Minnesota Vehicle Interference and Physical Traces Event, 1979:

On August 27, 1979 a close encounter of the second kind occurred in the Red River Valley area of far northwestern Minnesota that is one of the most evidential UFO cases on record, and one of the best investigated.



Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson was in his patrol car on Marshall County road #5, he was at the junction with State Highyway #220 at his left, going south, as seen here. At the level of the tree line visible here in the distance at 5 km, he saw a brilliant light right above highway 220.
Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson took the Highway 220 and drove 2 kilometers when the light suddenly was over his car, his exes husrt, he heard the noise of the broken glass of his windshield and lost consciousness. He did not remember that he used the brakes, however this is where the skid marks start, they continue on 90 feet.
At the end of the straight skid marks, the marks turn left and end at the edge of the road, the final position of the car.
Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson, standing at the end of the skid lines and the edge of the road.

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