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The Belgium flap:

November 26, 1991, about 06:30 p.m., near the border post of Moelingen:

On November 26, 1991 about 06:30 p.m., Mr. H[-] drove on the E25 motorway, coming from the Netherlands, going from the north towards the south and was at 2 or 3 kilometers before the frontier post of Moelingen.

He then noticed on his right a large dark object flying in an erratic manner parallel to in to the motorway at low altitude, and seemingly not very distant from him.

Seeing it from the side, he distinguished angular forms, but it could not remember if there was a rudder of not.

He drove at this time at approximately 100 km/h and the object's speed appears similar.

As he was puzzled by the object, he lowers the car's window pane, and noted that he heard no engine noise coming from the craft.

When he arrived at the border post, he left the E25 motorway, takes the direction of Lixhe and then sees the object ahead of him, far, moving away at full speed in direction of Hallembaye i.e. towards the West-South-West.

About 15 minutes later, he arrived home and was in his garden. He noted that at approximately 100 meters of him and an evaluated altitude of approximately 50 to 70 meters above him, there was an enormous motionless and quiet mass which had a form that he described as: "in triangular star."

Its angular size is 45 to 50 centimetres at extended arm's length.

He poorly distinguished the carrying mass which was completely girdled of about fifteen lights of various colors. Being colorblind, he could not specify the colors.

He entered his home to tell his wife. Coming outside again with her, they noted that the object was already very distant and going away at a high speed towards the west without making any noise.

The witness did a black and white sketch by hands for the investigator, showing the object when seen from his garden. I did the drawing below by respecting all the characteristics of that sketch including the provision of the 17 lights. As the witness is colorblind and thus distinguished badly some colors from others, I gave no colors to the object but it must be noted that the lights were reported to be of different colors. The drawn form explains what the witness meant by the expression of the shape of the object as "in triangular star".

An angular size of 45 to 50 centimeters at extended arm's length is quite considerable. Everyone can realize by taking a 50 cm ruler at the end of one's extended arm against the background of the sky. It is an angular size corresponding to an object of 25 meters if it were 50 meters away, 50 meters if it were 100 meters away, 100 meters if it were 200 meters away and so on. For recall, the object was motionless and silent at this time.


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