. According to the investigator, the nearby cattle were behaving normally when he arrived. The remainder of the report has just been posted on the NIDS web site.

Many thanks to NIDS for their announcement and their work.


A mutilated Red Angus cow was found in Montana in June 2001 with no obvious tracks from vehicles, people, or predators around the animal. The mutilations consisted of very clean excisions of the left eye and eyelid, rectum, genitalia, and tongue. The previous NIDS Report ( ) documented the analyses of green colored tissue from underneath the left jaw-bone, vitreous fluid, and a maggot mass. A cursory examination of vitreous fluid from a control heifer was also done. This recent addendum report summarizes the results obtained when additional brain tissues samples were submitted for analysis from the Montana cow, as well as the control heifer. The assignment was to look for any components that should not be normally present in the mutilated animal. Secondly, an in-depth evaluation of the MS data previously obtained in November 2001 from vitreous fluid of the control heifer was completed as an aid to accomplish this objective.

The results in this addendum report support those reported previously. Oxindole was found at low levels in the brain of the mutilated animal but not in the brain of the control. Oxindole was found at high concentrations in the eye-fluid of the Montana animal and was completely absent from the eye-fluid of the control animal. This addendum report (three photos, one table and eight figures) documents the complete GCMS comparative analysis of the eye fluids from both mutilated and control animal. No other unusual molecules were found in the brain of the mutilated animal.

The report has been recently posted in the "What's New" section of the NIDS web site at:


On Friday, July 5, 2002, at 8 a.m., "a group of 30 to 40 metallic spheres was seen over the eastern section of Mexico City," the national capital.

"According to the report by Mexican ufologist Ana Maria Cid, journalist Geraldo Martinez Fernandez observed from his automobile a giant formation of 15 to 20 UFOs continuing on a straight flight path through the sky over the capital."

"Other witnesses, such as Rafael Campos, observed these spheres leaving a spherical object that was much, much larger. Francisco Dominguez also witnessed the stream of UFOs leaving the larger object."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOinfo.


CNEGU ( reports that a strange luminous phenomenon was observed on Friday, July 5, 2002 between 09:00pm and 11:00pm above the Vosges moutains, visible for example from the village of Le Thillot.

This phenomenon was also observed in Alsace, in the area of Mulhouse, where several independent witnesses have come forward following calls to witnesses published in the "L'Alsace" newspaper.

The North-Eastern Committee of Ufology Groups (CNEGU, Comité Nord-Est des Groupements Ufologiques) thus seeks all testimonys likely to corroborate these observations in order to identify the nature and the origin of this phenomenon.

I have heard from the investigator for the Le Thillot report, who is not excluding that that lights may have a common cause. I am at this time writing a preliminary report for the Mulhouse observation(s), for which I assisted the local investigator.



On July 7, 2002, G.R.E.P.I announces an observation that occurred two days ago near Mulhouse and calls for additional witnesses.

Here are the circumstances of this observation as they were reported to G.R.E.P.I:

"This 5th of July 2002 around 10:30 p.m. I was on the motorway on my way back from Switzerland and going in the direction of Brussels. While I was at the height of Mulhouse I observed an enormous flying object in the sky, it was a triangle formed by three white lights and a circular red light in the middle. The colors were very pure and that resembled neons in a circular shape, the object did not seem to make any noise and moved slowly. I stopped on the motorway and observed the phenomenon, I was very impressed when it passed right above me. At this time I was able to note that there was also a body with these three lights. I called the police force of Mulhouse but apparently I was the only one to announce the phenomenon. However there were several people on the motorway. If anybody saw the same phenomenon this July 5 around 10:30 p.m. I would be happy to learn about it because I remain somehow alone with my observation."

"I think I have seen the object to a hundred meters altitude and it must have measured at least 100 meters wide. I had not drunk anything that day and I do not take drugs, it is the first time that I see such a phenomenon and I am sure that I have not been dreaming."


The witness reports via email on July 19, 2002:

"I saw a UFO on July 5, 2002 at 09:00PM, from my balcony, in Carpentras; two triangles of light or rather shaped like arrow points; I approached and I saw an immense black triangle which flew over the schoolyard without moving; surprising and marvellous. No luminosity sent by the spheres but it enabled me to visualize the shape distinctively, then there was nothing in a split second. Since then all my friends laugh at me, I would like to know if it was SEEN. I take advantage of my parent's computer in Marseilles, to write it wot whoever wants to read it and share what I saw. Thank you..."

Thanks to this witness.


Blair writes: "The first UFO I saw was on July 4, 2002, at about 10:15 PM at Mosquito Lake. It was a white orb like object and over the course of ten minutes it went from the brightness of the moon to nothing. It was interesting though because I was watching fireworks at the time and every couple seconds I'd glance back to see if it was still there. I was also noticing some other people in the crowd starting to look. I mentioned the sighting to a friend and he also had seen something weird ten miles from my location. Maybe the UFO was watching the fireworks?"

"The second UFO I saw was on July 5th, at 10:30 PM that was a square shaped craft or parallelogram. It's right front light seemed to be the brightest and the other three corner lights were of equal brightness as it flew directly over three witnesses at about 3,500 feet. It was very large and made no sound."

Thanks to Blair and to Maj. George Filer, ret., for the report.


The original articles are on the Web site of the newspaper Daily News of Sri Lanka on for July 4, 2002, and some older related information is in the Documents - Newspapers section of my site.

Under the title "Flying saucers on the rise again?" the newspaper tells that hundreds of people have seen UFO phenomena over Sri Lanka according to professor Chandana Jayaratne of the University of Colombo who has investigated the cases.

Several UFO sightings have been reported from various parts of Sri Lanka over the last few weeks, and Jayaratne sais that "these sightings have been confirmed by a group of keen observers," at a press conference held in the Colombo University. One of the observers, Sanjeeva Bandara, has even written books on UFOs.

Another unnamed observer said that "More than 100 villagers have seen the UFO," and "In general we cannot consider these stories as being fabricated. We camped near the Parakrama Samudra on June 15. We didn't see anything on our first day but on the second day around 11.30 pm we saw a blue-white light. The light beam is so unlike any of other light beam we have seen before. The light beams rotated, suddenly disappeared and reappeared a few seconds later from a place 300-400 meters away from the place it was initially. A few seconds later it again disappeared. We camped near the Parakrama Samudraya. Dense jungle stretched out to the far end and the light beam came from the jungle. Therefore, we could not go out to investigate. Out of our preliminary investigations it turned out to be an object capable of emitting 'V' shaped beam of light of intense illumination. The villagers including an Advanced Level student told us the flying object is capable of moving at a very high velocity and when it is travelling at a lower height it made a sound similar to a sound made by a bee. And it could change its direction to avoid colliding with trees. For three consecutive days we observed the same UFO."


UFOWisconsin reports that on July 2, 2002, at 10:30 PM, the witness caught a brief glimpse of three bright yellow / orange lights in a perfect triangle streak south across the clear sky almost straight overhead. The witness says, "It took, less than two seconds for these lights to move the entire length of the sky. I dismissed that it was a shooting star because there were three lights moving in perfect triangular formation. Ten minutes later, I saw the exact same formation of triangular lights streak across the sky at the same speed."

Thanks to UFOWisconsin


The witness reports from Glendale:

"On July 1, 2002, there was only one, and it sort of came out of nowhere. It was about ten, maybe twenty miles from where I was. I was in a car wash station with my wife and niece waiting for our car to come out then when I looked at the mountain view, I saw this flying thing, shining from the sun which appeared to look like a disc. It was somewhat round as the sun's reflection had a gradient to it. It floated west as fast as a helicopter although I didn't see any propellers or wings or fins to identify it as a plane or chopper. It was certainly metallic, maybe silver and it later disappeared into the canopy of trees. I pointed it out to my wife and she gasped and saw it, my niece also saw it and couldn't believe what it was."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, NUFORC,

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