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In France, there is still no equivalent of the Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA) as it is now applied to some official UFO information in the majority of other countries, USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy etc. In France, and only in theory, information is supposedly possibly accessible 60 years after its date. (Thus 2014 for UFO cases of 1954 etc). It is only if you are "Somebody of Importance" such as TV journalist Jean-Claude Bourret in the 70's, or if you have "Friends Inside", or if you beg enough, that you can maybe pick up some documents.

Strange luminous object, March 28, 1974:

Was this the Moon partly hidden by the clouds?

This document was reproduced in the ufological literature long ago.

Adjudant-Chief, Criminal Police Officer, Gendarme, Criminal Police Officer.

16 to 19 and 75 of the Code of Penal Procedure.

On March 28, 1974 at 7 hours 10, Mister [T1], resident of the Domaine [L1] in [V1], warns us telephonically that he has just observed an unidentified object in the sky above his property. We go on the location.


The Domaine of [L1] is located on the territory of the commune of [V1] at the North-East of the latter.

It is reached it by taking successively the National Road, the Departmental Road then a tarred way without denomination. The field is approximately 5 kilometers from [V1].

The relief is rather broken, the field which is composed of a dwelling house and several separate buildings (stables, barns, sheep-folds) is built on the half-slope on the side of a gentle hill.

At the top of the latter in the South-eastern direction, a wood of fir trees and pine trees is planted. This wood is distant of approximately 150 meters from the sheep-fold.

This domaine is isolated. Only a house in construction, still uninhabited, is located at 300 meters in the South.


On March 28, 1974, we Gendarme [G2], hear:

Mr [T1], born the [-] 1913, farmer, Deputy Mayor of [V2], resident of the Domaine of [L1] in [V1], who states to us:

This morning, March 28, 1974 at 5 hours 40, I left my residence and I went in the direction of my sheep-fold. While arriving at the angle of this building, as it was still dark, I lit the external lamp, I walked two or three meters and I inspected the neighbourhoods.

At the moment when my glance went in direction of South-east, just above a small fir trees wood, I saw at height of two highest, a luminous object which did not emit rays.

I immediately looked at my watch and I saw that it was exactly 5 hours 45.

This object, from where I saw it, had a width of approximately 75 to 80 centimetres. It had the shape of a crescent with a prominence in the center.

The object was completely motionless and according to my estimate it must have been roughly at the level of the town of [V3] in direction of [V4].

As the day was rising, I turned off the light but the object did not change place and still remained similar.

I went several times into the sheep-fold and I went out again. At 6 hours 10, I entered there once again and when I came out at 6 hours 12, the object had disappeared. There was absolutely nothing any more, no trace of it remained in the sky.

I do not know how the object disappeared.

I make a point of specifying that there were no stars in the sky and that the moon did not shine.

I observed the object during 27 minutes, but when I arrived it was already there, I do not know for how long.

March 28, 1974, at 16 hours 50.

Having read the statement above, I persist and I have nothing to change, to add or to remove from it.

(Has signed in the statements notebook.)

No other person, to our knowledge, saw the object.

During our duties in the communities of [V3] and [V5], no other testimony was collected.

Mister [T1], Deputy of the Mayor of [V2], is an honourably known and worthy of faith person.

We questioned the farmers having grounds located in the direction of South-east, near the commune of [V3]. No trace or suspects object were noticed.

Done and closed
March 30, 1974

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