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The Belgium flap:

November 29, 1989 sightings in the Eupen area, Belgium

Sightings by Nicoll, Von Montigny, Creuz, Plummans, as presented in "Unsolved Mysteries":

Important note:

What follows by no means constitutes the whole of the testimony of these witnesses for the events that they reported. What appears here is exclusively part of these testimonies, the part recorded in September 1991 by the team of the television show "Unsolved Mysteries" broadcast on NBC. The shooting on the premises and the interviews were done in three evenings.

The show used computer generated images to represent the UFO, and due to simplification, certain errors appear. The main one is that the same computer generated triangular UFO image is used while it is not formally proven that the several parts of the observations necessarily refer to one or two exactly identical UFOs. Another error relates to the two rays emitted by the light seen close to the tower of Lake Gileppe dam; those were emitted horizontally on both sides and not in oblique to the ground if one consults written testimonies of the gendarmes. The triangular platform seen at the beginning of the sightings showed cut angles which are not represented in the show. The computer generated object shows a certain texture and a kind of dome on the belly of the triangle, which were not reported by the witnesses. The SOBEPS notes however that the sizes and the movements of the UFOs are generally in conformity.

It would thus be erroneous to try one or other explanations only on this part of the testimonies. The reasons for which I present also these testimonies in a dissociated manner here, and in a complete way elsewhere, are multiple. The first is that there are ufologists who insist that these witnesses were "not accessible", that they were interviewed by only one investigator who is not in their good graces. This is not exact; the witnesses were accessible to the investigators and met several, being contacted by at least one "extremely skeptic" investigator. The second is that some "skeptics" claim that there are contradictions in the witnesses' statements, depending on the people who collected these statements; the separate presentation of the testimonies makes it possible to everyone to check this assertion. Lastly, there are "skeptic" ufologists who present the sightings as simply various confusions, these presentations being most generally deprived up to now of any effective, exact and exhaustive presentation of what these witnesses declared, when and to whom, therefore, I try to remedy this state of affair.

So, here is the content of their statements to the "Unsolved Mysteries" TV crew.

The triangular object at 05:20 p.m.:

Police officers gendarmes Nicoll and Von Montigny take part in a reconstitution of the events on the premises, using a patrol car and playing their own parts, saying the words which they had pronounced at the time. They are also interviewed.

Gendarme Nicoll tells of their first discovery of a large triangular platform silently hovering above a field at the side of road N68 between Kettenis and Merols at the Grosse Weide:

"While approaching the crossing of the [inaudible] street, our attention was drawn towards an unusual display. We saw a field close to the road which was entirely enlightened.

"It was like the lights on a huge football field. We found that abnormal and we wanted to know what caused these lightings."

"Approaching, [inaudible] there was a huge triangular platform, with powerful headlights on its underside. And in the middle, there was this orange flashing light. It floated close to us. It was very dazzling."

About this episode, ufologists known as "skeptics" said:

The reconstitution then shows gendarmes Nicoll and von Montigny calling the dispatcher at the Eupen police station, gendarme Creutz, who answers to them.

Police officer Creutz states:

"They reported to me an odd, silent object. We joked around, saying that it must be Santa on the point to land."

Gendarme Creutz logs the call but remains skeptical.

Montigny and Nicoll follow the triangular platform by car when it starts to move. They take some advance on it, wait for it, the triangle comes at them then makes a half-turn and goes away again in opposite direction, towards Eupen.

Montigny and Nicoll request from officer Creutz that he checks whether there are military operations taking place.

They follow the object as it crosses the countryside towards Eupen. They can see the object well because of its lights and they see the flashing orange ball in its middle.

Nicoll states that they drove very slowly and had the feeling that there was somebody in the object, somebody who would be trying to observe what occurs on the ground.

One moment later, Creutz sees a light pass in front of his window at the Eupen police station. He says:

"In the distance, I could see something bright, but I didn't know what it was. However, suddenly, I could see something like a laser beam shoot out of the light, and then, go back into the light."

We are back with officers Nicoll and Von Montigny.

Nicoll states:

"We continued to observe the object, as it circled above the city of Eupen. It appeared to be heading towards the forest."

"On each side of the object there was a kind of laser beam, and a ball that was leaving the object and coming back, as if the ball was trying to measure something. So it was easy for us to keep track of it in the sky."

It is that part of these sightings that is considered explained by Venus by some "skeptics".

Nicoll radioes Eupen dispatch again, and learns that meanwhile, Creutz contacted four local airports. All said that there is no unusual activity in the sky.

The gendarmes observe the motionless object in the distance during 30 minutes.

Then, something else occurs, told by Nicoll:

"All of a sudden, it came out of nowhere. Another spacecraft! We were a little frightened. The one that we had followed was still over there, and now a second one was rising up into the sky. And at a given moment, it tilted slightly. We could see again the shape of a triangle with bright headlights, and it was exactly like the first object. We could see some kind of dome at the top with two or three small windows and there was a light inside the object. By the time we realized what it was, the object flew away."

Moments later, Creutz, at his opened window, sees a strange machine floating, that he estimates to be at a distance of 500 meters from him. The object was like a boat floating in the sky. It drifts a few seconds in front of him, then flies away towards the direction of La Calamine. He states:

"It was a beautiful thing to look at."

6 minutes later, two other officers encounter a similar object in the small village of La Calamine, 8 miles north of Eupen.

This two gendarmes also take part in a reconstitution on the premises, playing their own part, and are interviewed.

One of them, gendarme Plummans, explains:

"We had heard the colleagues talking about this flying object." At the beginning we thought it was some sort of joke. But then, we saw something and it wasn't so funny anymore."

"Both of us had a strange feeling. It was impossible to explain what the object was. We thought it was an American airplane or something. We had no other explanation for what it might be. But it was real, and it was above us."

The reconstitution shows the passage of the UFO above a bell-tower, that of the church of Moresnet. The correct place was Beloeil Home, close to Henri-Chapelle, but "Unsolved Mysteries" could not get the authorization to shoot there and thus they chose another place for the similarities of dimensions of the building with that of the real place.

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