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Observation reports February 2017:

Some of the UFO sighting reports and ufology news in February 2017 are listed on this page. Please note that the sighting reports are seldom investigated, they are often second hand reports.

02.25.2017Photo in Gnesta, Södermanland county, Sweden.
02.21.2017A "UFO almost hit a military plane" in Chile.
02.16.2017A Chinese website talks of UFOs in Normandy, France.
02.15.2017BLURFOs at the Musmiss, Alsace, France.
02.12.201712 UFOs said to have disturbed the air traffic of the Jorge Chavez airpport in Callao, Peru.
02.10.2017"UFO" seen and filmed in Lima, Peru.
02.04.2017Sighting in Idaho Falls, USA.
02.05.2017BLURFO in New Zealand.
02.03.2017Phenomenon in the sky of the Var, France.
02.??.2017Phenomenon in the sky of La Réunion Island.

Photo in Gnesta, Södermanland county, Sweden:

MUFON published a very bried report and a photograph on their website on March 8, 2017:

"Me and my girlfriend where out on our lawn, I had my camera with me as usually. My girlfriend noticed an airplane in the sky above with some strange gloving [glowing] lights behind it. I managed to take one photo before it dissapered behind a cloud."

Thanks to MUFON.

A "UFO almost hit a military plane" in Chile:

On February 21, 2017, websites said that during an aerial show (on an unspecified date) in Puerto Varas, Chile, spectators "were able to film a UFO that nearly collided with a military jet."

The video shown on the Internet shows a military jet "that almost hit a UFO during an aerial show". We see a Chilean military plane skyrocket in the sky. Suddenly, a "semi-spherical object appears" moving in a direction perpendicular to the trajectory of the plane. After "almost colliding with the military jet, the UFO disappears."

The witnesses issue all kinds of hypotheses about the nature of the filmed object. A web surfer wrote that it could be another plane or even a big bird. Another Internet user saw in the video two UFOs instead of one.

See for example:

Personally, I see a bird or an insect rather than an extraterrestrial craft, and nothing that makes it possible to affirm the least proximity or quasi-collision between this and the military plane.

A Chinese website talks of UFOs in Normandy, France:

The French version of the Chinese website states that an "unidentified flying object (UFO) with flashing lights and a semi-transparent appearance was observed in Normandy by spectators who were very surprised at what they saw."

"A witness said he filmed this UFO with his laptop as long as possible, but it stopped working shortly before the object disappeared."

"Many people who visited a temple on a mountain [!] witnessed UFOs flying over the area one by one as if they were in military training."


This photo illustrates this quite insufficient article (*):

(*) No date, no time, no source, no exact location, etc. Weren't these UFOs just Chinese lanterns?

12 UFOs said to have disturbed the air traffic of the Jorge Chavez airpport in Callao, Peru:

"A UFO fleet reportedly slowed down flights at the Jorge Chávez airport in Callao, and the sighting took place on the evening of last February 12. What attracted the attention of Peruvian ufologists is that the CORPAC recorded the incident in an official document."

"Regarding the alleged observation of the UFO fleet in the airspace of the Jorge Chávez International Airport, ufologist Mario Zegarra asserts that CORPAC recorded in official documents, as indicated, air operations hindered in the night of February 12."

"According to Zegarra, there are recordings of conversations between the control tower and the pilots who were unable to land or take off from the airport for at least 3 hours."

"'The radar sets at Jorge Chávez airport captured 12 unidentified echoes on their screens, each with the code 0000, UFO' Zegarra said."

"A second ufologist, Joshue Cornejo, said he captured on 12 February with a night vision camera, a UFO movement at 07:38 p.m."

"At first glance, these objects can not be seen, but can be captured in infrared," Cornejo said. Specialist Mario Zegarra will give a lecture on Saturday 11 March in Miraflores."


"UFO" seen and filmed in Lima, Peru:

Several UFO websites reported that an "authentic UFO" was filmed on February 10, 2015, in the midst of the television show "Alto al Crimen" in the district of Miraflores in Lima, Peru.

The host of the show stopped an interview to allow the cameraman to focus on the UFO, while there were 11 witnesses on the scene at that time.

A UFO website ensures that "Our video analyst validates the authenticity of this sequence in view of its length, the different zooms made on the object and the persistence of purple colored pixels" - all things nevertheless feasible without difficulty by video editing software.

See the video:

I note that the UFO in question does not perform any maneuver other than a very slow displacement, and could be a simple party balloon.

BLURFO in New Zealand:

The witness reported from Port Motueka, NZ, to MUFON:

"I was at the Samaritas Cafe on February 5, 2017, while waiting for my order, I took a photo of Mt Arthur with the Port Motueka Marina in the foreground. I uploaded some photos from my camera to my laptop today and saw that there was a dark oval shape in the photo in the distance and above one of the yacht masts. The photos taken at different locations before the photo and after the photo did not have a dark oval. As soon as I saw the dark oval in the photo I thought wow that looks like a UFO. I didn’t see anything in the sky at the time the photo was taken."

Thanks to MUFON.

This is certainly not an alien spaceship, but a bird.

Sighting in Idaho Falls, USA:

The witness reported to MUFON:

"I was meditating in my room when my sister went outside before going to sleep when she saw the flame object through the window and February 4, 2017. I went outside to see what it was and that’s when she saw the object that was coming towards our direction so she ran inside to let us know. My two nephews were outside, one phone camera kept giving him an error when trying to take video, he switched to take pictures and he managed to take four images of the object. When I got outside I saw the intense Red and Orange objects leaving. My nephew said object remained with a sphere shape until it passed over the house then started to change shape. He said: it resembled a Light Sabers from that movie Star Wars. It stretched out to a cigar shape then back to a sphere. There was this wave like pattern of fire and a strange silence."

Thanks to MUFON.

Phenomenon in the sky of the Var, France:

The website of the newspaper Le Midi Libre writes:

"But what happened in the sky of the Var this Friday, February 3? A few days ago the web was agitated since the publication of a video, captured in La Seyne-sur-Mer."

"A UFO, a meteorite, a fireball, what crosses the sky in a flash of a second in the video captured Friday, February 3 by a Var resident is difficult to identify. Posted on Facebook by Var Matin, the newspaper explain that Audrey, who filmed the phenomenon, is a photographer, passionate about weather phenomena."

"She first thought of ball lightning, then of a meteorite, but none of the scenarios really sticks, since the lightning seems to bounce back, at the end of the trajectory, as you can see in the video below."

"Audrey filmed a strange phenomenon during the Friday storm from the Fort of Six Fours. Meteorite, electric phenomenon, do you know what this strange light can be? Witnesses of this scene?"

"The Meteorological Observatory of la Seyne-sur-Mer is also perplexed. 'A meteorite burns in the atmosphere, and when it comes to the surface of the earth, it is extinct. There are indeed what are called "bolides", which are heavier meteors and burn longer, but they are never red. They are of a brilliant white, like the shooting stars... I think that it is ball lightning whose light was diffused by the clouds, which were low...'"

Source and video on:,1464196.php

On the one hand: it is false to say that meteors are never red; and this one looks actually rather purplish-white than red. Colors are often altered on night video, by the way.

On the other hand: what the video shows does indeed look like a quite small meteor bouncing back to space! Depending on the angle with which a meteor arrives upon the atmosphere, it can bounce back towards space.

To note: according to the French official UAP study group GEIPAN, this was a moth of the sphinx species, lighted by the fort of Six Fours lighting.

Phenomenon in the sky of La Réunion Island:

A witness report and a picture that may or may not be related to it were published on the MUFON website on March 9, 2017. The report said:

"It was last February (2017)around 9pm when I opened the entrance door to let my dog in. Then I looked up and saw a star which first I took for Venus. At that time it is the biggest and shining star in the sky. Then I noticed the star was shining more and was getting bigger. First it was shaped like a cross. Then it became round and got growing and shining. I could watch it for the light was not blinding. Then I noticed the light was going down and climbed on a chair while wondering if I had time to go and tell my husband to come and see. So I jumped down and run to the bedroom asking my husband to come quickly. It took me about 6 or 8 seconds to go and come back. Back to the door I climbed back on the chair. My husband saw then the same as me. There was only a small light left which disappeared while descending down above our horizon. From the moment I saw the light to when it disappeared it took only a couple of minutes! A few days after I heard on radio that some people had seen the same light."

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