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Date:Beginning of October 1896
Place:San Fancisco, California


Oaklanders Who Believe an Airship Hovered Over Them.
Say That they Saw a Dark Body Above the Gleam.
It was Headed for San Francisco and Seemed About to Come to Earth

Oakland Office, San Francisco Call - 908 Broadway, Nov. 21. Someone must be operating an airship in this portion of the State. Twice within the past six weeks it has been seen by reputable residents of Oakland, and on each occasion it has presented the same appearance.

Six weeks ago a young lady was riding a wheel on Telegraph Avenue when she saw a strange loooking object in the sky. It [../..]

[../..] carried a powerful headlight, sufficiently strong to send out long bright rays in to the darnkness. It appeared to be going in a westerly direction and seemed to be gradually descending as it disappeared over St. Mary's college. She reported the affair to her brother, who is a motorman on the cemetery branch of the Piedmont road.


Miss Hagstrom, who resides on Telegraph avenue, saw the same object about six weeks ago. The feature that impressed her most was the bright light she distinctly saw. On returning home, she told her brother of what she had seen, but nothing more was thought of until she read recently that a similar object had been seen in another part of the State.

Charles Hagstrom, the brother of the young lady who witnessed this queer object in the sky, is also in the employ of Piedmont and Mountain View Railways.

"When my sister first told me what she had seen I treated it as a joke," he said this evening, "and placed little credence in her story, believing she had seen nothing more mysterious than a falling star or meteor. When I heard the same thing had been seen elsewhere last week and heard again last night of what was seen in that part of the town, I am now convinced that my sister saw the same thing. I have talked to several people today who witnessed the object last night, and they are all confident that it was more nor less than a genuine airship." [1]

The San Francisco Call mentionned in the passing that a young woman riding a bicycle along Telegraph Avenue in San Francisco at the beginning of October observed "a strange object" with a powerful headlight passing overhead. [2]


  • [1] Extract from the article in the newspaper "San Francisco Call", November 22, 1896, from "The UFO Book", book by Jerome Clark, Visible Ink Press, 1998.
  • [2] Article in the newspaper "San Francisco Call", November 22, 1896, from "The UFO Book", book by Jerome Clark, Visible Ink Press, 1998.
Notes:Insufficient information. Lone witness. Reported 6 weeks later only.
Explanation:Could have been a meteor, bright star or planet with illusion of movement as witness is moving.


Type of report:Late report in newspaper.
Number of witnesses:1.
Number of named witnesses:1.
Witnesses occupations:Not indicated.
Type of location:Not indicated.
Coordinates:37:47:36 N 122:33:17 O.
Coordinates precision:10 kilometers.
Description of "UFO":Object with one powerful light.
Description of "manoeuvers":Passes overhead.
Reactions:Not indicated.
Occupants keywords:N/A
Daylight/nocturnal:Not indicated.
Weather:Not indicated.
Observation devices:None.
Explanation(s) at the time:None indicated.

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