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Observation reports and news for July 2017:

Some of the UFO sighting reports and ufology news in July 2017 are listed on this page. Please note that the sighting reports are seldom investigated, they are often second hand reports.

Sighting in Magstatt-le-Bas, Alsace, France.
07.28.2017Huge sphere reported seen near Burnhaupt-le-Bas, Alsace, France.
07.21.2017Radio signals from red dwarf star Ross 128 likely from geostationary satellites.
07.17.2017Intriguing radio signals detected from nearby red dwarf star Ross 128.
07.11.2017CAA now turns down requests to pilots UFO reports in the U-K.
07.05.2017French Air Force aerobatic team again mistaken for UFOs.
07.01.2017"Mothman" returns, in Oregon this time.

Radio signals from red dwarf star Ross 128 likely from geostationary satellites:

Follow-up observations by the Arecibo, Green Bank and the Allen Telescope Array radiotelescope of radio signals attributed to red dwarf star Ross 128 recently point to radio signals from sone or more geostationary sattelites rather than from red dwarf star.

Abel Mendez, director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico, who first detected the signal, wrote in a statement on July 21, 2017:

"The best explanation is that the signals are transmissions from one or more geostationary satellites. This explains why the signals were within the satellite's frequencies and only appeared and persisted in Ross 128; the star is close to the celestial equator, where many geostationary satellites are placed. This fact, though, does not yet explain the strong dispersion-like features of the signals; however, it is possible that multiple reflections caused these distortions, but we will need more time to explore this and other possibilities."

Intriguing radio signals detected from nearby red dwarf star Ross 128:

On May 12, 2017, the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico detected "some very peculiar signals" coming from the direction of the red dwarf star Ross 128, just 11 light-years from Earth.

The signals consisted of broadband quasi-periodic nonpolarized pulses with very strong dispersion-like features, according to Abel Mendez, director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico, who wrote a statement in July 2017. He said:

"We believe that the signals are not local radio frequency interferences (RFI) since they are unique to Ross 128, and observations of other stars immediately before and after did not show anything similar.".

Menzel wrote that the leading explanations for the signals are solar flare-like emissions from Ross 128, emissions from some other object in the same field of view, and some burst from a satellite orbiting high above Earth.

These explanations all have issues: solar flares of the correct type that generally occur at lower frequencies: there are not a lot of other objects in the Ross 128 field of view; satellites were never detected emitthing similar bursts.

However Mendez stated that "the recurrent aliens hypothesis is at the bottom of many other better explanations.".

The signal is not narrowband, so it is likely natural.

Mendez' team tires to get more data, and other research teams do this too. Scientists of the SETI Institute already begun to observe Ross 128 with the Allen Telescope Array, a network of 42 radio dishes in California.

SETI's Seth Shostak thinks aliens are unlikely to be the cause of the Ross 128 signal, as "It does look like the kind of broadband interference that you get in SETI experiments."

CAA now turns down requests to pilots UFO reports in the U-K.:

In the years 2009, British official organizations had become relatively open as to access to their documents about UFO sighting reports. The public could ask for these documents, or consult them in the National Archives.

It now appears that there is a decline in this new transparency in Great Britain, since the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), has decided not to publish anymore document concerning observations or incidents between 2011 and 2017, due to a so-called European legislation of 2014 which would block access to such reports. It it apparently argued that UFO sightings reports by civilian pilots registered by the CAA could be "used only for the purpose of maintaining or improving aviation safety and their publication to the general public or to the media, including in response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), is not permitted."

A reservation clause apparently says: "However, if you need information about the event in order to maintain or improve aviation safety, then you may make an application to the CAA."

It is the ufologist "moderately skeptical" ufologist David Clarke, doctor of sociology at the University of Sheffield Hallam (see for example his excellent book "Out of the Shadows"), which had been in the first line for the access to official documents and almost a collaborator of the British National Archives in documenting the history of their UFO reports, who noted in shock that a request he made early this year for access some CAA information on UFO reports was tirned down under these pretexts.

He told the website "The Sun online":

"For many years CAA had published their information under the Freedom of Information Act without any evidence that trade secrets or security could be compromised."

"Indeed, in 2012, the Director General of British Air Traffic Control, Richard Deakin, admitted in an interview by the BBC that his agency received monthly UFO reports from civilian crew in different parts of the world."

"The only possible reason for this change of policy is the embarrassment on the part of the aviation industry. They do not want to admit that their pilots can occasionally report things in the sky that are difficult to explain."

"In order to improve public confidence in aviation safety, authorities should proactively promote access to such recordings."

But when the Civil Aviation Authority was asked about this, their answer was that the files were available for the sole purpose of protecting the public.

A CAA spokesperson reportedly stated that "The mandatory event reporting (MOR) program requires individuals and organizations in the aviation industry to report safety incidents to the CAA, provided that these reports serve to constantly improve safety levels."

"Information held by the CAA under the MOR system may be made available for the purpose of improving aviation safety, subject to completion of this application form."

French Air Force aerobatic team again mistaken for UFOs:

On Youtube at ??and mentioned by several "UFO" websites, we find a video of lights in the night accompanied by a narrative saying that it was taken in the Vaucluse on 5 July 2017:

"Just returned from a day at the beach."

"We saw this phenomenon towards Venelles and continued up to Cadenet."

"They were dots of light that formed a kind of perfect arrow, at the beginning there was 9 or 8 dots, I thought at first that it was only a plane but it made no noise, it flew very low and the dots were not connected to each other, it was moving very quickly and with great fluidity like a manta ray, sometimes the object disappeared in the sky by not dimming its lights and then it reappears in an opposite place and sometimes with a new form:"

Exclamation point"

"At first I did not believe it, and we were expecting it to disappear but no, it continued wherever we went, as if they knew we were filming them, as soon as it passed over Once it passed right above us at the height of a large tree and behind every light we seemed to see like bodies behind them (I think it's like a human being.) When we arrived at Cadenet we saw it fly over the village but this time there were only 4 lights left.

"When I came home my brother wanted to find an explanation and the only one that was found was that these dots were led lamps that would have been dropped during a wedding but is it possible that it forms perfect shapes? Fast forward, that the lights just light up when it passes over us, and that this phenomenon follows us?"

For many years now, the French Air Forces "Patrouille de France" aerobatic team has been training there in the beginning of July, performing night aerobatic drills, with their Alphajets, headlights on. It regularly causes such testimonies.

Some ufologists, because of the recurrence of the observations in this region and this month, spoke of the "lights of Vénelles" phenomenon. Once explained that these were exercises of the Patrouille de France, some ufologists have for years insisted that these were indeed extraterrestrial craft that would "imitate" the Patrouille de France....

"Mothman" returns, in Oregon this time:

One Jenny Jacobs wrote her "Mothman" sighting report in July 2017 to MUFON: "My teenage children and I were outside painting our house. We lived on a wooded acreage about 4 miles from Newberg, Oregon on the 2-lane Wilsonville Road. I kept hearing what sounded like a very large chimpanzee in the trees behind us. Both kids have seen this black hooded figure off and on over the years. I didn’t want to quit my work but the sounds grew louder and finally there included shaking of high branches. I told the kids to take a break and we walked out to the sounds. As we were looking up, trying to see what in the heck it could be (it was very large like a man but not clearly defined shape because it kept moving) we heard the squeal of tires behind us up on the road. We could not have seen this from the house but, here, we had a clear view of a new cranberry red Mustang convertible swerving around the turn on 2 wheels. The driver overcorrected and we watched it flip 3 times across the field, landing upright."

"I sprinted inside and called 911 and ran down to the road. Everything was weirdly silent... The chimpanzee was no longer there."

"I ran across the road, climbed the fence and ran up to the vehicle. Both people looked in perfect condition except their heads were resting far back on the headrests. The beautiful red-headed young woman was watching me stand there. She said nothing, just followed me with her eyes. Finally, she stopped eye movements, dying. The handsome Hispanic young man was mumbling something over and over sitting with his head back, too. After a few moments, he simply stopped and stared at the sky. They both died in front of me."

"If we had not been enticed to come out into the small clearing, we could not have seen this horrific accident. But it has always occurred to me "What was the point?" I could not do anything but pray for them. I couldn’t save them. We could only be an observer of a terrible moment in time."

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