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The Redmond UFO incident, USA, September 24, 1959:

On September 24, 1959, there was an important incident over the city and airport of Redmond, Oregon, when a policeman observed a large UFO capable of manoeuvres not possible to any conventional aircraft or conventional flying devices, who was then seen by FAA personal at the airport, tracked on radar, and chased by USAF jet fighters.

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MUFON investigation summary:

At 5:00 AM on September 24th, 1959, a huge disc hovered over the city of Redmond. Six F-102 fighters were scrambled from Portland. As they took off, the Air Force radioed the pilots of a B-47 bomber and a F-89 fighter on routine flights nearby, ordering them to join the chase. The Air Force radar at Klamath Falls tracked the disc. At Redmond, the FAA observers watched the disc when they heard the jets. When the fighters dived toward the object, it accelerated at terrific speed and shot straight up in the jets ' path. One pilot banked to avoid a collision. Another fighter caught in the churning air caused by the UFO, almost went out of control. The three other pilots pulled out of their dives and climber after the disc, but were quickly left behind. During the chase, the fighters radar operators were still tracking the disc. The FAA radar tracked also the disc for some times at altitude varying from 6,000 to 52,000 ft. Later the same day at 16:00, two large shiny disc-shaped objects were seen maneuvering over Portland, Oregon.

Aircaft information

Type of Aircraft six F-102 fighters / one B-47 / one F-89
Airline or Air Force USAF
Flight origin Redmond (for the F-102)
Flight destination

UFO information

Number one
Shape disc
Size large
Altitude (estimation)
Course motionless then maneuvered
Speed (estimation)

Radar information

Radar type Airborne radar and Ground radar at Redmond airport / USAF radar at Klamath Falls
Number of radar set (at least) two
Radar Location
Number of target(s) one
Target size
Target altitude 6,000 to 52,000 ft
Target speed


Distance UFO - A/C

Witness(es) pilots and their radar operators and ground radar operator ground witnesses Robert Dickerson (city policeman), FAA observers, etc...


MUFON UFO Journal #257

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