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The Belgium flap:

The night of the F-16's - March 31, 1990, about 00:30, from the ground at Thorembais-les-Béguines:

1. Scan of the document:

2. My translated transcription:

Squad of [removed]

02 April 90
No 1190/21/N

Appendix F to the note # 1S/03/W du
03 Avr 90

To the district commander of WAVRE
To Captain [removed]

Subject: Observation of a strange phenomena in the night from 30 to 31 March 1990
Ref: Com Tf of 020815 Avr 90

On March 31, 1990, at about 00:30, after the several messages reporting observations of "strange lights" at RAMILLIES, we stopped alon RN (Route Nationale) 29, at the height of Thorembais les Beguines. From this observation spot, we have noticed a light seemingly similar as that of a star and in the direction of NAMUR 6 EGHEZE. This light seemed to flash, or rather to "tremble." The intensity of its glow was not constant.

We have seen two aircraft (recognized by a flashing white light) coming in from the direction of JODOIGNE who took altitude and directed themselves towards this "light." One of the aircraft (the first) went under the "light" whereas the other went slightly above it (estimated against a vertical plane as seen from our observation spot).

After the pass of the planes, this "light" gave us the impression to "fall down" and then to move towards our right. Subsequently, this "light" seemed to dim or to move away in the direction of NAMUR.

3. Maps of the named places:

The named places are Ramillies, Thorembais-les-Beguines, Namur, Eghezee, Jodoigne.

The witnesses observe from Thorembais.

The "light" is between Eghezée and Namur.

The airplanes come from Jodoigne.

The light goes away towards Namur.

4. The sky:

In the South-Eastern direction, where the light observed by the gendarmes is located, seen from 49°50'25" North and 4°36'10" East, in the time frame around 00:30 a.m. on March 31, 1990, no star or planet tumbles down. No brilliant planet, such as Venus or Jupiter, is there, and all the stars are "going up" in the sky. This takes account of GMT+1 as well as GMT+2 (the change to daylight saving might have be then on March 30 at 02:00 a.m., if it was done in 1990 like it is done in 2008; which is not certain to me).

5. Short comment:

This observation report is mentioned to my knowledge in no text relating to those events of that night, neither from "believers" nor from "skeptics" nor from "neutral" people. I find many assertions saying that the totality of the UFOs or lights seen on the ground at the time of those events that night were "stars" or "probably of stars" and according to an author also "a furnace". An example is in the book " AVNI, Les Armes Volantes Non Identifiées" (UFW's, The Unidentified Flying Weapons) by physicist Jean-Pierre Pharabod saying on page 175 that in "the night from March 30 to 31", "the gendarmes believed to see luminous objects settling in formation in the sky" but that "in this precise case in fact they are probably stars", nothing else being said, which suggests that this observation report is simply ignored, probably never seen by the authors of books and articles relating to these events, or if it was known to some of them, it was cast aside from consideration. And nothing comes to justify that what is described in this report is "stars" or even a star and even less "a furnace" etc.

This observation is, actually, seen from the ground, an arrival of the two F-16 jet fighters sent by the Belgian air force towards the UFO already reported from the ground and already confirmed by several ground radar sets.

This UFO was indeed seen visually from the ground at the very time of this arrival of the jet interceptors.

The radar trace recorded and published by the Belgian force air in the form of a video, allowing a reconstitution, for one of F-16, obtained at the time of the one of the radars locks on the UFO by the F-16's, shows that the UFO "stumbles down", which is indeed what the report by visual observers on the ground tells.

The F-16 intercept attempts made it possible to get a radar record of the "tumbling down" of the UFO seen from the ground.

In a forthcoming article, I will give all the quantitative data from this radar recording, and will show that such a "tumbling down" can be explained neither by a plane, neither by a star, neither by a furnace, neither by a blimp, neither by... etc.

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