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A bizarre collection of antics and curious from various attics and cellars of ufologists and other people. Collectors items, or small pieces of the small history of ufology...

Note by Raymond Veillith on a sighting in Fès, Morocco, in March 1955:



Statement extracted from a letter of one of my correspondents in Morocco.

"Another colleague of the Astronomical Society of France, residing in with Fès, Mr, [-], engineer, mathematician, having a very critical mind, told me he observed a spacecraft in Fès at the end of March 1955 (at 08:00 Z on the 28th or 29th); he had time to take binoculars and observe during 5 good minutes. He told me that the apparatus "was like shown in Adamski's book" and that it was a silver shining disc with a black spot in its middle. At the end of 5 minutes, the object started to drift towards the NW while decreasing quickly to disappear in an absolutely pure sky.

Communicated by Mr. Raymond Veillith
"Les Pins"
Le Chambon sur Lignon (Haute-Loire)

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