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The 1954 French flap:

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October 5, 1954, Saint-Macaire, Gironde:

Reference for this case: 5-Oct-54-Saint-Macaire.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


In a catalog of UFO sightings in the Gironde department published in their bulletin Ufologia #1 of November - December 1975, the ufology group C.F.R.U. (French Center for Ufological Research) indicated that according to the newspaper Sud Ouest for October 6, 1954, in Saint-Macaire at 11:45 p.m., Mr. J. Paillait had seen an intense greenish glow in the direction of Castet-en-Dorthe, approaching then letting distinguish in its center a long, slender object, resembling a cigar, this phenomenon disappearing silently in the direction of Langon. An observation time of 10 seconds is indicated.

In the "Pasqualini Sightings File" published in the ufology bulletin GEPO Informations #20 for May - August 1980, appears a sighting noted for October 5, 1954 at 11:40 p.m. in Saint-Macaire in the Gironde department.




BEFORE 06 OCTOBER 1954 11:45 p.m. St-Macaire HA/V 3

Witness: Mr. J. PAILLET. Intense greenish glow in the direction of Castet en Dorthe (ESE) approaching then allowing to distinguish in the center of it a long, slender object, resembling a cigar, silent disappearance in the direction of Langon. Duration 10s.

(S.O. October 06, 1954)

Note: "HA" stands for "High Altitude"; "V 3" stands for an observation of medium interest.

[Ref. gep1:] UFOLOGY GROUP "GEPO":

10/05/54 (11.40 p.m.) St Macaire (33) 309C1 Y



Probable meteor.

The October 5 date given in [gep1] seems uncertain.



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Saint-Macaire, Gironde, night, J. Paillait, gleam, greenish, Castet-en-Dorthe, center, object, elongated, long, cigar, silent, Langon, duration


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