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The 1954 French flap:

The full list of cases for France in 1954 is here. This page lists only the sightings reported to have occurred in the Charente-Maritime department. Lists for other departments are here.

The 1954 French cases in the Dordogne department:

Click on the locations in the 2nd column to get the case file.

In this page:

  1. List of the cases with links to each case file.
  2. Counts by classifications.
  3. Counts by explanations.

List of the cases with links to each case file:

Date: City/place: Hour: W: CL: JV: T: Ex:
29 Dec.Bru.21:00(3CE2CE2BUnidentified.
8 Oct.Bordas.20:451(1CE2CE2BExtraterrestrial visitors or helicopter.
5 Oct.La Jemaye.21:451(1NLMA1BExtraterrestrial visitors or helicopter.
5 Oct.Sarlat-la-Canéda.?(1)??CUnidentified
5 Oct.Trémolat.01:00(1NLMA1CPossible extraterrestrial visitors.
4 Oct.Chaleix.?1CE3CE3AHelicopter and crew
3 Oct.Thenon.????BTotally insufficient information.
1 Oct.Bergerac.22:002CE3CE3CExtraterrestrial visitors or invention.
Oct.Saint-Aulaye.00:30 a.m.(2NLFB1BProbable meteor.
Beg. Oct.Lavalade.?1??CPossible extraterrestrial visitors.
Beg. Oct.Le Chambon.????BTotally insufficient information.
30 Sep.Monpazier.20:00???BTotally insufficient information.
23 Sep.Thenon.17:00(16)DDFB1BInvention.
3 Sep.Gardonne.18:30???BTotally insufficient information.
6 Aug.Beaumont-du-Périgord.22:401(1(1)NLAN1BPossible planes and military drill.
Total: 15

Counts by classifications:

Hynek classification:

CE3 2 (Cases with reported "UFO occupants".)
CE2 2 (Cases with reported physical traces.)
CE1 0 (Cases with witnesses at less than 50 meters of the "UFO".)
RV 0 (Cases of object(s) seen and confirmed by radar.)
DD 1 (Cases of object(s) in daytime, "Daylight Disk".)
NL 4 (Cases where a luminous phenomenon seen in night time is reported, "Nocturnal light(s)".)
Negative cases 0 (Cases readily explained by the witness(es) or reported as example of misinterpretation, or non-event.)
Undetermined 6 (Cases where lack of data prevents Hynek classification.)

Vallée classification:

(Only the cases for which the classification is applicable are counted here. See the counts of indetermined and negative cases in the Hynek classification counts above.)

AN1 1 (Observation: light or mysterious explosion.)
AN2 0 (Physical effects: "poltergeists", crop circles.)
AN3 0 (Entities of "ghost" type, extraterrestrial, cryptozoological animal (Yéti, Loch Ness, etc).)
AN4 0 ("Reality transformation": NDE, OBE, vision or hallucination with religious content.)
AN5 0 (Abnormal wounds or death: spontaneous human combustion, stigmata, etc.)
FB1 2 (Observation: continuous trajectory of the UFO.)
FB2 0 (FB1 plus physical effects: UFO leaving a physical trace.)
FB3 0 (FB1 plus entities: observation of beings (CE3).)
FB4 0 (FB1 plus "realit transformation": the witness(es) fell a transformation of the reality.)
FB5 0 (FB1 plus wound or death: wound or death caused by a UFO (CE6).)
MA1 2 (Observation: discountinuous trajectory of the UFO.)
MA2 0 (MA1 plus physical effects: UFO leavint a physical trace.)
MA3 0 (MA1 plus entities: observation of beings (CE3).)
MA4 0 (MA1 plus "transformation of the reality": the witness(es) fell a transformation of the reality.)
MA5 0 (MA1 plus wound or death: wound or death caused by a UFO (CE6).)
CE1 0 (The UFO is close.)
CE2 2 (Physical effects: UFO leaving a physical trace.)
CE3 2 (Entities: observation of beings.)
CE4 0 (Transformation of the reality: Abductions (CE4).)
CE5 0 (Wound or death: wound or death caused by a UFO (CE6).)

Counts by explanations:

A 23 (Proven ordinary explanation.)
B 10 (Probable ordinary explanation.)
C 4 (Unidentified deespite sufficient information, possible extraterrestrial visitors.)
D 0 (Proven extraterrestrial visitors.)

Totally insufficient information 3
Unidentified 2
Possible extraterrestrial visitors 2
Extraterrestrial visitors or helicopter 2
Extraterrestrial visitors or invention 1
Certain helicopter 1
Insufficient information 1
Invention 1
Possible plane(s) 1
Probable meteor 1

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