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Recent sightings:

UFO video in Bonsall, U-K:

Bonsall footage: What £20:000?

The paragraph underneath is an update on 11.06.2001 to the following paragraphs:

According to Santiago Yturria, who supplied UFO footage from Mexico to Los Angeles based Kiveat Productions, no money has changed hands for the Sharon Rowlands Bonsall (UK) UFO footage. Mr Yturria was amazed to read in the UK's 'Daily Star' and 'The Sun' newspapers about the amount allegedly paid and decided to call his friend Robert Kiveat to find out more. Mr Kiveat was shocked at the story and stated that it was all a big mistake and this was the first time that he was aware of the story. No money had changed hands and no deal had been done. Kiveat Productions was unaware of the footage, and stated that an agent had been acting on his behalf here in the UK. The whole deal folded when the newspapers became involved. No one had been offered this sum of money which was referred to as a 'crazy amount', and Mr Kiveat hadn't even seen the footage.

TV pays 20.000 £ for UFO video:

US television company Kiviat Productions paid Sharon Rowlands, a Derbyshire woman £20,000 for a six-minute video of an apparent UFO she shot near her home. The sighting was one of the 23 UFO sightings in Darbyshire, UK, who I mentionned in the recent news, many involving "enormous" craft, according to witnesses.

The UFO appears to be a three-mile wide disc covered with yellow, orange and blue lights observed last October. It has a dark centre and sent out light pulses.

Allegedly Nasa are said to be interested in viewing the tape, and it is said Nasa believes the craft is similar to one spotted by their cameras during a space-shuttle mission.

The California company are said to have called the video one of "the top five pieces of UFO footage ever". Robert Kiviat, of the TV company, said: "The film will shock people." Ms Rowlands, 44, said:

"I was a complete disbeliever but this has made me think twice. The thing was huge and through the lens it looked like it was going to hit me. I just couldn't believe it."

"It resembled a giant disc with a bite taken out of the bottom."


Bonsall UFO

This picture of the Bonsall Moor UFO appeared in just about every British national newspaper.

The tiny vollage of Bonsall
Bonsall UFO

The object hovers in the sky before moving to the right and emitting pulses of light from its left-hand side. It flashes, turns over, then flips over, showing two deep scarlet lights, and disappears in a red flash.


A UFO researcher who has seen the full six minutes of footage, had stated: "The object was not miles across, more like 50 feet. The footage, although interesting, was not sensational and no different to anything that Michael Hesseman shows in his yearly round-up from around the world. Sharon Rowlands was extremely lucky in getting £20,000. I would have said it was worth £20!"

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