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December 1954, Liernais, Côte-d'Or:

Reference for this case: Dec-54-Liernais.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The ufology magazine Lumières Dans La Nuit (LDLN), reported in December 1968, that in December 1954, a Mr. Brulard - or Brûlard? - in the area of Liernais, Côte-d'Or, was walking back towards the hamlet of the Huis Renaud after a death-watch, when shortly after the junction of the secondary roads D17 and D17B close to the Vieux Château, he was confronted with a very brilliant light that appeared in front of him.

The dazzling light came from a red ball which was at the locality Le Grand Pré close to the Huis Renaud between the secondary roads D15 and D17. The ball was evaluated as being at 1600 meters of him and having a diameter of 14 meters according to LDLN, indicating that the investigator, Jean Tyrode, had made an estimate of a distance of 1200 meters and a diameter of 10 meters.

Mr. Brulard felt sick, unable to feel his walk anymore and losing the notion of spatial reference. He was forced to continue his advance on all four and he passed in front of his home without being aware of that before he exceeded it of a hundred meters. When he realized this, he went back, still on all four, and finally reached home.

It is said he remained affected by a great tiredness the three following days, then fell sick, the doctor being unable to identify what he suffered from.





December 1954. 4 a.m.

The scene takes place in LIERNAIS (Côte-d'Or) in the hamlet of L'Huis Renaud which touches the village of LIERNAIS to the south.

Mr. BRULARD was going back home, taking the departmental road 17 B for him, on the edge of which he lives. He was leaving a house in LIERNAIS, where he had just participated with other people in a funeral wake. He was on foot, and it was around 4 a.m. and he arrived at the junction with the departmental nr 17.

At this junction, the road 17 B which continues towards Huis Renaud to join the D. 15 is bordered on the SE side by a low wall, and on the other, NW, by a small pond, near the Vieux-Chateau. Shortly after the fork, M. BRULARD was suddenly attacked by a very bright light appearing in front of him and on his left. He then saw


a dazzling red ball, which he located very clearly at a place called "Le Grand Pré" near the Huis Renaud, between the D. 15 and the D. 17.

At the sight of this object, M. BRULARD wanted to continue his observation, but he felt seized with a vague uneasiness: he no longer felt that he was walking. He seemed to have lost all notion of space. He feared then that this light would make him lose his way and fall into the pond which bordered the road.

He then began to crawl on all fours, brushing against the low wall. The light was so bright and acted so strongly on Mr. BRULARD's mind that he passed in front of his door without realizing it, and even passed it by a hundred meters. When he realized his mistake, he turned back, still on all fours.

Back home, he shared what he saw with his family who did everything possible to prevent it from being known, for fear that one of his sons, an air force officer, I believe, would be mocked in his unit. The inhabitants of LIERNAIS did not take Mr. BRULARD's words seriously, alleging that, perhaps, Mr. BRULARD has been drinking. Mr. BRULARD denies it and it is very likely false, one does not get drunk at a funeral wake. Today, after Brazey's observation, Mr. BRULARD agrees to speak. He claims that what he reported is correct; that it was about a sphere of an apparent diameter close to that of the moon which stood motionless, in front of the D. 17. As a result of these facts, M. BRULARD felt tired for three days. Afterwards, he suffered from a disease that the doctor could not specify, and which perhaps has some connection with the irradiation he suffered from the object.

It should be noted that many hedges were located on the witness's line of sight, and that it is probable that the craft was not in contact with the ground, but a few meters above. According to our maps, the craft was located about 1,600 meters from the witness.

NOTE. - If we take into account the apparent diameter: Moon = 30 minutes (to simplify), the distance of the "ball" being 1600 meters, the calculation gives it a diameter of about 14 meters. Mr. TYRODE estimates it at 1,200 meters, the diameter would be 10 meters. Without giving an exact measurement, this indicates an order of magnitude.

[Ref. gab1:] UFOLOGY GROUP "G.A.B.R.I.E.L.":

12/../1954 Liernais (Côte-d'Or).

That night, around 4 in the morning, Mr. Brulard returned home by taking the D 178. He was suddenly "assaulted" by a very intense light coming from a dazzling red ball motionless more than a kilometer away from him. At the sight of this object, the witness wished to perfect his observation, but he felt himself seized with a vague uneasiness. He no longer felt that he was walking. He seemed to have lost the notion of space. He was afraid of falling into the pond that bordered the road and then began to move on all fours. Arrived at his door, he did not even realize it and passed it by 100 m. When he became aware of his mistake, he turned around and went home on all fours.

L.D.L.N. #96, p. 5 J. Tyrode's investigation) case out of the catalog.

There, there is no doubt that the voluntary motricity of the witness was not affected. However, the poor man lost not only the notion of posture (position of his body in the space and respective position of the members) but also the notion of space itself since he did not even realize that he was going past his door. This testimony seems incredible. And yet, it is far from unique... and the attentive reader will see immediately what we are referring to.

[Ref. lcn1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in the Côte d'Or, in Liernais in December 1954 at 04:00 hours, a walking witness returning from a death-watch observed a sharp light produced by a dazzling red ball. The witness then had a faintness, he did not feel any more that he was walking and lost the notion of space. It was then constrained to move on all four and it was so disturbed that he passed by his home without realizing it. The witness experienced a great tiredness during three days, his doctor was unable to diagnose what put him in this state.

The source is indicated as "Lumières dans la Nuit issue 374".


One month later, in Liernais, a man returned walked back home, after a death-watch, when he was confronted with a very brilliant light. The man reportedly felt weak and, not managing to walk anymore, was forced to continue his progression on all four to reach home. As in all the cases of observation, no proof came come to support the witness' claim. Even if since then, other people returned home on all four but for other reasons.

[Ref. aln1:] ALAIN LEQUIEN:

Luminous ball, Liernais, December 1954

At 4 a.m., walking back from a funeral wake in the company of other people, the witness observed a bright light produced by a dazzling red ball that he located at a place called Le Grand Pré near the Huis Renaud.

At the sight of this object, he wanted to continue his observation, but he felt uneasiness, he did not feel his walk anymore. He seemed to have lost all notion of space. He feared that this light would make him lose his way and that he would fall into the pond bordering the road.

He began to crawl, brushing against the bottom of the wall. The light was so bright, acting so strongly on his mind that he walked past his door without realizing it, and walked a further hundred meters.

When he got home, he shared his observation with his family, who kept it from being known, also for fear that one of their sons, an air force officer, would be mocked in his unit.

Knowing this anyway, the villagers did not take it seriously, alleging that perhaps he was drinking.

He described the sphere as having a diameter close to that of the moon. As a result of these events, he was ill for an unknown reason. The effects of radiation?

No official investigation seems to have been carried out.

The source is noted as "Lumières dans la Nuit nr. 96, December 1968."



Unexplained, late reported.


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Liernais, Côte-d'Or, road, Brulard, Huis Renaud, Grand-Pré, Vieux Château, light, dazzling, ball, red, effect, sick, tired


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