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The 1954 French flap:

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October 8, 1954, Amiens, Somme:

Reference number for this case: 8-Oct-54-Amiens. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper Le Courrier Picard, on page 4 of the Amiens issue for October 9, 1954, reported the anecdote of a so-called "Martian" who was "wandering" the day before at 11 p.m. in Amiens.

Motionless and silent in the back of a van driven by an Amiens truck driver who claimed to have captured him near Allonville, the "Martian" had been exhibited from coffee shop to coffee shop, "which was not without causing some disruption."

The newspaper described the Martian as almost convincing in th dark, wearing a kind of diving suit, with a vague blackish face wearing a shiny helmet, and an "unreal light which seemed to radiate with his invisible gaze".

A person finally noticed out aloud that the "Martian" had white ears like everyone else, and it was then that a cavernous voice came out of the suit to say with the purest Picardy accent:

"Shut the f... up..."

On October 15, 1954, the same newspaper brought out the affair again, as the "nocturnal exploits of the strange 'Martian'", to specify that the prank had ended only by "the energetic action of our friend Gilbert, daring coffee shop waiter", who had rushed on the disguised earthman "and searched him from top to bottom."




A "Martian" was wandering last night

It was 11 p.m. last night when the surprising news arrived. A "Martian", or at least a being offering this appearance - if we refer to the testimonies of people who have seen them - was simply walking in the streets of Amiens.

To tell the truth, the mysterious character stood motionless and silent in the bottom of an automobile van driven by an Amiens transporter who claimed to have captured it near Allonville.

From coffee shop to coffee shop, the "Martian" was thus exhibited; which was not without causing some disturbances.

It must be said that, the half-light helping, the strange being offered a certain fantastic aspect. Dressed in a sort of spacesuit - like all known and unknown "Martians" - he had a vague blackish face, wearing a shiny helmet.

The most disturbing was the unreal light that seemed to radiate from its invisible gaze.

A person then took it into his head to notice out loud that the "Martian" had white ears like everyone else.

It was then that a cavernous voice came out of the spacesuit to say with the purest Picardy accent:

"Shut the f* up..."




A "Saucer" seen
by a peacekeeper

We would be ill-inspired if we had abandoned today a chronicle that made the heyday of our imaginations, that of the flying saucers.

Especially since we have new arguments to fuel it, and excellent ones.

We recently recounted the nocturnal exploits of the strange "Martian" that a resident of Amiens had "discovered" route d'Allonville and that he was driving in his van from cafe to cafe.

Only the energetic action of our friend Gilbert, a daring waiter, made it possible to discover that he was a Terran in disguise.

Our Gilbert indeed rushed on the Martian and searched him from top to bottom, which put an end to the joke.

Today, it is more serious. This is a new testimony and this testimony appears very trustworthy since it is that of a peacekeeper, Mr. Delcourt.

Yesterday around 11:40 a.m., while Mr. Delcourt was strolling rue Gauthier-de-Rummilly, he looked up to the sky where vast streaks of condensation spread that planes had left in their path moments before.

Now, abruptly, above these tracks, at a very high height, according to Mr. Delcourt, and in the direction of Ailly-sur-Somme, appeared a kind of silver and shiny lens which without the slightest noise reflected, made a large quarter circle and disappeared on the horizon.

Mr. Delcourt did not notice any smoke around the machine which moved at a very high speed.

- In any case, the peacekeeper told us yesterday, I affirm that this mysterious craft had in no way a shape of known craft.


Negative case, prank.


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Amiens, Somme, Martian, prank, hoax, disguize, negative case, helmet, space suit, black, luminous, eyes


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