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Found in the attic...

A bizarre collection of antics and curious from various attics and cellars of ufologists and other people. Collectors items, or small pieces of the small history of ufology...

UFOs in my region - 1980 - Keel / Vallée thesis at the town hall:


Culture and Leisures Association of Ostheim


Such are the questions currently asked about this strange phenomenon

The UFO phenomenon is not only the little green men who come down from a flying saucer but the display of an intelligence incomprehensible to us and science is confronted with laws it has no knowledge of.

The fact that this phenomenon leaves traces on the ground, that it can be photographed, spectrographed and is locatable by radar shows a certain materiality.

What to make of the "contactees" phenomenon?

These witnesses who tell absurd and unbelievable stories, are thy making it up or are they manipulated by a supra-human intelligence?

If these questions are of interest to you, the ACLO
invites you at an evening of discussion animated by an expert
Mr. [you wouldn't have heard of him.]

THURSDAY OCTOBER 16, 1980 AT 08:30 p.m.
3, rue des écoles OSTHEIM [Alsace, France]

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