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The Belgium flap:

December 11, 1989:

Xhendremael, Liege province, in the evening

SOBEPS indicates that Xhendremael is a small village located in the middle of the fields, in the province of Liege, in Belgium.

The witness was driving by car to the crossroads of Hognoul, 250 meters from a Roman tumulus, and 250 meters in the north of a 70 KW powerline . The Liege motorway - Brussels was in the distance and the Bierset airport at approximately 8 km in the south. There was public lighting, and a weak fog, which will not obstruct the observation.

The witness is a nurse, Mrs. Anne Marie P., she was going to her sister-in-law's to care for her.

From the crossroads of Hognoul, she saw a sharp light located in the prolongation of the road in direction of Xhendremael-Juprelles.

She stopped immediately and lowered the her vehicle's window, and then saw at a distance of less than 100 meters a dark and imposing mass, whose top appeared curved and broader, like a mushroom's top. At the base of the mass, three or four white headlights emitted each one intense white beam of light directed in oblique towards the ground, so illuminant that the witness distinguished the lumps of earth in a field.

After 15 or 20 seconds, the thing was immobilized, then started moving very slowly, following a gentle arc of circle while remaining parallel to the ground. It then titlted slightly, rose quickly, and left without noise towards the South in the Liege direction.

At the time when it moved away, the white beams disappeared whereas the three or four headlights which had emitted these beams remained lit.

The witness said to have had a feeling of faintness during the presence of the object and to have felt definitely watched over by the latter.

When the witness arrived at her sister-in-law, the latter told her that she had seen through a window a fulgurating light moving away in the sky, between 8 and 8:30 p.m..

Left: The witnesses are neither necessarily accomplished artists nor necessarily ufologists. The witness sketch shows few details, but show the direction of the beams of light from the lower part of the thing, as one sees it here, clearly directed towards the ground.

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