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Found in the attic...

A bizarre collection of antics and curious from various attics and cellars of ufologists and other people. Collectors items, or small pieces of the small history of ufology...

Sighting noted on form, GREI, Mulhouse, France, the 80's:



GREI was, in the Eighties, a ufology group in the Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin, in Alsace, France, some members were rather young. The use of forms shows very clearly its limits here:

The date is noted as "August", but which year? The form does fails to indicate the date it was filled.

The place is indicated as Foncine le Haut, zip code 39460, at an altitude of 1000 meters. The locality is in the Jura, it is probable that there was no on-site investigation, but simply one of the people filled the form.

It can be understood that at 11 hours (a.m.? p.m.?) on a certain August, 7 objects were seen during a few seconds to one minute (!) by 3 men and 3 women, ages not specified, one of them being a salesman from Mulhouse, having given a name and having signed [I blacked this information.]

These objects were white (or shining, or reflective?), 6 dots with a central dot, and they stopped. Their speed had been "average", their angular elevation 60░, no size or angular displacement neither directions are indicated, it did not land, no traces, no occupants.

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