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Date:November 1896
Place:Deal Knight's Ferry, California

"[in spite of the reports of the month with commonplace explanations] it remained some puzzling episodes which took place in November 1896: (1) a burning object showing three points of light was located, posed on the ground at Deal Knight's Ferry, California. Two witnesses, ministers of the Methodist religion, said that the thing suddenly took off while they approached, flying to the distance at a low angle." [1]


  • [1] Article by Loren Gross in "The mammoth encyclopedia of extraterrestrial encounters", compiled by Ronald D. Story, Robinson publisher, page 18, 2001.
Notes:Sparse information.
Explanation:Possible extraterrestrial craft take-off, or triple meteor.


The sparse second-hand information leaves room to the possibility of a extraterrestrial craft taking off. However, although the notion that this occurrence could be the sighting of a triple meteor might seem far-fetched at first sight, I have noted a case of triple meteor a few days before November 17, 1896, in Woodland, also in California, and they may be a relation.


Type of report:Second hand from newspaper.
Number of witnesses:2 at least.
Number of named witnesses:0.
Witnesses occupations:2 members of the clergy.
Type of location:Not indicated.
Coordinates:Location not found.
Coordinates precision:None.
Description of "UFO":A burning object with three lights.
Description of "manoeuvers":Is on the ground, takes off suddenly, goes away.
Reactions:Not indicated.
Occupants keywords:N/A
Daylight/nocturnal:Not indicated.
Weather:Not indicated.
Observation devices:None.
Explanation(s) at the time:None indicated.

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