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October 24, 1954, Villechétive, Yonne:

Reference for this case: 24-Oct-54-Villechétive.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper La Bourgogne Républicaine for October 26, 1954, reported from their correspondent in Auxerre that "sunday", so on October 24, 1954, hunters from Villechétive were talking about saucers, as they had found one, about 1.20 meters in diameter, made of cardboard, with transparent paper as portholes, covered with tin in addition, mounted using a light cardboard disc, and with an electric lamp inside.

The flight of the device machine would have been ensured by ten small balloons.




discovered in the Yonne

Auxerre (from our part. corresp.). -- Sunday, the hunters of Villechetive spent part of their morning discussing the topic of the flying saucers because they had found one of these craft measuring about 1.20 m. in diameter. Of course it was only an artistic imitation! One of the hunters, Mr. Jacquelin, coffee-shop owner, took it home, to the delight of consumers.

This saucer, made of transparent paper instead of the portholes, covered with tin elsewhere, was mounted using a light cardboard disc. Inside, an electric lamp illuminated the object made aerial by the system usual today of about ten small balloons.

In the region, one wonders who could have been the instigator of this farce, but maybe it comes from a neighboring department?



Negative case, prank.


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Villechétive, Yonne, negative case, prank, hunters, saucer, Jacquelin, coffee shop, paper, transparent, portholes, stain, disc, cardboard, lamp, balloon


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