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The Belgium flap:

The evening of July 26, 1992:

At the end of July 1992, all of a sudden, SOBEPS was contacted by phone calls and letters by many people reporting back their UFO sighting. Once the reports gathered and investigated, it would appear that on Sunday, July 26, 1992, in the evening between 10:15 p.m. and midnight, there was a sudden rash of no less than 27 UFO sightings totaling 72 witnesses in a restricted zone of Belgium including Petit-Thiers, Heers, Verviers, Spa, Pepinster, the larger Liège and Waremme.

The sighting that follows is just one of the 27.

In Verviers at approximately 10:35 p.m.:

Mr. "T.A.", resident of Verviers was in his dining room at approximately 10:35 p.m., when he observed in the south a set of three lights laid out on an oblique level. Two of the lights, those of the outside, are described as white luminous orbs, and the third which is between them, in the center and slightly below, as a weaker white light, flashing.

These lights apparently approached and Mr. "T.A." who went outside in the garden. This enabled him to see that it was an object, of which he saw the bottom part that he describes as a platform of a triangular form, perfect equilateral. The shape of the object was distinguished clearly against the background of the sky.

At this time, the object is described as having the gray aspect of lead, with a circular white light at each corner of its triangular form and a twinkling central light, weaker, of white color too.

The witness indicated he had the impression that it was an "enormous mass", and it is noted that a plane, a helicopter or an ultralight plane are excluded.

The flight of the object is described as slow, with a speed estimated at approximately 100 km/h and an altitude of approximately 500 meters. It moved with the point ahead.

The object is said to have emitted a constant noise, of one tone, that the witness compares with that of an "electric motor of a frequency of approximately 200 Hz."

The object passed above the nearby roofs. The witness returned inside the house, went upstairs, and looked at the object moving away towards the heights of Lambermont in the direction of the North-North-West, showing the aspect it had during its initial approach, of an alignment of lights.

The object then seemed to have carried out a change of direction by changing position instantaneously, and it then moved away towards the west. i.e. the city of Liege.

The witness used binoculars, which did not reveal any additional detail.

At the end of approximately 15 minutes, he gave up the observation because the object was now too far away.

A lines sketch of the object is in the report.
The sketch I made (above) is faithful to its characteristics.

Additional features.

The witness indicated a sound comparable with that of an "electric motor of a frequency of approximately 200 Hz." It is not possible to know how this frequency was estimated, it might come from a solid experiment of sounds just as it might be without any validity. The sounds below indicate what 200 Hz sounds are like.

Sine wave
Square wave
Saw wave

The figure below shows the sites of Spa, Verviers, Liege, Lambermont. The airfields are the red dots. The witness is in Verviers. The object arrives towards him from the south, passes close from his location somewhere in Verviers, moves away towards Lambermont in his North-North-West, then changes direction to move away towards the West, to Liege.


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