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The 1954 French flap:

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August 1954, Berru, Marne:

Reference for this case: Aug-54-Berru.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The GEPA, a private UFO investigation group, reportedly published in issue 15 of 1968 of their bulletin Phénomènes Spatiaux, an investigation into a case that occurred in August 1954 near Berru in the Marne.

At about 10:45 p.m., a motorist, after crossing Berru, was caught in a powerful beam of light.

He braked, and the beam would have followed the movement of the car. He would have stopped, and the light would have disappeared. He would have restarted, and the beam would have illuminated his vehicle again. He would have stopped again and the beam would be extinguished again.

The motorist would have descended from his vehicle and would then have distinguished in the direction of Epoye a "crown" consisting of two concentric circles of yellow-green color.

A flash from it would have briefly blinded him; multicolored sparks would have come from beneath the thing that wobbled and disappeared at a lightning speed.


[Ref. mft1:] MICHEL FIGUET:

53a CE0 .08.1954 22 h 45 Berru N 380 51110 A4 NI P.S. n° 15



L'Ardennais for October 3, 2004

50 years ago, the "saucers" invaded the region

[.. other cases...]

As early as August 1954, a motorist traveling at night between Berru and Epoye (51) is caught in a light beam following the movement of his car. Ge gets out, the beam goes out but a "crown made up of two concentric circles" appears in the sky. A bolt of lightning briefly blinds the witness. Then sparks come from beneath the thing that flickers and disappears at a lightning speed.

[.. other cases...]

[Ref. unn1:] NEWSPAPER "L'UNION":

As soon as 1954, witnesses claim to have seen lights in the shape of beams or even of fie balls, in Berru ... [other cases]

[Ref. unn2:] "L'UNION" NEWSPAPER:

Mysterious appearances in our country

Many testimonies were collected in the Marne by researchers and private groups. Overview of the most mysterious cases.

August 1954, Berru: Around 10:45 p.m., a motorist is caught in a powerful beam of light after crossing Berru. He brakes, the beam follows the movement of the car.

The witness stops. The light disappears. He restarts. The beam illuminates the vehicle again. Second stop, second extinction. The motorist gets out and then distinguishes in the direction of Epoye a "crown" constituted by two concentric circles "of yellow-green color.

A flash from the UFO blinds him briefly. Multicolored sparks emerge from beneath the thing that wobbles and disappears at a lightning speed (investigation of the Groupement d'étude des phénomènes aériens published in its journal Phénomènes spatiaux).



The National Road 380 or RN 380 mentioned by Figuet is renamed, 1972, Departmental Road RD 980. It goes through Berru and Epoye.

The witness drives on this RD 980 between Berru and Epoye, the phenomenon is in the direction of Epoye so in front of him, the direction is 72°, the road is almost in straight line, and Epoye is 6 km from Berru. The road descends slightly into the slightly hilly landscape, climbs slightly again, reaches a wood, comes out of the wood, and reaches Epoye.


I have no reasoned trivial explanation for what would have been seen.


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Berru, Marne, motorist, night, Epoye, luminous, beam, crown, two, concentric, circles, lightning, blinded, sparks, flicker, fast


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