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October 8, 1954, Villers-Plouich, Nord:

Reference for this case: 8-Oct-54-Villers-Plouich.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper La Voix du Nord, in the local issue of Cambrai for October 10-11, 1954, reported that the inhabitants of Villers-Plouich, "upset to learn that Martians (?) had flown over their territory with insistence", each put themselves on the search to find some object or traces of these. In this mood, Friday October 7, 1954, at the end of the morning, a farm worker "perfectly well-considered in the town", had found on returning from his work strange traces, perfectly imprinted on the ground. He wondered whether these were traces of saucer feet or Martian feet, especially since they extended in the direction of the Couillet wood where "the mysterious craft had previously been spotted."

The man followed the trail and after a few hundred yards fell into a chicory field in front of a busy cottage. Without trying to dig deeper, he returned to the village and told his adventure which caused a sensation.

Four or five hunters gathered, armed with fangs, tridents, axes. The chairman of the hunting society drew up an attack strategy; one wondered if it was a Martian or a boar, and one decided to surround the lodge. As they approached, the troops noticed that the tracks could be those of a pachyderm.

After a "very clever maneuver", one saw the animal's tawny hair, and everyone wanted to have the honor of shooting it. But grunts were heard, and the beast appeared:

It was a superb sow escaped from the Gosselin farm, eating in the field.




In Villers-Plouich
the hunt for the Martians resultst
in the discovery of a sow

The inhabitants of Villers-Plouich were deeply upset to learn that Martians (?) had flown over their territory with insistence.

Secretly, each carried out an investigation to try to discover some object or traces allowing a precise opinion. They were crowds to go searching in the smallest parcel of the territory. Perhaps they were hoping to bring back a lost Martian?

In this atmosphere it is not surprising that the adventure of which we are going to tell the details happened to some inhabitants.

Friday, at the end of the morning, a farm worker perfectly well-regarded in the town, saw on returning from his work, strange traces perfectly imprinted on the ground. Was it that of the crutches of a saucer or just the small steps of an inhabitant of another planet? This was all the more disturbing as they continued in the direction of the Couillet wood where the mysterious craft had been spotted.

Armed with all his courage, our man followed the trail and came, after a few hundred yards, into a field of chicory in front of an occupied cottage. Without trying to look for more, the farm worker turned around to tell about his adventure which did not fail to cause a sensation.

The hunters were first assembled. They were only 4 or 5 because of statute expired since 1942 and particularly severe, as for the land and financial participation. The bravest joined him. They were armed with fangs, trident, axes. The leader, in this case the chairman of the hunting society, drew up a plan of attack.

You never know! Was it a Martian? Or a wild boar?... In any case, the lodging had to be surrounded. As they approached, the troop noticed that it could be a matter of traces left by a pachyderm. A very learned maneuver lead to the envisaged goal. Everything suggested that the animal was still there.

Soon its tawny hair became visible. Everyone wanted to have the honor of shooting it down. The best shooter took aim, ready to fire.

It was then that growls were heard and the beast appeared.

It was a superb sow escaped from the Gosselin farm which was eating in the field!



Negative case, animal traces.


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Villers-Plouich, Nord, Martian, sow, negative case, traces


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