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The Redmond UFO incident, USA, September 24, 1959:

On September 24, 1959, there was an important incident over the city and airport of Redmond, Oregon, when a policeman observed a large UFO capable of manoeuvres not possible to any conventional aircraft or conventional flying devices, who was then seen by FAA personal at the airport, tracked on radar, and chased by USAF jet fighters.

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Letter from FAA personal to the NICAP:

This is a copy and transcript of a letter from FFA personal received by NICAP - January 15, 1960.


Redmond, Oregon
January 15, 1960


The following is the original records on file at this facility and is all the information contained in this record concerning UFO sighted September 24, 1969. Taken from log at this date, 1259Z.

Robert Dickinson Redmond City police reported strange bright light descending rapidly north of the station, at several hundred feet it stopped and hovered for several minutes. He drove toward it on the Prinerville highway and turned in toward the airport. At his time the light turned orange and it moved to the northeast of the station very rapidly, relocated approximately 10 miles northeast of the station estimated 3000 feet.


Reported object to Seattle Air Route Control Center. We continued to observe UFO, stayed very (?) and projected long tongues of red, yellow and green light. These tongues of light varied to length and extended and retracted at irregular times. Observed high speed aircraft approaching from southeast. As aircraft approached, UFO took shape of mushroom, observed long yellow and red flame from lower side as UFO rose rapidly and disappeared above clouds estimated 14.000 feet, scattered layer. UFO reappeared south of Redmond approximately 20 miles estimated 35.000 feet. Seattle Air Route Control Center advised radar contacted UFO at 1420Z located 25 miles south of Redmond at 52.000 feet. No further sightings made at this station.


Seattle Air Route Control Center advised UFO still 25 miles north of Redmond, various altitudes from 6.000 to 52.000 feet.

(Signature) L.E. Davis
Chief, Air Traffic
Redmond Communication Station


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