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The Belgium flap:

Sighting on January 19, 1993, at 07:57 p.m. near Houtain-Saint-Siméon:

The witness is a police officer, whom at 07:57 p.m. on January 19, 1993, was in a car, near Houtain-Saint-Siméon, province of Liege, driving to join his fiancee in Fexhe-Slins.

Going towards Haccourt, his attention was attracted by a fixed light of red color above a field.

He thought at this time that it was a helicopter.

Arrived nearer by driving, he realized that it was not a helicopter at all, but a triangular, and stationary object.

On the two sides of the point of the object, kinds of headlights or projectors suddenly ignited, then swiveled, and their brushes lit in the direction ahead of the object. A split second later only, these headlights again swiveled and "disappeared inside" the craft.

The object seemed at this time to be seen laterally, in this phase it was observed during one or two minutes, and the sighting distance is given as 40 meters.

The witness then quickly drove to his fiancee's, then came back by car with her on the location, because he hoped that she too could see the craft.

Once returned on the location, they noted that the object had much moved away in direction of the motorway from Liege to Antwerp, and that it moved "point ahead."

They started to follow it by looking at it by the car's window, noticing that it seemed to move sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly "at the speed of a jet". But overall, the craft was too fast to be followed by car, and the chase was abandoned.

The witness returned at the sighting's starting point, still by car and with his fiancee and then noticed that the car "was very wet". He noted that he did not know if that could be related to the phenomenon (the craft), but that he had found strange that the car was wet since it did not rain.

Sketch of the craft.

The report contains a black and white outline sketch of the craft. I built the sketch below in agreement with the characteristics of this sketch. All the lights were described as non-flashing, except for the more central white light. It should be noted that only the color that I gave to the machine, the hue of red of the red light, and the luminosity and length of the beams of the projectors, are arbitrary.

Additional information.

The geographical coordinates for Houtain-Saint-Siméon are a latitude of 50° 44 ' N (50.73 N) and a longitude of 5° 36 ' E (5.60 E).

The hour being known as 07:57 p.m. and the date as January 19, it was thus possible to me to obtain the color of the sky at this place and this time: it was black. In addition, the Moon was not visible in the sky.

The photograph undernath indicates places. The green line points at the road of Hountain-Saint-Siméon to Flexe-Slins, the red line points the motorway. The distance from centers to center between Hountain-Saint-Siméon and Flexe-Slins is 4 kilometers.


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