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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Courrier Picard, France, pages 1 and 2, on October 15, 1954.


are moving
in the South of France now

and "Martians" were seen
in Toulouse and in the Gard

TOULOUSE, October 14. - Mr. Jean Marty, 42, resident of Leguevin (Haute-Garonne), said that he had seen in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a luminous disc measuring 6 to 7 meters in diameter and 2 m. 50 in height land in the middle of a field, the disc was orange.

Mr. Marty worked around 10:30 p.m., in his workshop located on the road to Toulouse, in front of a field, 1,300 km from Leguevin. Looking up, he saw a light jet.

Intrigued, he went out, crossed the road and went towards the disc which then rose in the air, noiselessly, vertically, and disappeared at a prodigious speed.

Mr. Marty went to the middle of the field to check the place where the object had landed. He did not find any trace there but found, posed on the grass, two sheets of glossy paper, white, covered with printed letters.

The sheets were neither soiled, mor damp, nor crumpled, but absolutely clean as if they had just been torn from a new brochure. Mr. Marty handed them over to the gendarmerie. They were examined by a former soldier who spent many years in Indochina and who lives in retirement in Leguevin, Mr. Maggy. He declared that it was a text in kuoc-nu, Annamite dialect, and that this text dealt with questions concerning Vietminh and Vietnam. It was later established that they were extracts from a Vietnamese newspaper, probably deposited there by Indochinese who camped there. There are, indeed, in the region of Toulouse, many Indochinese.

Continuation in 2nd page under the title




(Continued from the 1st page)

On the other hand, oily traces were found this morning in several places on a vacant lot located in a suburb of Toulouse.

According to the statements of three witnesses, a mysterious craft piloted by a character dressed in a diving suit, would have landed on this ground yesterday at 10:35.

The Air police questioned these three people, including an industrialist, who maintained their statements by specifying that the mysterious individual, measuring approximately 1 meter 20 exceeded the craft of the head and must have, consequently, bend to enter it.

One of the witnesses assured that the "saucer" was surrounded by iridescent reflection and emitted around it a slight mist. He added that having wanted to approach, he had been held at twenty meters by a paralyzing force and that, when the spacecraft rose in the sky, he was violently thrown to the ground.

"Martians" in the Gard

NIMES, October 14. - Several hunters in the town of St-Ambroix (Gard), recently saw seven tiny beings whose shape vaguely recalled that of a body human. When they tried to approach, the beings rushed towards a phosphorescent machine, which flew away immediately.

At the place where the occupants of the "saucer" were, the hunters discovered on the ground a certain number of seeds of bizarre appearance, which they had examined by seed producers. The latter were unable to classify them in a known species.

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