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Observation reports and news for December 2017:

Some of the UFO sighting reports and ufology news in December 2017 are listed on this page. Please note that the sighting reports are seldom investigated, they are often second hand reports.

12.26.2017Probable lanternes in Oberschaeffolsheim in Alsace, France. claims UFO - or cloud - was seen over Mt. Elbruz, Russia.
12.25.2017UFOs reported in Provence, France.
12.16.2017Alleged flying object filmed in the Russian night sky. claims UFO - or cloud - was seen over Mt. Elbruz, Russia: is a sensationalist website from Russia. As French president Emmanuel Macron experienced and told, they are not a reliable news website and did publish fake news for example during the last French presidential elections. The French government is even thinking about some sort of law to avoid further interferences from such websites in the future elections in France.

"Sputnik" is used to publish "UFO reports" that are then mentioned and spread over many other websites, including fringe UFO websites.

In January 2018 for example, they published a report about a "UFO" reportedly seen in December 2017 above Mt. Elbruz in Russia.

This is one more very poor report. The alleged witnesses are only told to be "residents". There is no exact date, no exact place. There is a silly comment wondering wether "aliens are currently choosing a landing spot?". There is the irrelevant comment that the "video is a hit on the Internet." The stupidest comment is that "it is impossible to approach the UFO for a better look."

The website then wonders whether the UFO is "a cloud or a UFO?" and invites "UFO hunters" to haste to go to Mt. Elbrouz...

The video is of no interest as this is to easy to produce even by amateurs with a computer and basic video editing software. The end of the video invites to viewer to subscribe to something called "Section 51". This is a more than dubious UFO website in my opinion. Its is filled with advertizing pop-up windows. It has a store, claims to tell the truth, and insists that the UFO video they show are copyrighted.

UFOs reported in Provence, France:

On January 5, 2018, the website of the newspaper La Provence reported "mysterious orange balls in the sky of the Luberon", seen in the night from December 24 to 25, 2017, by "a witness considered serious by an association of ufologists," the phenomenon being called by the newspaper "as inexplicable as it is intriguing."

That evening shortly after midnight and a family eve that the witness reports to have been "absolutely sober", he saw with his wife from his car driving between Goult and Bonnieux "about six or seven kilometers in front of us, in a sky where we could perfectly see the stars, four orange luminous balls advancing equidistant, a little like in a squadron formation."

"The balls continued to come up to a kilometer away from us, and I stopped there to watch the phenomenon with my wife, parked on the roadside and putting on the warnings lights. Then, suddenly, one of the balls suddenly turned, it left the formation and went to my car, I admit, I was very worried, and I preferred to leave. My vehicle left, the luminous "phenomena" resumed their way and finally disappeared."

In the hours that followed, curious to know whther other people had observed the phenomenon, the motorist told his adventure on his "Facebook" page. and he sais he obtained a half-dozen reactions from Bonnieux, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Vedene Sorgue and Pontet, coming from people who, too, that evening, reportedly observed the curious luminous phenomena in midair.

The newspaper said that since then, "for security reasons", he "removed from his Facebook everything about this episode" and that MUFON France, a French division of one of the main and oldest ufology groups in the United States, however, had time to record this testimony, and hastened to join its author.

Pascal Fechner, a resident of Marseille and head of MUFON-France, almost immediately contacted La Provence because the testimony seems serious. The witness works in aeronautical maintenance and is an amateur but very knowledgeable meteorologist, and would therefore be able to recognize any aircraft as well as an unusual weather phenomenon.

Fechner says that "given the quality of the testimony we can rule out the possibility of an airplane or a helicopter. I do not believe, also, in the possibility of a flight of drones. Hovewer, at this time of the year, there is the possibility of people launching Chinese lanterns. But again, this does not seem to me to correspond to what we know."


Notes: Since no reliable distance is given, or maybe it cannot be given, it is difficult to get an idea of what might be the only strangeness of the observation, the moment when one of the balls had suddenly left the formation and headed for the car, frightening the witness.

Then, besides the possibility of Chinese lanterns, especially on a festive evening, especially because of the orange color, I must mention that all observations locations indicated are in an area close to the air force base of Salon-de-Provence, where the Patrouille de France French Air Forces aerobatic team has been performing training flights for several decades, including by night, resulting in numerous UFO reports. The witness himself speaks of a "squadron," and it is clear that the behavior and the lights of the PAF jet planes may seem "impossible" for ordinary planes to a witness.

Alleged flying object filmed in the Russian night sky:

A video titled "A TR-3B UFO was filmed in Russia - Best Evidence to Date" was posted on YouTube by UFO Today, a Youtube channel that regularly posts alleged UFO videos. It shows a set of three reddish lights (of course "triangle-shaped" by definition) slowly drifting into the night sky; which UFO Today considers to be potentially "a TR-3B UFO." The video released on December 16, 2017, is claimed to have been recorded "last week". As usual with this type of reports, there is no specific date, no time, no location, no information about the alleged witnesses, etc.

Let us first note that nothing is strange in the alleged phenomenon: drones equipped with LED lights are now commonplace and nothing in the video allows to exclude this explanation.

Also note that the source publishing the video is absolutely not a credible source.

Finally, let's note that the "TR-3B", an alleged secret plane of the United States - one wonders what it would do in Russia hovering before the eyes of Russian people - does not exist. We have been served this myth for decades: people wanting to pose as sensible use it to explain UFO sightings, because it sounds "better" than aliens. This "TR-3B" (not to be confused with the TR-3A)? is the pure invention of American crackpot "Edgar Rothschild Fouché", who claims to have worked on the famous Area 51, and claims that this TR-3B would have been conceived by reverse engineering of recovered alien spacecraft (no luck for those who thought to get rid of aliens thanks to the "TR-3B"...) Fouché tells that the TR-3B has a wingspan of 200 meters - the size of an aircraft carrier - and flies at Mach 18...

The "TR-3B" was "invented" by Fouche after the Belgian UFO wave and its trangular UFOs, which obviously inspired him.

It should be remembered that he mistook a photo of a prototype of the F-117 with the "Have Blue", a very different prototype, showing incompetence incompatible with a job on "Area 51". He had presented a "false KGB passport" he would have used in "top secret missions", but this false passport was actually really a fake. Likewise with a metal badge and a cloth badge of the United States military service he had exhibited as "proof" of his secret career: it turned out to be items that everyone can buy from the American military surplus. When he presented his "military papers", it was seen they were marked "Edgar A. Fouché" instead of "Edgar R. Fouché". He had claimed revelations about "quasi-crystals"; which would be scientific American military top secret stuff, but all that he had told about it had been published not long before in the very not top secret New York Times. And so on.

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