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URECAT is a formal catalog of UFO related entities sightings reports with the goal of providing quality information for accurate studies of the topic. Additional information, corrections and reviews are welcome at patrick.gross@inbox.com, please state if you wish to be credited for your contribution or not. The main page of the URECAT catalog is here.


Brief summary of the event and follow-up:

A local journalistic source, soon reported further in the national and world press, announced with more or less exactitude that a UFO incident occurred in Olavarria, in Argentina, which correct date is July 19, 1968.

According to the most direct-looking sources and personal information that reached me, the incident was initially reported in the newspaper "El Popolar", and the event is as follows:

A little before twilight, or at 02:05 a.m., corporal Menendez, who at this time was going to replace his comrade of guard duty of the 2nd Regiment of Riflemen of the Armored Cavalry "General Paz", initially observed the phenomenon: a great gleam on the area of Tapalqué river accompanied by a strange buzz which became increasingly loud. He quickly alerted other witnesses, then informed his superiors, and was sent towards the places in a patrol Jeep with the soldiers Cabo and Rosa, armed with machine-guns.

Arriving on the spot, they were amazed to see an oval object, rather flat, which evolved at a few meters above the ground and projected multicolored sparks. They distinguished short legs on the edges of the object.

The object then carried out manoeuvered that showed it was under intelligent control: it first took a vertical position, and at a very high speed, it flew in a curve which put it in one moment in the back of their Jeep, interposing between them and the guardroom from where they had come from, and being posed, depending on the sources, either close to brushes behind the emergency landing strip used by the air forces, or on the strip itself.

Once landed, the UFO decreased its strong luminosity and now seemed of silver color. Three occupants left it, they were humanoid, 2 meters tall or more, and dressed in silver-colored suits. They took slow steps which gave the impression they lacked stability, which was compared to movements of big apes. They seemed to advance towards the group of the soldiers who were then extremely nervous, and in reaction, corporal Menendez fired five salvos from his machine-gun towards these beings.

Each being then raised a hand, showing something of similar to a small lit lantern, and all the witnesses felt invaded by a feeling of disgust and tiredness, and were inapt to use their weapons again, although it could not be told whether this was a psychological effect or an effect to allot to the luminous objects which these beings held.

The beings then again moved towards their machine, as if the machine-gun fire had not made any effect, they went inside, and the machine took off at high speed while zigzagging. At this time only, the group of soldier recovered, and they reported the incredible events to their superiors in Olavaria, major Catani and the chief of the unit colonel Luis Maximo Prémoli.

Basic information table:

Case number: URECAT-000041/td>
Date of event: July 19, 1968/td>
Earliest report of event: July 26, 1968/td>
Delay of report: Days/td>
Witness reported via: Not known./td>
First alleged record by: Local newspaper "El Popular"./td>
First certain record by: National newspaper "La Razon"./td>
First alleged record type: Local newspaper./td>
First certain record type: National newspaper./td>
This file created on: September 28, 2006/td>
This file last updated on: September 28, 2006/td>
Country of event: Argentina/td>
State/Department: Buenos Aires/td>
Type of location: Open country/td>
Lighting conditions: Night/td>
UFO observed: Yes/td>
UFO arrival observed: Uncertain/td>
UFO departure observed: Yes/td>
UFO/Entity Relation: Certain/td>
Witnesses numbers: 3 or more/td>
Witnesses ages: Adults./td>
Witnesses types: A corporal and two soldiers or more./td>
Photograph(s): No./td>
Witnesses drawing: No./td>
Witnesses-approved drawing: No.
Number of entities: 3
Type of entities: Humanoid/td>
Entities height: 2 meters or more/td>
Entities outfit type: Not described./td>
Entities outfit color: Silver./td>
Entities skin color: Not reported./td>
Entities body: Not reported./td>
Entities head: Not reported./td>
Entities eyes: Not reported./td>
Entities mouth: Not reported./td>
Entities nose: Not reported./td>
Entities feet: Not reported./td>
Entities arms: Two./td>
Entities fingers: Not reported./td>
Entities fingers number: Not reported./td>
Entities hair: Not reported./td>
Entities voice: None heard./td>
Entities actions: Came out of UFO, witness open fire, entities respond, went back in, departure./td>
Entities/witness interactions: Seem to act in defense./td>
Witness(es) reactions: Observed, opened fire./td>
Witness(es) feelings: Frightened./td>
Witness(es) interpretation: Not reported./td>
Explanation category: Extraterrestrial visitors or hoax or journalistic hoax./td>
Explanation certainty: Low.



ARROYO TAPALQUE, OLAVARRIA, B.A., JULY 26, 1968. -- The newspaper "El Popular" published the details of an episode of "contact" in which human witnesses answered - as it frequently happens - in a violent manner, while being quickly put in the impossibility to react by effects of a paralyzing weapon which we do not know on Earth. It is advisable to add that this weapon, of which the use on their share was observed on many occasions, either on a purely preventive basis or directly in a reaction of defence, immobilizes the person against which it is directed but, its effects being dissipated, the person returns to normality without any more problems. For this reason, it is allowed to suppose that those who employ it belong to a culture more advanced than ours.

Here are the facts:

A few minutes after 2 a.m., a large sector around the river of Tapalqué was illuminated while a buzzing sound which increased in intensity was heard. A chief of the police force, who a moment before had taken his guard duty, alerted with a civil servant of the distribution, and received from him the order to go investigate the case.

Consequently, in an opened jeep, a patrol armed with machine-guns went towards the place of the occurrence. Once arrived, they saw the UFO, which was of oval appearance, with legs, and diffused lights of various colors. After several fast manoeuvers, the aerial craft landed behind the landing strip existing at this place and used for emergencies. The buzz and the light then decreased.

At this time, the police officers distinguished three silhouettes of more than two meters of stature, which were equipped with silver colored clothing. With slowness, as if something obstructed them in the free movement of their legs, the members of the UFO crew walked in the direction of the military garrison. The chief, undoubtedly because of the nervousness, opened fire against them with his machine-gun, but the salvo did not give a sign of having impacted the group.

In return, the three unknowns raised one hand at the same time, in which they held kinds of luminous spheres. Immediately, the witnesses felt very tired and experienced a great disgust, up to the point to be unable to react.

They then went up in their machine, which moved away zigzagging, and the police officers returned in their normal state. In Olavarría, they informed their superiors of these facts.

[Ref. jf1:] JEAN FERGUSON:

The author indicates that on July 25, 1968, in the morning, in Argentina in Olavarria on an airfield, four soldiers were intrigued by an intense gleam on an emergency strip. They went to the site in a jeep and saw a round apparatus provided with undercarriages and headlights of various colors which was posed on the ground.

Three beings of a size of two meters went down from the apparatus, they had a human appearance but were dressed of phosphorescent uniforms. The frightened soldiers saw that these beings came towards them, and the sergeant who commanded the group decided to fire his machine gun at them, but in the panic, he fortunately did not hit them.

These beings had luminous balls in the hand and these balls launched rays at the soldiers who were paralyzed. The beings at once went back into their apparatus which flew away at full speed.

[Ref. pd1:] PIERRE DELVAL:

Pierre Delval indicates that on July 25, 1968, in Argentina, a corporal and several soldiers in garrison in Olavarria saw a UFO landing, from which three anthropoid beings of two meters carrying a phosphorescent suit came out. When seeing them, the patrol leader fired a salvo from his machine-gun in their direction, but the bullets had no effect on them, either because he had missed them, or because these extraterrestrial beings were immune against bullets. After this ineffective shooting, the soldiers of the patrol remained paralyzed on the place during several minutes.

[Ref. hd1:] HENRI DURRANT:

Henri Durrant indicates that the French Press reported back the case in several accounts comprising divergences of detail according to the ones and the other ufological sources quoting them, and summarizes the case based on an article of the newspaper France-Soir for July 30, 1968, page 5, which publishes the account on the basis of a newsbrief by Agence France Presse.

Durrant provides a summary of this article: on July 25, 1968 in Olivarra, in Argentina, people alerted a corporal and three men of the regiment of infantry in garrison there. These soldiers jumped in a Jeep and went to the nearby airfield, where a kind of light multicolored, oval and rather flat form, provided with kinds of feet, was preparing to land on the emergency strip.

The soldiers arrived little after its landing. They saw, coming out of the apparatus, three beings of human appearance, of a size of approximately two meters, carrying "phosphorescent lattices."

The corporal summoned then to surrender, but the occupants of the craft did not answer. The corporal then fired a salvo of his machine-gun, which had no effect neither on them nor on their craft. At the same time, the soldiers were paralyzed during three minutes by rays which had come out of brilliant spheres that these beings each held in one hand and that they had raised above their heads.

When the soldiers "recovered their senses", the occupants of the thing had quietly gone up in it, and it had taken off and was now nothing more but a point of light in the sky.

[Ref. pd2:] PIERRE DELVAL:

Pierre Delval indicates that on July 28, 1968, the Press published this article:

"Shot at by police officers, the Martians counteract with paralyzing rays".

Olavarria (Argentina), July 27.

"An Argentinian brigadier of the police force saw three beings come down from a flying saucer and fired his machine-gun at them, reveals a newspaper of Olavarria, city located at 350 kms in the South-west of Buenos Aires. "

"The case occurred in the morning of Thursday, specifies the newspaper, on an airfield close to Olavarria. Alerted by a source of intense and weird light on an emergency landing strip, the sergeant armed himself and jumped in a jeep, with three men."

"Arrived on the location, the four police officers saw evolving at a low height and emitting multicolored lights, a machine of oval form, rather flat and provided with feet. The object then landed and three beings went down from there: they measured approximately two meters, carried a phosphorescent uniform and had a human appearance. As they advanced on the patrol, the sergeant shot a salvo from his machine-gun but without hitting them."

"The "beings" counter-attacked by directing at the police officers the rays of luminous balls which they held with the hand, paralyzing the representatives of the law. They went up on board their saucer which disappeared at full speed."

[Ref. jl1:] JOHN LEAR:

John Lear, without indicating his sources, indicates that on July 22, 1968, in Olavarria, in Argentina, on the airport, a UFO which emits a strong luminosity lands on three feet. Three 2-meter-tall beings come out, with luminous weapons in the hand. A corporal and three soldiers shoot with a machine-gun, the machine-gun is stopped and the soldiers are paralysed when the beings lifts a hand.


Albert Rosales indicates that on July 25, 1968, at 02:05, in Olavarria, Buenos Aires, Argentina, a corporal and several soldiers went to the place where a UFO was emitting multicolored flashes and producing a droning sound, apparently about to land. The UFO landed, and three beings of more than 6 feet tall, wearing silvery uniforms, came out of it and advanced with slow and unsteady steps toward the soldiers.

The corporal fired at them with a sub-machine gun, and the beings lifted up their hands to show a small luminous ball. When they did, all the witnesses were overcome by a strange lassitude and were unable of using their guns.

The soldiers recover their faculties only after the beings had re-entered the UFO and it had taken off with a zigzaging motion.

Rosales indicates that his source is the Flying Saucer Review Vol. 14 # 6; which cited a newspaper source.


This account without source circulates on the Spanish-speaking Internet: on July 30, 1968, in Olavarria, state of Buenos Aires, Argentina, several residents asked a group of police force composed by two agents and an inspector to go check in Tapalque, at a few kilometers of Olavarria, from where they managed to observe three extraterrestrial beings, with an ovoid spaceship that projected multicolored lights. The witnesses described these beings as more than two meters tall and dressed in silver-colored suits. The group of police officers fired a salvo towards these beings with their machine-gun, to what the beings retorted by launching a ray of compact light from a sphere which they held in their hands. This ray of light paralyzed these men while the beings returned to their spaceship, which took off without producing noise.


An Argentine ufologist correspondent wishing to remain anonymous provided the following details on this case to me.

Id did not occur on July 25 but on July 19, 1968, shortly before dawn. The incident started when a large sector crossed by river Tapalqué, in the vicinity of Olavaria, province of Buenos Aires, became illuminated by a powerful gleam accompanied by a strange humming that became louder and louder.

It was corporal Menéndez who alerted about the phenomenon: he had come by to take a guard duty, replacing his comrade of the 2nd Regiment of Gunners of the Armored Cavalry "General Paz." Noting the phenomenon, he quickly alerted other people who then observed it also, and informed their superiors.

A patrol with Menendez and soldiers Cabo and Rosa, armed with PMA machine-guns was sent in a Jeep, and when they arrived on the premises, they were amazed to see an oval object, rather flat, which evolved at a few meters above the ground, projecting multicolored sparks. They distinguished short legs on the edges of the object.

The object then carried out maneuvers that made it clear that it was under intelligent control: it first took a vertical position, and at a very high speed, made a flight curve which put it in one moment in the back of the patrol Jeep, interposing between the patrol and the guardroom from where it had come, and landed close to shrubs behind the landing strip used by the air forces in occasions of emergencies. My correspondent specifies that on this point, other versions indicate that the object landed on the strip itself.

The UFO, once landed, decreased its strong luminosity and now appeared of silver plated color. Three humanoid-looking occupants came out, who were two meters tall and carried silver-colored suits. They took slow steps which gave the impression to lack stability, which prompted comparisons to the moves of big apes, and they seemed to advance towards the group of the soldiers who were then extremely nervous. In reaction, corporal Menéndez fired five salvos from his machine-gun towards these beings.

These beings then raised a hand, showing something that resembled a small illuminated lantern, and all the witnesses felt invaded by a feeling of disgust and tiredness, and rendered inapt to use the weapons again, without them being able to determine if this were due to a psychological cause or something in direct connection with the luminous balls that these beings held.

The beings then again moved towards their craft, as if the machine-gun salvos had not made any effect. They entered the craft which took off at high speed. Only then, the group of soldiers recovered, and they went back to Olavaria to report these incredible events to their superiors, major Catani and the chief of their unit, colonel Luis Maximo Prémoli.

Points to consider:

Without available primary sources or military reports, with apparently no ufological investigation, it is quite impossible to determine as for now that the events actually happened like Press sources reported. If they did, it is hardly believable that the event was some sort of confusion.

The case would really deserve a full-fledged investigation.

List of issues:

Id: Topic: Severity: Date noted: Raised by: Noted by: Description: Proposal: Status:
1 Data Severe September 28, 2006 Patrick Gross Patrick Gross Original first source "El Popular" newspaper not available. Help needed. Opened.


Extraterrestrial visitors or hoax journalistic hoax.

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* = Source I checked.
? = Source I am told about but could not check yet. Help appreciated.

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