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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Nord-Eclair, Roubaix, Nord, France, page 10, on October 10, 1954.


continue their sarabande in the sky of France

No "Martian" put his nose in the window of his craft yesterday to greet passersby. But other witnesses add to the long list of those who have had the chance to see with their eyes "luminous" and mysterious "objects" in our sky.

Mr. Alfred Rabany, a resident of Chasseneuil, in the Indre, while he was on the road, heard a whistling sound. He looked up and saw a gray object immobilized about 100 meters above the ground. The craft left at high speed, leaving a sort of fog behind it.

Also, Mr. Julien Soulas, 25, from the same town, saw an orange-colored luminous object moving in a north-south direction.

- Mr. François Cariou, itinerant fish merchant in Plozévet (Finistère), his wife and two daughters saw a bright glow in the sky which seemed to be surrounded by dense smoke. This glow, at first motionless, came towards them, at an altitude of about ten meters; it looked like an orange sphere. Frightened, the Cariou family returned to the house.

Several fishermen who were preparing to go to sea at the same time confirmed these statements.

- René Ott, 35, from Jettingen (Haut-Rhin), employee of the S.N.C.F., said he had seen in a field a aluminum-colored semi-spherical dome, lit inside, which was about three meters from the road and one meter from the ground. Frightened, Mr. Ott fled. However, he said he had time to notice that a door opened in the craft.

- Mr. Alexandre Tremblaix, milk collector, said that the truck he was driving had suddenly stopped, for an unknown reason, on a small departmental road near Saint-Jean-d'Asse, near Le Mans and that his headlights had gone out. He got out of his cabin and saw a glowing red and blue flying cigar pass over him, about a meter long; which disappeared on the horizon a few minutes later. The truck's engine started to function again and the headlights came back on.

- M. Maurice Crestey, of Octeville (Manche), and several of his neighbors saw in the sky, at a fairly high altitude, a luminous sphere which, after having stopped above Cherbourg, disappeared towards the south.

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