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Observation reports September 2015:

Some of the UFO sighting reports and ufology news in September 2015 are listed on this page. Please note that the sighting reports are seldom investigated, they are often second hand reports.

09.29.2015About the "discovery of water on Mars".
09.14.2015Any "UFO video" prompts "comments".
09.07.2015A luminous phenomenon over Thailand, probably space junk
09.07.2015"Giant sperm UFO" reported from Florida, USA.
09.07.2015A luminous phenomenon and a crackle in Saint-Erme, France.
09.01.2015Did a Ryanair pilot avoid a UFO?
09.01.2015Man reports to MUFON his sighting from Golden Meadow, Louisiana, USA.
09.01.2015An Australian documentary showing "more than 2,000 UFO images or videos" is advertized.

About the "discovery of water on Mars":

On September 29, 2015, I see that TV news channels and information websites announce in sensational manner that "water was found on Mars."

Even "Google" changed their usual logo to celebrate it.

Obviously, we know for decades that there is "water on Mars," so, this is what really happened.

The presence of water on Mars is a fact; for example we know for long that Mars has ice caps, like Earth, at its poles. Some had thought that these white caps may have been dry ice and not water, but spectrometric analyzes by Mars orbiters long showed that there is water in the caps.

Other measurements subsequently shown that in fact, not just the polar caps, but almost the entire Mars underground is loaded of water.

All sensible planetary scientist actually had to suspect that there must be water on Mars. Like Earth, Mars was bombarded with comets laden with water.

The real question was whether the Mars water is completely frozen throughout, or if could flow in the liquid state on the surface grounds.

Some argued against the idea that the Martian temperatures are too low for any ice to melt, and that even if the ice melted on the surface it would pass directly from ice state to vapor state. Just because the Martian atmospheric density is very, very low, and that this, combined with the low temperature, had to result in the sublimation of water ice.

Then, images of the surface taken by satellites capable of high resolution imaging, like Mars Orbiter or Mars Global Surveyor, showed amazing images of periodic, seasonal, flows of "something" along the crater slopes for example. Was that something liquid water, or moist sand, or dry ice?

This debate raged, and this debate is now settled, says the media: it is indeed liquid water. NASA does not speak of "absolute proof" but of a "strongly supported hypothesis".


More than ten years ago, in the Mars section of my website, I explained a number of things; which I briefly recall here:

The temperature below which the water remains frozen is 0°C by definition. But this is valid for pure water; But on Mars, with the former presence of oceans, and their slow disappearance, the remaining Martian water cannot be pure water, but very "salty", filled with mineral salts. Try to freeze salty water at 0°C... or just remember that we throw salt on the roads to melt the ice.

There is no such thing as "the temperature on Mars" but "temperatures". Sure it drops down to -80°C at night in winter, in extreme regions. But in summer, in equatorial regions, temperatures of +15°C were measured.

On Earth, even in "frozen" refion such as the Antarctic's ice, tiny "drops" of liquid water form, for example when the sun passes through the lens effect of some ice crystal and heat up a nearby small part of ice.

On Earth, there are colonies of bacteria thriving inside ice at temperatures well below 0°C.

In fact the "breaking news" is not so "hot": In December 2002, 13 years ago, the University of Arizona reported on the discovery of "active water" on Mars. Many other similar releases were published thereafter.

It remains to discover liquid salty water bodies in hot zones, deep canyons where the atmospheric pressure is higher, such as this example.

There is water on Mars. There were oceans and lakes in the distant past on Mars. There is not many liquid water on the surface of Mars, but there is plenty enough for bacterial type life forms to thrive.

Any so-called UFO video makes a "buzz":

Since we can use video sharing websites, all kinds or so-called "UFO videos" get published, often without any information.

Nowadays, this one gets attention:

As can be seen, there is no other information attached to the video other than, in French, "Several UFO seen".

Despite that, all kinfs of non-ufology websites offer really fabulous comments, such as:


"Of course, when it comes to aliens, web users accuse governments, Illuminati and Bob the Sponge. The first government in focus is, obviously, that of the United States. The leaders of the USA would hide crowds of alien to exploit their knowledge in order to continue to dominate the global economy. Not credible, but there is still a possibility. Surprised? Indeed, the CIA released a report in January confessing that most UFO sighted before the USSR's fall were actually... Some American spy planes. Would the bright spots be American experimental aircraft (or other)? It's (very) likely."

This being illustrated by a giant CIA logo.

Of course, CIA never said this. In reality, in 1997, CIA historian Richard Haines published an article claming that "half" of the UFO sightings were caused by the U2 spy plane; which was an obvious overstatement. Only some UFO sightings over some places in a defined period were misinterpreted U2 planes.

A luminous phenomenon over Thailand, probably space junk:

Residents of Bangkok and western Thailand saw on September 7, 2015, around 08:40 a.m., a ball of fire in the sky, coming from the north and heading down to the ground for about two seconds, followed by a white streak, before exploding.

Some assumed that it was a meteor, but the phenomenon was probably caused by reentry of debris from the US satellite Flock 1B-11, scheduled for Sunday evening over Thailand.

Giant sperm UFO" reported from Florida, USA:

Websites report that on September 7, 2015, "A giant sperm crossed the sky" "above Florida. Was it an alien spaceship?"

For information: an Atlas V rocket had been launched from Cape Carnaveral, near the place where the sightings occurred.

A luminous phenomenon and a crackle in Saint-Erme, France:

The "L'Aisne Nouvelle" newspaper's website, France, on September 13, 2015 reports that a resident of Saint-Erme "observed and filmed an unusual luminous phenomenon. He reported this curious appearance to the gendarmerie."

A man says that on "Monday", so September 7, 2015, he had just opened the shutters in the bedroom of her daughter when he saw "this kind of light." "It was well off the high altitude clouds!" He was sure it was not an airplane. "There, it was isolated, disjointed, with above it, like a crackling, a big energy."

He filmed the phenomenon for 51 seconds and posted his video to a video sharing website.

"It can not be an aurora. It was not green. It was like a flash but lasted. The rest of a solar flare? If that's the case, we had to take the hell of a dose of radiations on the head! And then a shot of the army camp at Sissonne right in front, I thought. But no. It does not fit."

Since the launch of the video, others who allegeldy saw the phenomenon in the area of Villers-Semeuse in the Ardennes reported it.


Did a Ryanair pilot avoid a UFO?

This is the question asked by the website "" about a video posted on the web.

It is reported that the video appeared on the Youtube account "Lions Ground", "a website of 'counter-investigations'", provided by a Dutch passenger of a Boeing 737-800 of the low-cost Irish airline company Ryanair during a flight to Spain, during "airport approach."

There is no date or precise location.

It is said that it shows a "UFO whizzing under the wing" of the plane, a "black flying object, larger than a bird and it seems much faster."

"" comments that "the craft speed is mainly due to that of the plane that crosses its path while the UFO would be almost in static flight."


The video in question, studded with "copyright" notices is at since September 1, 2015, it was received August 24, 2015.

The comment says:

"A Dutch passenger captured UFO on video while on board the Ryanair airbus Netherlands (Eindhoven), the Netherlands heading to Spain. Coincidentally, the passenger was recording because she enjoyed the view. After 4 minutes recording this UFO event happened. The engines made a lot of noise and the pilot made suddenly a sharp maneuver. The UFO endangered the aircraft. A lot of panic was on that plane."

On: :

"The pilot was flying nervous from the moment it took off. Suddenly the pilot made a sharp turn. Several eyewitnesses saw an unidentified flying object passing the airplane. The person who recorded the event said the UFO was flying straight ahead the plane and was able to make a 45 degree angle and flew underneath the plane and became visible on the other side according to the second witness. The 2nd witness was sitting in front of the plane(left side, window seat). According to this witness the UFO overtook the plane’s speed and a few seconds later the pilot made an enormous sharp turn. According to the first witness, she never experienced that. She have traveled by airplane over 16 years. However, the situation caused panic on the plane and have put the passengers in danger."

The place is given as 5 or 10 minutes after takeoff from the airport of Eindhoven, in January 2015 - the video does show the snow on the ground - for a flight to Malaga.

"Lionsground" is a website and forum on the "paranormal", which ensures to "reveal the Truth" etc.

The video does not allow me to rule whether it is a large bird - the story about the other witnesses would have been made up - or a fake, the witness is anonymous and there is no official report of a corresponding incident on a Ryanair flight.

Given the "speed" of the "thing", it is clear that the pilot did not and could not perform any avoidance maneuver, at least not during the sequence displayed in video.

Man reports to MUFON his sighting from Golden Meadow, Louisiana, USA:

"I was working at the time 0430 9-1-15 (yesterday). In Fourchon, LA in port Fourchon. A co worker and myself observed a strange light. I work on a boat and am very familiar with helicopters because I fly on them to get to work often as well as satellites, I see them often working offshore, it was none of these, that was discussed between us. So we watched this light, talking about it for nearly thirty minutes before it moved, it moved slightly west and upwards. Then move seemed slow to us but it was a good distance away, probably a mile or more it was very hard to tell. I noticed the light because being a sailor I know the stars and all things in the sky spending much time outside watchkeeping. I alerted the Mate to this. It was well below any star or satellite paths as well as too bright and early for helicopters. A copter does fly by on the video later that morning, you will see it. I immediately thought it was a UFO having seen them before but did try to debunk it and couldn't. After about 40 minutes I went to the wheel house and grabbed some binoculars to see it better. Upon looking through the binocs the object looked triangular instead of round, the light was so bright that it filled the space around it making it look round. Eventually it moved a little more straight up really then back east and up and stopped then moved straight away from us and finally out of view, all of this happened very slowly this took two full hours from when it was seen until it was out of sight. This is the only time I've had a camera with me for a sighting I just hate that it's so small. There is something going on in the gulf of mexico, lately I have been seeing flashes of lights right above the water, hard to describe. I had to cut the video some to get it to send. What I have sent you is 3 videos clipped together and shortened. I have about 7 minutes of video all together on my phone. I am hoping you can zoom in on it somehow and get a closer look. Thanks. the second video is the one clipped together."

An Australian documentary showing "more than 2,000 UFO images or videos" is advertized:

More than 2,000 images or UFO videos filmed in the Australian sky will be revealed in a new documentary, "Australian Skies". The producers said the film will try to highlight why the number of strange sightings is increasing.

An "expert", Damien Knott, claims to have captured more than 2,000 images or different UFO videos.

The documentary produced by "Media Dojo", also tell the story of Liam Freaney, who claims that "Men In Black" have "warned him" following a UFO sighting in 2013.


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