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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Journal du Pas-de-Calais et de la Somme, France, page 1, on October 6, 1954.


The round of mysterious craft
continues in the sky of France

Mr. André Lefèbre, taxi driver, who was parked at the port, saw an incandescent disc rising in the sky leaving behind a phosphorescent trail and a light smoke. This phenomenon, which was visible for ten minutes, was also witnessed by several sailors returning to their boats.

- Mr. and Mrs. Tessier, from St-Etienne, who were camping in Aurec-sur-Loire, saw in the sky a luminous object giving the impression of a big headlight which was moving at high speed at about 2,000 meters altitude. The craft emitted an orange-red light beam and followed a North-South trajectory.

At about the same time, several people saw, above the Aurec steeple, similar craft which, after having stopped for a moment, crossed the sky at high speed towards the Southwest.

- A Lyon resident claimed to have observed with a binocular, above the hill of Saint-Foy, at the South of the Fourrière basilica, a bright orange-red disc.

This was followed by other shiny, smaller discs. The phenomenon had lasted about 2 minutes.

- Saucers, cigars, discs, balls and other "flying" objects have been seen inChancelade (Haute-Vienne), Willer (Haut-Rhin), Gouesnach, near Quimper, Bautignecourt, Ambarac (Haute-Vienne), Dijon, Marcoing near Cambrai, Pommier (Indre), Rouen, Ajaccio, La Rochelle, Quimper, Cholet et Vannes.

The "flying
of Maisoncelles was
- the fruit -
of the imagination
of a road mender

Melun, 4. -- Roadmenders who worked on the side of the Coulommiers - Meaux road, said they had seen, several days ago, not far from the Voisins aerodrome, commune of Maisoncelles, a saucer resting on three crutches.

One of them, Mr. Goujon, had even claimed that 150 meters from the craft, he had been paralyzed by an electric beam, while the saucer rose in the sky to disappear. The road mender, who had provided the journalists with all the details, had also shown various witnesses the traces left by the crutches of the saucer.

The gendarmerie of Coulommiers decided to question the witnesses.

Several immediately retracted, stating that they had poor eyesight, that they were not very sure what they saw, or even that they had seen nothing at all. But the main party, Mr. Goujon, remained very firm in his statements.

So the gendarmes took him there, in the presence of several Parisian scientific personalities. The holes left by the saucer were photographed: they had been dug by the hand of the roadmender, whose prints had been kept.

The roadmender admitted that he had fabricated his strange story. He was brought before the Coulommier examining magistrate.

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